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Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs


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Abigail Ballston

Name Abigail Ballston


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Azzian
Age 7

Physical Appearance

Height 3'9"
Weight 20 lbs
Hair Color Light hazel blond
Eye Color Deep sapphire blue with specks of light blue and deep auburn
Physical Description Abigail is a happy vibrant child with amazingly eyes if dark sapphire blue. Her light hazel tented hair cascades down in gentle curls that frame her face well. with a smile just as winning as her fathers Abigail certainly is reminiscent of him when he was her age.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Richard Ballston MD Psy D (CMO USS Pioneer)
Mother Lieutenant Lennora Angelos (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Abigail has a slew of aunts and grandmothers on her father’s side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Abigail is outgoing, even more than her father. She seems to enjoy meeting new people and loves to be the center of attention. The girl is easygoing and has a mind of her own. The Ballston child is curious and in spite of his father’s denial extremely strong willed.

Abigail is a fun loving and a charismatic little girl. She has a gift to win the hearts of the adults in her life. Even at her young age she seems to show sympathy and caring. The little one enjoys all sorts of games, especially if they incorporate friendly adults or other children.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Self Confident: Abigail has amazing confidence in her abilities thanks to her father’s praise and affirmation. Her attitude is contagious and it help her created many friends in spite her frequent moving.
Outgoing: This young lady is warm and friendly to everyone. This has caused some concern for her more reserved father but it insures she has plenty of admirers.
Positive Attitude: A child who always seems to see the positive in every situation.

-Short attention Span: Though improving Abigail does have difficulty concentrating on a single subject for very long.

Too trusting: Richard has been working on this with her but she is too gullible and eager to help even with the possibility of misplaced trust.

Impulsive: A common malady of children, Abigail will often leap at the next “great” thing. If she gets an idea she may begin to carry it out before she thinks about the consequences. She never means any harm but that does not mean her impulsive behavior couldn’t do harm to herself or others.
Ambitions Abigail wants to be a Doctor like her father. She adores Richard and wants to follow in his footsteps, for now. Seeing she is so young her dream job might change or at least morph into something else.
Hobbies & Interests Abigail loves playing dress up, especially if she can look like her aunts. She enjoys games that involve running and getting into places she shouldn’t.

Personal History Abigail Ballston was born August 7, 2386; Jah’tipo 15th) to a Lieutenant Lennora Angelos. Her father Richard had not seen the woman in fifty years and believed she was dead. Lennora, although passing herself off as human for a short time aboard the USS Burk, was another Azzian by the name of Fah’do Bati’ domni’ Aso”dobi. Although Richard liked the woman there was no physical relationship between them. So how did this woman get Starfleet to create the child for her?

Lieutenant Angelos was a member of a Kov’avic Brikto’, a group working to bring back what they see as the glory of the Azzian empire by forcing the government to become more militaristic. She secretly contacted a certain branch of Starfleet Intelligence and agreed to help them gain the temporal technology found on the Azzian ship Richard had been found on if they they would help her accomplish a few things.

Her first task was to prove she had found the Azzian ambassador’s baby, now an enlisted officer aboard the USS Berke. To do this she assumed the rank of Lieutenant and was transferred temporarily to the ship as a resource officer to help in a mission. During this time she gathered the DNA, hair samples, as proof she had found him and then used an away mission as a means getting away. Even the CO of the USS Burke was convinced she had been lost and perished on the away mission though in fact she was safe. With the hair she tried to get her contacts in Kov’avic Brikto’ to use the hair as leverage against the government. When this was unsuccessful she turned back to the same Starfleet Intelligence group giving them a little more help in exchange for creating creating the child.

She then decided to let Richard know he had a child, merely as a means hopefully of stirring things up between the Federation and the Azzian empire. To do this she created a handmade card and included a small baby rattle telling Richard that they had a child. This was quite the surprise for Dr. Ballston knowing he had done nothing that would have created one.She was actually aboard the Elysium where Richard was serving at the time seeing medical aid supposedly as a member of a freighter crew that needed the larger ships assistance.

Richard sought the help of his friend, Adan Datari who went with him both to security and intel to find out if it was true and what was actually going on. They discovered a woman matching the description of Lennora was in sickbay with an infant. Richard and Aidan headed there only to arrive just moments late of catching her.

Later, Lennora convinced the Romulans and Klingons that they too could have this technology if they captured an Azzian starship. A number of Romulan and Klingon vessels attempted to attack an Azzian starship just outside the Temporal Anomaly that surrounds the Azzian planetary system. The battle was short lived as the modern Azzian starship equipped with temporal weapons and shielding was easily superior in firepower and shielding to it attackers and easily destroyed them. Lennora was killed in the battle but Abigail survived.

Federation officials took the infant back to earth and notified Richard that they had his child. Hearings were held to decide if he would be a suitable father. These were merely formalities and an attempt to find out if he knew anything regarding the events that lead to the child’s creation. So at nine and a half months of age Abigail was released to the custody of her father, Richard. From the moment Richard met the child he had lost his heart. In spite of the method used and the purposes behind it she was still his and he adored her.

As she moved into her new home her bubbly personality showed even at her young age. She brought joy to Richard life even as he learned his new role as a parent. Then her father became deathly sick. Abigail was released from the massive ship wither her father when he was taken to Azzia with her father.

The young child spent many happy hours with her extended family of aunts and grandmothers as her father was treated. She spent most of her time on the planet rather than the ship being pampered and cared for. She was two and a half by the time Dr. Ballston, her father was transferred again.

The U.S.S. Nightingale was a short posting for her father but as he prepared to board the CO took her under her wing as Richard took care of some business with Starfleet Medical. Abigail’s charm was quite obvious and she made friends with the other children quickly.

Her next stop was when her Father was assigned to the U.S.S. Crown. As her Father took on his responsibilities as a Chief Medical Officer for the first time she was busy learning and was elated when Fahli’ Sov domi, one of the females she knew quite well from her days on Azzia. She accepted the blonde woman quickly and pushed her father hard to marry her. He eventually gave in and asked only to be offered a compromise of sorts, one that Abigale thought was incredible, three mothers rather than one, as he was to go through a ceremony that bonded Richard to three women. It wasn’t marriage but it seemed like it to her. Before the ceremony the stations blared and the lights flickered as she and the rest of the ships occupants were forced to abandon ship. She faced her first illness as the vaccine her father had made helped her overcome “the blight,” a deadly disease that had nearly wiped out the alien worlds population. She was so excited when on SB80 she watched her father bond to three most important women in her life. She felt as if she had gained three mommies.

Then her father was posted to Starbase Protector. She got used to living as one big family. First on Starbase 80 and on such a big place. With such a large station they had a home suitable for the five of them and they used holodecks often to bring back Betazed to you young mind. Again, she made friends easily and learned quickly as she became old enough to begin school. She loved going to school and all her friends. Many like her went to daycare before school but she stayed with one of her mommies until then and then at her request was in daycare a few hours to play with her ever increasing number of friends. She had hoped that they would stay there forever and then it came, the urgent call for her Daddy to transfer once again.