Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs


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Lieutenant Junior Grade Zodra Losal

Name Zodra Losal

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Zadra is a young attractive woman, with small frame but slightly curvy frame to her. She is very agile and limber, and has quick reflexes and ability to slip into tight places.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Zadra is a nomadic fixer of sorts. She would barter her trade skills for passage, seeking to find a home in the stars or on a planet. She was looking for the perfect utopian society. But they did not seem to exist. Zadra was is a very friendly person, that loves to read and explore during her down time. She treats others, the way she wants to be treated. And wants everyone to have the same ethics, integrity and morals she does. Her faith means everything to her. She is very religious and practices her heritages traditions and customs. In 2391 she joined Starfleet Academy. And became Starfleet officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Wisdom and Knowledge: creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning & innovation.

Courage: persistence, integrity.

Humanity: love, kindness.

Justice: fairness.

Temperance: prudence.

Transcendence: humor & spirituality.

Zadra is very curious and open-minded person. She has passion for learning and trying new things. She loves to solve problems on the go. She has gained the reputation of being a fixer, and handy in a pinch. She loves to find new and creative ways to solving problems.

Zadra’s greatest character trait, is integrity. She believes that integrity is the cornerstone, the foundation for building lasting friendships. Without integrity, how can you build trust and friends, she would often tell anyone who would listen to her.

Zadra is a Taulian, a race of nomadic traders. Offering their skills aboard freighters and other off world companies, for passage or shelter. Zadra was raised with Taulian’s customs. She did her best to keep the spirit and love of the Taulian race alive. It was hard though. They had no homeworld of their own. Zadra found most ships failed her test, so she would stay long enough to pay off her debts, and move on. Her races is known for being clever and good at trade. She felt that she was good at trading but her true skill in her determination and general drive for a hard but fair bargain of work. She believed strongly that a deal once struck must be observed, to the letter. She learned that skill from her parents and her culture.

Zadra’s humanity is rarely shown to outsiders. She tends to be a little scarce with her emotions and feelings. But if you pass her integrity test, she would show you love, compassion and kindness. Once Zadra friended you, there is nothing she would not do for you.

Zadra is huge fan of justice. She believes everyone should be treated fairly, and on the same playing level. She did not like social classes. She would use her integrity test to determine if you were justified, and worthy of her friendship.

Zadra has a sense of prudence to her. And it is reinforced by her need and desire to serve on a ship with a crew, that shared the same values that she did . She was looking for a home, a place to fit in. A place, where people had the same values and integrity that she did.

Zadra is a very spiritual person. Even though she rarely shows that side of herself to anyone that she does not trust. The Taulian Society believed in a singular god, and they have their own rituals and traditions that must be followed. She held onto those traditions, to keep the spirit of her race alive. She knew, they were a dying race. Their numbers were dwindling.

Weakness: Delegating tasks, Humor, Spontaneity (better when prepared), Organization, Patience, Taking too many risks and being to honest.

Zadra is not good at delegating tasks to others. Because of her high standards, she rarely trusts in others to get the job done. She loves the challenge, and finding ways to solve problem. Her lack of trust, does not allow her to delegate even the simplest tasks to others.

Zadra’s humor is a positive and a negative trait for her. To avoid unpleasant scenarios, she will often use humor to get out of them.

Zadra is very spontaneous, and a little reckless. Even though she is reckless, she always makes up for it, with her skills as a fixer. Her social skills are lacking and often tries creative approaches that are often reckless and spontaneous in nature. Either you love her or you hate her.

Zadra is very organized, and has a level of attention to detail, that borders on OCD like behaviors. She loves to take risks, and she has a bad habit about being truthful, and sometimes lacking tactfulness in that regard.
Ambitions To find a home, a place where she is needed. She is looking for a crew that meets her value and integrit
Hobbies & Interests Zadra loves to read during her down time. But her true passion, is to explore the area she is in fully. Especially aboard a ships. She loves to crawl into several areas, and learn what is wear, and how it all works.

Zadra has a strong interests, in starships especially their engines. She loves to explore each ships, engine. She has learned about starship engines, by simply exploring them. But she also likes to explore colonies and towns, when she is looking for new work.

Personal History Zadra was born on December 12, 2365 by the starfleet calendar. She was raised by her parents and older siblings. She was the youngest child of four. She was ready to leave home, at the age of concession. Trying to keep families together and book passage was hard, for her family. Most ships only had openings for one or two people.

Her father would often take jobs, on ship. While her mother and siblings took care of work on a nearby planet. They never stayed at one place for very long. They migrated to stations, and sought work. Zadra knew from a young age, she hated traveling from one job site to the next. She wanted a solid foundation. A place to call home. She wondered what that was like? She was tired of being a transient worker.

Growing up in the Inconnu Expanse, was not an easy life. The area was flooded with greedy personal, and ambitions of power. She did her best to stay clear of them. She did make contacts, and managed to have a couple of friend that were also former co workers.

From a young age, and growing up in the Losal household, she learned that she needed to make herself useful. Her siblings, were to busy preparing the lives to tend to the basic needs of the household. She quickly got the name of Fixer, a skill she learned from her time with her family. She would compete for attention, by fixing things. And making the family look good.

When Zadra left her family, she was very nervous. She held strong to her faith, and used her integrity test, to seek passage on any vessels. She was young, and skinny. A lot of older men, tried to take advantage of her. She would often lock herself in the engine room, to avoid gang rapes or molestation. Not every ship was a bad one.

Zadra did find passage on less hostile ships, but those crews were inspired by greed and passion for power. She did not stay long, on any ship she served on. She would stay long enough to pay for her room and board, and food. Zadra became good at earning her keep. She would sell and barter salvage, offering services, such as minor repair work, in exchange for goods, and other such small jobs.

in 2389 Zadra was found by the 15th Strike Team, with Starfleet Marines. They spent the next two years, getting back to the Federation. Zadra worked as a fixer, an engineer of sorts. When they were rescued by Starfleet, she applied to join Starfleet.
Service Record 2395 - Present
Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Shenzen
Assigned to Starbase Port Royale, Engineer

2391 - 2394
- Starfleet Academy

2389 - 2391
- Assigned: SS Indigo Rose (Starfleet Marines)

- Born