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Speed: Standard Orbit
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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
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Fahli’ Sov domi

Name Fahli’ kosa Lariso Ve’ hassi Sov domi


Fahli teaches the Fiosh and specializes in jazz

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Azzian
Age 130

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Very light blonde with darker highlights
Eye Color Pale ice blue
Physical Description Fahli’ appears to be a gentile, frail woman with gentle curves and long flowing hair. Her muscles are toned from her physical activities.


Spouse Lieutenant Richard Ballston MD Psy D (CMO USS Pioneer)
Children Abigail Ballston (adopted daughter)
Father Jot’ bokti Ohfah Ve’hassi Sov domi
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Gov’ jokia Bovisi Tovo Ve’hassi Sov domi
Sister(s) Vosh Daloti Tolhai Nolit Ve’hassi Sov domi, Havit Sova’ cavity Fava Ve’hassi Sov domi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fahli’ is a quiet but confident woman. She is patient kind and understanding both with adults and with children. She is well respected within Azzian society for her telepathic abilities as Cosla’ dalos, roughly translated as telepathic searcher. She has strong abilities and training in using these mental abilities to find lost individuals. Seeing she has never had the privilege of meeting individuals from any other species before it will be a new and exciting experience for her to meet others who do not hail from Dubar.

Dr. Richard Ballston has been her only contact with the universe beyond the Azzian solar system. Although she was the one given the responsibility of finding the lost child that is now known as Dr. Ballston she has never left the group of planets that make up her home worlds enclosed envir
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths & Weaknesses
Self- Regulating: Fahli’ is cautious about her actions and expressions. She seldom takes risks and does anything spur of the moment. This keeps her out of embarrassing situations because of impetuous actions or words.

Gracious: She is very polite and accepting of others. Fahli’ may actually come across as being too polite in many circumstances. The woman is highly considerate of others but knows when to draw a line and end the niceties and begin being more direct.

Integrity: Having a high level of integrity is highly important to her. She believes that if she says she will do something she must follow through with it.

Loyalty:This telepathic searcher is extremely loyal to those she trusts. Because of this it has earned her a tremendously respected reputation not only in her field but also in the rest of her life.

Pictorial Telepath: Though telepathy is nothing rare for Azzians the ability to both send and receive mental pictures regarding herself and other individuals is. She cannot manipulate whole story lines but can send an image that represents her and her some of her surroundings while at the same time see the other person and what surrounding that individual can see. This is mostly merely the face of the individual and surrounding areas not vast areas or even the entire individual.

Socially Awkward: Seeing her knowledge of other species has not developed and her understanding of languages other than that spoken by Azzians . She will miss conversational cues and intended meaning of conversations she may have with other. Richard will help her as he can but seeing he will not be able to be with her constantly the woman will have to learn and adapt on her own. It also means she may take offense at the actions or words of others as she does not understand them.

Offended Easily: Although among her own people she would be considered overly polite and courteous to others among other species she may take offense at their actions or words seeing she does not understand them. This will of course improve as she is exposed to various cultures and people but at this point she knows only a few things that Richard has taught her.

Overly Concerned About Appearance to Others: Having been raised with the knowledge of being a princess she is extremely concerned about how others feel about her. She goes out of her way to look and act the part she has been raised to fill and expects the same from others. Appearance is important and is often too concerned about minor imperfections.
Ambitions Fahli’ has had some of her ambitions reached. She has bonded with a man she adores, (don’t use the word love, that’s a concept she is struggling with.) she does hope however to someday have a children of her own. She sees Abigail Ballston, Richard Ballston’s daughter as her child but it’s not quite the same as her own. Still, it is evident that she adores Abigail and children in general and would love to be a birth parent. She hopes to become the foremost expert in her field of telepathic searching though being so far from Azzia that might be a problem.
Hobbies & Interests Meditation: Fahli' practice’ various forms of meditation as part of her religious pursuits.
Kas’ dali: This is a something on the order of yoga but practice by Azzians.
Painting: She is an excellent artist enjoying the art of water based dyes on parchment
Musician: Gifted in music Fahli’ plays the Fiosh, a traditional flute of the Azzian people. She has recently began teaching this art aboard the station Empok Nor.

Personal History Fahli’ kosa Lariso Ve’ hassi Sov domi made her appearance on the fifth of Gao’ dalchi, March 21st in the earth colander year of 2273. As is the custom for babies born in the Imperial family she was christened and bathed in Fah’loti water.(This is actually normal H2O with fah’loti flowers and oil.)

Her childhood was filled with learning to do the right thing and lacked much of the social time of other children. Lei enjoyed reading and playing in the large family garden. Fahli’ was different than her siblings. She was telepathic from her moment of birth and as such was called a Sato Bashira or Gifted of the god. It is rare for Azzians to be telepathic before reaching puberty and when they are their ability generally far exceed others of their species.

At the age of four she began training her ability primarily how to control it and keep from offending others by using it inappropriately. Seeing her mother followed the ancient Azzian beliefs and practices associated with time and dimension. With these beliefs Fahli’ began training to become an initiate in the religion and by thirteen was accepted into the order of Fath rahmi. These individuals are all women and practice meditation and a form of exercise known as Kas’ dali. It should be noted that no actual time travel or dimensional shifts are practiced in this religion.

2307 She was aware that plans were being undertaken after centuries of isolation to send an ambassador to a government calling itself The United Federation of Planets. Their headquarters was on a planet called Earth and the species that lived there called themselves humans. Among their membership were many other species all seeming to want to live in peace. There were risks. Rimulans and Klingongs bordered the anomaly that kept their planetary system hidden from view. These were known as violent and untrustworthy races that must be avoided at all cost.

A man by the name of Abdel-Baro Ko’liki Sarovar Ve’hassi was chosen to be the ambassador for the Azzian Empire. He and his family were close friends to Lei’s and as such was well informed of how plans were preceding. It was decided that Abdel, his very pregnant wife Vo’niki Ko’tim (Ve’hassi) Al’ abio and several others were to leave on a starship. (Some may have questioned the choice of Vo’miki from among his eight wives in her condition but to the Azzians the gesture of bringing a pregnant wife to governmental negotiations was a time honored practice displaying trust between the parties involved.

Not too long after the launch problems in the ship were detected. Their temporal drives had failed and communication with their home worlds was lost. New came some time later that the ship had been attacked by both the Klingons and the Romulans and had manage to make it through their territories into federation space though very badly damaged and with the loss of several of the crew. It was believed that they were intercepted by a federation ship that offered assistance. After that bit of new there was none for sixty days. Another ship was sent this one was to find out what exactly happened to the Abdel and the other passengers destined for Earth. The reception they received was less than warm. They were attacked by federation starships and warned to stay out of Federation space. With this understanding the idea of making contact with Humans and having diplomatic contact with the peaceful Federation of Planets was placed on indefinite hold.

It was believed that the child might still be alive. Fahli’ was chosen to search for him. She had already been trained as a telepathic searcher and had found other children but this was different. Typically the child would need to have at least entered puberty for such a search to be successful. It helped if the person searching already knew the person and where they might be. These were not available so the search was arduous. For years she worked on this case believing that the child was still alive and had become a man. Clues came slowly and small hints that Richard was out there urged her on. She worked many other cases with great success but the search for Richard continued. Finally the break in the case came in 2386 when she located him on the USS Elysium telepathically. It was during an attack on the ship and Richard was thinking about Lei’hallah Ve’hassi, a friend of hers and the Ambassador to the Federation. Richard’s telepathic abilities had just begun and were out of control. All these factors helped play a role in why she was able to locate him.

When Dr. Ballston arrived on the planet she was involved in his initial recovery working with the staff at the Azzian department of medicine. They were friends and became close though she always knew he had a thing for the Ambassador. She has eagerly volunteered to be Richard’s Casit’toli, or companion to ensure if complications arise for him physically due to his medical conditions.

Richard proposed to her while they were aboard the USS Crown. Fahli’ was appalled seeing marriage was banned on her planet centuries. She knew the physicians intentions and offered up the possibility of having the Asmo'ti but only if he would include Lei’hallah Ve’hassi and her sister