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Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

Silver Unit of Merit (Unit Award)


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Petty Officer 3rd Class Etah Kilij

Name Etah Kilij

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Angosian Soldier
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10''
Weight 190
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He stands at an average height and holds an average weight. His build is incredibly solid, and he has defined musculature but it’s more athletic than it is bulky; some might call him wiry. Other than the curious metal attachment near his eye indictive of his Angosian origine and a Bajoran earring without also having the familiar Bajoran nose ridges; nothing stands out about him. While his natural age is fifty-five, he appears to be roughly two decades younger than that.


Spouse Etah Jaxa (deceased)
Children None known
Father Etah Edon (adopted, deceased)
Mother No information known
Brother(s) No information known
Sister(s) No information known
Other Family Etah Bajoran Clan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kilij is an old soldier. He is tormented by war and the lives that he has taken, but war is also and perhaps counterintuitively, the only place that feels natural and comfortable to him. He’s spent a lot of time on temple grounds trying to make peace with his demons, but he secretly fears the war in his soul will never really end. He left Angosia III not feeling like he had a culture other than murder and so he came to adopt the rich culture of the Bajorans. He is generally good at receiving direction but does not take well to being micromanaged. He is respectful to his superiors and renders all military curtesy, but he won’t hesitate to put a rude junior officer in their place. His tolerance for arrogance, laziness or incompetence is very low. He never talks about his time in Cardassian prison.
Strengths & Weaknesses Etah is a silent professional. He is coldly proficient and does not startle easily. He has a wide array of skills and a wealth of experience as a soldier and as an intelligence agent to pull from. Due to the chemical alterations he underwent as an Angosian soldier, he has the strength and toughness similar to a Vulcan or Andorian, excellent memory, speed, manual dexterity and his physical aging seems to have been retarded. The most curious thing about him is that as a result of his augmentation, he does not possess detectable life signs.

All of the skills that serve him so well as a soldier translate directly to social skills in a negative way. He is distant, cold, he has a resting mean face, he is hard to get to know and hard to be friends with. He is direct to the point of insulting, curt to the point of hurting feelings when he doesn’t mean to and uncouth in general. In moments of weakness he shows signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and those few who can be said to be close to him surmise that he has a drinking problem that he takes steps to hide.
Ambitions Kilij was a Deputy and then Chief of Security which is the most senior enlisted rank in the Bajoran Militia and spent most of his career there training incoming militia members. He enlisted in Starfleet as Bajor joined the Federation, as part of a planned and negotiated force integration. His goal is to become a Starfleet Warrant Officer to represent the highest values of the Bajoran people and because he views that status as equivalent to his former status in the Bajoran Militia.
Hobbies & Interests Upon arriving on Bajor, Kilij immersed himself in Bajoran culture. While he continued to be surrounded by the violence that was both comfortable and torturous to him, he also learned Bajoran mediation and martial arts, he learned to channel his pagh and how to seek the wisdom of the Prophets. At the close of the Cardassian occupation, after his formal adoption into the Etah Family and his Bajoran marriage, he was invited to begin the training in divinity that would lead to him becoming a Prylar, which is a Bajoran monk. He chose to join the Maquis instead, but he continued to be consumed by the words of the Prophets. When he is not involved in his duties, or relaxing, he is generally meditating, practicing martial arts or playing the Bajoran harp.

Personal History His Starfleet personnel jacket says Kilij was born on Angosia III in 2341. Information about his parents, or siblings, or the circumstances of his childhood are all unknown. His Angosian service record states he is an Angosian soldier who was chemically augmented, that he held the rank Third Hadar and saw extensive combat in the Tarisian War. He left Angosia III in 2366 by stowing away aboard a Federation ship after they had visited the planet.

How or why Kilij wind up making a beeline for Bajor isn’t publicly known. Not by any record that can be found and he’s not talking. But since he nearly immediately joined the Etah Cell of the Bajoran resistance upon arriving at Bajor and went on to marry a beautiful Bajoran woman named Etah Jaxa. So arriving on Bajor in the first place might very well have been about a girl.

Etah would come to know Jaxa’s father, Edon, very well. They were both experienced soldiers and didn’t hesitate to kill the Cardassian Occupiers. Edon taught Kilij that the Etah family was part of the Imutta D'jarra and that they were the undertaker caste of Bajoran society and in the past had been seen as less than the other castes. So Edon took a distinct pleasure in stacking Cardassian bodies, putting a new spin on the Imutt Castes historical role.

Kilij would go on to marry Etah Jaxa and be formally accepted into the Etah family, and ostensibly as a Bajoran citizen. Etah was learning as much about the culture of the Bajorans and the Prophets they worshipped as he could, and he began wearing a Bajoran earing bearing Imutt markings at this time. The Etah Cell was involved in very heavy fighting and each of the soldiers in the cell including Kilij made a name for themselves. The Obsidian Order created a dossier on Kilij around this time.

Unfortunately, Edon would be murdered by Cardassians before he got to see the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor or the signing of Cardassian-Bajoran Treaty. The loss affected Jaxa greatly and watching his wife violently mourn the loss of her father filled him with rage. This led him to joining the Maquis in order to seek revenge for Edon’s death, choosing a life of violence over becoming a Prylar and retiring to the serenity of a far-removed temple like he probably should have.

In the Maquis Kilij wore no rank or uniform. He operated independently from Maquis Cells but any cell leader could call upon his services. This was his first brush with actual spycraft. He became incredibly adept at infiltration and exfiltration, forward observation, pathfinding, combat controlling and computer security rerouting. The Obsidian Order continued to build a dossier on him.

He had been caught by the Cardassians a few times but was able to escape. On one fateful mission onto a Cardassian warship he was caught, arrested and this time very specific measures were taken to keep him from escaping. He would end up spending the next decade in Cardassian Prison camps. He was a Cardassian prisoner when the surviving Maquis were pardoned. He wasn’t released with the rest of the Maquis at that time because he was not wearing a uniform that could be identified at fifty feet and thus, he incarcerated as a spy rather than a prisoner of war.

Still today, more than a decade after his harrowing experience as a prisoner of war, he never speaks about it to anyone. The only thing he has said about his time in the Cardassian labor camp is that at times during his stay with the Cardassians as their prisoner, only the thought of returning to his wife got him through the day.

When Kilij was finally released in 2383, and he returned home to Bajor find that his wife had died shortly after his internment, which was emotionally devastating. The next step he took is that he enlisted in the Bajoran Militia. Once more choosing a life of violence over retreating to a faraway monastery and becoming a man of peace. For him, he felt like the die in that situation had already been cast when he joined the Maquis. Over the next decade he served as a military arms instructor with the Bajoran Militia, first as a Deputy and then as a Chief. He still found his way to rural temples to try to quiet the loudest parts of his mind, as often as he could.

After a decade of serving in the Bajoran Militia, seeing very little in the way of combat for the first time in his life, Kilij enlisted in Starfleet. That same year in 2393 he traveled to Mars for the Starfleet Technical Services Academy. In the next three years he would attend A school for basic training, B school for intelligence training and C school for infiltration training. He excelled at the practical portions of his training, scored average for written portions and made poor impressions on his trainers due to his attitude.

In 2396 he was assigned to the USS Pioneer where it is thought that his knowledge of the original Maquis and Bajoran culture in general would be an asset.
Service Record Date Unknown – Angosian Armed Forces: Third Hadar
2466 - Bajoran Resistance, Etah Cell
3270 - Maquis: Specialist
2383 - Bajoran Militia: Deputy and later Chief of Security
2393 - Starfleet Technical Services A and B School on Mars
2394 - Starfleet Technical Services C School on Mars
2396 - Assigned to the USS Pioneer