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The USS Pioneer has 1 Brunel Class Workpod


Class Brunel Workpod
Role Workpod


Length 4.4 metres
Width 2 metres
Height 2 metres


Officers 1


Description The Brunel Class Workbee is a simple pod, which has changed little from previous workbee incarnations. Featuring a large canopy which provides a wide vision range the operator is seated in the canopy which despite being both heated and pressurised is large enough to accommodate a person in a spacesuit, just incase anything goes wrong with the workbee. Propulsion is provided by eight Chemical thrusters fixed at intervals around the pod, which enable it to move around at a fair pace, however they provide just four hours burn time for the pod, somewhat limiting the length of time it can be utilised for, whilst power is provided by a micro-Sarium-krellide power cell, of the kind used on 2360’s shuttle craft. Whereas previously Starfleet had equipped a number of different types of workbee for different roles, the Brunel features a number of hardpoints to which equipment can be added to give the Brunel a high degree of flexibility. However as with previous models a pair of manipulator arms which fold into the body of the workbee are featured on the Brunel. The additions which the Brunel can carry include: -Phaser Welder -Tractor Beam Emitter -Cargo Train Attachment