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Skye Malbrooke

Name Skye Debra Malbrooke

Position Child

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Even for a young woman she has a nice figure. She has long dark brown hair and usually wears a pair of old styled glasses, more as a fashion thing than needing them.


Father Barry Martin Malbrooke (Cattle Rancher/History Professor)
Mother Debra Lee Malbrooke Deceased (Admiral's Yeoman)
Brother(s) Captain Tyler Henry Malbrooke (Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer)
Sister(s) Lt Commander Rachel Fran Malbrooke (Attorney Starfleet JAG Office)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Skye can be quite moody at times and has been known to be quite stubborn at times. Most of the time she is quite content in her own company due to her upbringing and has a natural affinity for animals. She cares deeply feels deeply and often wears her emotions on her sleeve.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quite in tune with the emotions of herself and others.
+ Very intelligent, but doesn't flaunt it. She actually worries herself if she starts to fail at something.
+ Being quite independent

- Stubborn as a mule
- Sometimes her emotional state can overwhelm her, especially during high stress situations
- Due to single parent upbringing can be a little resistant to trusting others, or accepting help
Ambitions Get good grades in school.
Not bludgeon her father over the head with a family heirloom.
Hobbies & Interests Loves animals, especially horses and is an avid horseback rider due to her upbringing on a ranch. She has also been known to have quite a good singing voice and can often be found playing the guitar.

Personal History Skye was born in 2381, a surprise baby in later life for both Barry and Debra Malbrooke. They had not expected to have anymore children being that their youngest son was in the Academy when Skye was born and their oldest already out and a making a life for herself.

Shortly after the birth Debra fell ill, an infection had taken hold and some say it was from the pregnancy but it was not confirmed. Sadly a year later in 2382 she passed away but not before making Barry promise to take care of Skye, raise her as they had planned.

After that Barry moved back to Oklahoma and managed to purchase the old cattle ranch they had sold many years previously but still kept his role as an educator.

Growing up on a cattle ranch had its perks. Wide open spaces to get lost in, hide in and play. Her father consumed by his work in both managing the ranch as well as his role as a history professor taking up a lot of his time.

As she grew up with her father the early years were nice. Their relationship was good as any father/daughter one should be but he had started to become distant when she reached the age of 7 or 8. She could hear mumblings that she reminded him so much of her mother, and she could see it was painful. He withdrew slightly and at that age Skye did not understand why.

She focussed on school, getting good grades and trying to impress her father. Anything to make him proud, see her for her and not a reminder of her mother, the wife he had lost.

She had friends on local ranches near by, in town too when she reached a more social age and often snuck out to meet them when Barry was in one of his moods. There would be a shouting match, tears from her and slammed doors. As she grew living there became harder the more he withdrew, she could feel resentment, almost like he blamed her for the death of her mother even though it was much later after her birth that she passed.

High school began.

Skye was an excellent student, both academically and she had a knack for netball. She matured into a fine young woman and attracted the attention of boys, much to her fathers dislike... like there was more she could do by that point to piss him off.

She often stood her ground, her confidence not knocked by anything on the surface. She knew her father was struggling and over the years she had tried so hard to help him but he shut her out, pushed her away and it hurt.

Skye retreated to music, the guitar mostly and even wrote a few of her own songs. She often took care of the horses and a good ride often cleared her head if she was trying to escape for a while.

It came to a head when Skye and her father had their most heated argument yet. She now was apparently the spitting image of her mother from when her father met her and that was too much for him. The pain in his eyes was so raw even after all these years and he was never shy in mentioning it. They argued, so hard and for so long she ran.

She felt like her home was a cage of sadness and regret. She knew her father loved her, but she began to feel more like 'that promise' more than the daughter he wanted at his older age.

She knew her brother and sister were out there, they'd not had much to do with her being much older but maybe she could stay with them for a couple of weeks just to get some space.