Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs


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Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez

Name Domingo Martinez

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Rear Admiral


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slender man with a light muscular tone.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Domingo Ramon Martinez-Colon is a straight by the book officer. He is responsible for all support vessels aboard the USS Ottawa. The few friends he has call him by his nick name.

His nickname is “Dom” which is short for Domingo. He is from the small community of Tuxpan, Mexico. He was raised by his mother (Lieutenant Colonel Esperanza Mable Martinez-Colon) and father (Commodore Alejandro Lupe Martinez-Sanchez).

Dom comes from a family 8. Dom has 4 sisters and 3 brothers in his family, including Dom there are 8 siblings. Dom is the second oldest sibling for Esperanza and Alejandro.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dom is very by the book, almost to the point of being a little frigid. He runs a smooth operation. He is tough on his team, but he expects the best from them. Especially his pilots. His strongest trait would have to be his dedication and his superb level of attention to detail.

Dom is not an open book person, as some of his fellow crewmates are. He is very reserved and a little guarded about his personal life. He is dedicated his career and personal life, on getting his own command. He has worked hard to prove himself, and his hard work and dedication has paid off.

Dom knows how to have fun, but most of the time, he is focusing more on his relationships with his family, or in his advancement with Starfleet, he wanted to do right by the Martinez Family name.

Dom holds his crew to the standard he holds himself too. Which sometimes is not fair to his crew. He sometimes wishes that his crew was as dedicated as he was.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strengths ~ Attention to Detail, dedication, commitment, multi-tasker, perfectionist mentality, professional demeanor, natural leader and outspoken.

Weakness ~ Reserved, does not socialize with fellow officers and to career goal oriented.
Ambitions Dom wants to be become a admiral, like his father was. He seriously considered going back to Earth to command cadets. Like his father did. Becoming a full time pilot and command his own small craft, but he realized after being promoted to supervisor that he had a real knack a love for command. He wondered what it would be like to command a ship of his own.

Dom has spent the past 2 years to get himself his own command, he is now one step away from becoming an Admiral. His breakthrough was busting a Federation Senator. He felt guilty that he had to arrest his old flame’s husband, in order to elevated to a chance to get his own command.

Dom has now become a command officer and he is not going to waste this opportunity. He knows that Starfleet is taking a risk promoting him. He wondered how an officer so young can be a Captain. Dom was grateful for the opportunity, and he was going to do his best not to let Starfleet down.
Hobbies & Interests Dom’s main hobby/interest that he is really into, is 21st century television dramas. He finds that watching others interact and find love during that time period is soothing. Now days things are hard and complicated on a universal level. Dom discovered 21 century television by accident. He learned about during his academy days. He research ancient earth customs and discovered television. He found that he enjoyed the 21st century. It was so real and yet fake at the same time. It’s nothing like today’s interstellar communication traffic.

Dom is qualified pilot and loves to fly as an interest, more than a career.

Dom also likes to play chess, card games of the 21 century as well.

Personal History Dom graduated High School in 2372 and completed the Starfleet Academy in 2376. During Dom’s rise to command he has seen his share of combat, mainly minor incursions.In 2384, Dom was assigned to the USS Gettysburg and was promoted to Ensign for his gallantry, in the line of duty. He stood his ground, and took over for the helmsman when he was killed. Captain Alexander Simov, personally promoted the cadet to the rank of Ensign.

Relationship with Sarah Sanchez:

Dom and Sarah were high school sweethearts. They dated there Junior and Senior years of high school. They met at the winter formal their junior year, by accident. Dom went to the winter formal because he was the treasure in the student body government. Sarah was a cheerleader. They met by chance, by accident at the event. Sarah was did not have a date to the event and her parents forced her to go, she was a soft spoken woman when Dom met her. They met when Sarah decided to explore the dance, she found a hidden area behind the sound stage and Dom was in the room with a few other students managing the lights, sound stage and other key functions for the school dance.

Dom felt an instant connection with her. But they were young, and decided to give love a chance. The two dated till they graduated from high school, but it was clear to Dom that there relationship will probably not work out. Thanks to Dom serving on the student body leadership, Sarah learned she liked politics, and Dom decided he was better at being an officer than a diplomat or a politician.

They both knew they were going separate directions and agreed to end the relationship. Due this relationship and to be fair to the girl he loved, he decided he would not date a fellow shipmate. 7 years later he has hailed himself to that standard, he read that Senator Sarah Gillman-Sanchez was now married. He was very happy for her, but he sometimes wondered when he heard the news, did he make the right call to end the relationship?

In 2393 Dom Martinez was leading a mission on the USS Lovejoy, and discovered that Senator Paul Gillman was a traitor to the Federation. He was found to be working with Krazzle to destabilize the corridor. A sector of space that separates the klingons and romulans. Dom told Sarah as she was devastated she left the senate and re joined Starfleet.
Service Record 2372 – 2373 joins Memorial Center Training Corps as a 1st year cadet.

2373 – 2374 joins Memorial Center Training Corps as a 2nd year cadet.

2374 – 2375 joins Mars Orbital Training Facility as a 3rd year cadet.

2375 – 2376 joins Mars Orbital Training Facility as a 4rth year cadet.

2376, Battlefield promotion to Ensign, at the end of the Dominion war, completed the Academy.

2376, Assigned to the USS Falco as a Fighter Pilot and Reserve Control Flight Officer.

2377, Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2378, Assigned to the USS Falco as Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer, and Reserve fighter pilot.

2379, Awarded the rank of Lieutenant, promoted to Chief Control Flight Officer of USS Falco. He still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.

2380, Assigned to the USS Falco as Second Officer & Chief Control Flight Officer. Still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.

2382, Assigned to the USS Lovejoy as Executive Officer, and promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.

2384, Promoted to Commander. Still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.

2388, Promoted to Captain, assigned to the USS Lovejoy as Commanding Officer. Still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.

2392, Promoted to Commodore, Assigned Task Force 215 Executive Officer, Starbase 215. Still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.

2395, Assigned to the Starbase 714 "Port Royale" as Commanding Officer. and Promoted to Rear Admiral. Also assigned as Task Force 99 Commanding Officer. Still maintain his fighter pilot status, as a reserve officer. Making sure to qualify.