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He needs to take a hint

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Promenade
Timeline: MD005 1200 hrs

What was his story? Nassie wondered. Why did she have two guys liking her? She was not even interested in the one that was a counselor. She was barely interested in the one from her own homeworld. At least they had something in common, she thought to herself.

Nassie was just finishing up her assignment, now that Jack dissapeared. He was midly annoying. She hoped Elloma, would have more common sense than to fall for a guy like him.

Nassie walked into the mess hall, and grabbed some food. To avoid a large gathering, or the chance of running into Jack again, she choose a small table. She noticed that Talas was approach. "This seat is open." Nassie said, hoping he would sit down. She did not want to deal with Jack again.

“Thank you,” Talas sat down, smiling at her. “How has your day been?”

"Annoying, but I doubt you want to hear that. So I will ask, how was your day." Nassie said, as she noticed Jack walking into the room. Which only annoyed her.

“It was good,” Talas replied. “Busy, which makes the day go faster and I feel like I accomplished a lot.” He saw Jack getting in line. “I haven’t seen him in a while.”

"Lucky you, he has not left me alone all day. I think he likes me." Nassie said, with a slight annoyed tone. She thought he liked Elloma but after today, she was not so sure.

Talas raised an eyebrow. “Really? He is always talking to me about your sister.” He smiled then. “He told me just yesterday that he can’t seem to say anything right in her presence.”

"Well it must be a family thing for him, because he did the same thing to me." Nassie said, with a disproving look on her face.

“Or maybe Jack is just nervous when it comes to women he is interested in.” Talas said. “Not good that he would hit on both of you however.”

"Are you trying to defend him?" Nassie asked, with a slightly agitated look on her face.

“No,” Talas shook his head. “Not at all. I was just trying to figure him out. He seemed alright before.”

Nassie took a short breathe of relief with his response. "I have discovered, its best not to try to figure others out." Nassie suggested to him.

“That is true,” Talas nodded in agreement. “Sometimes you find you don’t like what you discover.”

"Agreed." Nassie said with a warm smile. She had forgiven his comment about Jack.

“So what plans do you have for the rest of the day,” Talas asked her. He wanted to move away from talking about Jack.

Nassie was a little surprised by his response, when she went to take a bite from her plate. She looked at him for a moment, and then took her bite.

After eating the bite, she thought about what to say in response to that. Was he really trying to ask her on a date, after she just complained about Jack?

Was she sending the wrong message to folks. Then the more she thought about it, she realized maybe he was asking, because of the date the just had. She decided to go easy on him.

"No real plans, why?" Nassie asked, trying to play it off and play very hard to get.

“I thought maybe we could hang out,” Talas said. “I know you have reservations about dating me so I was thinking we could just be friends for now and see what happens from there.” He felt like he had come on way too strong at first, he decided to relax and just see what happens.

"Dating you?" Nassie asked, wondering if he was just like that jerk she left on the promenade. She wondered to herself, how did she attract these men in the first place?

“I was referring to back when we first met and I have you the wrong impression,” Talas explained. “I would simply like to be friends.”

"I find that hard to believe, I have yet met a man, that only simply wants to be friends." Nassie told him in a skeptical tone.

Then this will be a first,” Talas said. “You already know I am attracted to you but I am willing to set that aside to be your friend. Anything more that could develop would be on you.”

"Being aggressive is not a thing I am into though. You are being very passive aggressive. I standby my intial thought. Men can not be friends with ladies. Their hormones get in the way." Nassie pointed out to him, feeling very turned off by his aggressive move as well. She really wondered, what type of men, was she attracting to her.

Talas frowned. “I am being aggressive by wanting to be friends?” He didn’t understand her at all.

"Saying I am attracted to you, but willing to wait is very passive aggressive, surely you can see that." Nassie pointed out to him. Something he needed to learn to keep to himself.

“You seem to want honesty,” Talas replied. “If I said all I felt was friendship I would be lying. For now, that is what I want and if that is all there ever is I will accept it.”

"Honesty yes, aggressive and overbearing men. That is a hard pass." Nassie said, wondering what she was doing to attract these type of men.

Talas shook his head. “Fine.” He needed to just move past this. “Can we be friends then? I get that you are not interested in me.”

"That's up to you. Nassie, I am only responsible for my own actions." She quickly explained to him.

“Then I will be your friend,” Talas replied. It was time to move past this.

"Can we?" Nassie asked, knowing he was the one that needed to come to his senses. And stop being so damn aggressive.

“Yes,” Talas said after a moment. “We can.” He meant what he said.

"Good." Nassie said, with a teasing grin on her face. "So tell me, how was your day. You know how my day was?" She asked, wanting to get the attention off of her.

“It was really busy,” Talas said with a smile. “The kind of day that you don’t mind all the work because it’s something you enjoy doing.”

"While I appreciate a good day's worth of work, I just can't imagine anybody actually being excited for a long day's worth of work." Nassie said with a confused look on her face, thinking to herself is he still trying to hit on her but tried this from a different approach.

“It makes the day go fast,” Talas explained. “And interesting. The other option is sitting at a desk doing reports.” He grinned: “Not exactly my favorite part of the job.”

Nassie grinned as she said, "Dunno its starting to sound appealing, no men trying to hit on me, at my desk."

Talas laughed. “We can be kind of annoying until we take the hint.” He took a drink from his glass.

"Seems like a sledge hammer is the only hint that guys understand." Nassie said, sounding a little bitchy.

Talas couldn’t help it he smiled. “Well he didn’t come over here and sit so maybe he took a hint.”

"Thats because I chose a table for two, to make sure he did not." Nassie said, as she started to look at her tray."Thats because I chose a table for two, to make sure he did not." Nassie said, as she started to look at her tray.

Talas smiled. “Smooth move.”
He sat back in his chair. “In any case, maybe he will move past this.”

"I hope so, I am not really into him. Plus last I heard, he was into my sister." Nassie pointed out to Talas.

“He told me he was attracted to her,” Talas admitted. “Maybe I will suggest he just concentrate on his job and making friends.”

"Has a funny way of showing it, by trying to hit on the little sister of the girl he likes." Nassie said, shaking her head in disaprovement.

“I don’t have an answer for that,” Talas said quietly. “It surprises me because Jack never seemed like that.”

"So he treats the ladies differently then he treats his boys?" Nassie asked, being very judgmental at this very moment.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Talas said with a sigh. “He never even mentioned you to me just your sister. Maybe he doesn’t know how to talk to women.”

"I find that hard to believe, he knows how to pester me." Nassie pointed out to Talas.

“I am just guessing,” Talas said with a shrug. “He didn’t come across as creepy or anything.”

"Why do men, feel the need to guess, when they are not sure. Sometimes its okay to say, I am not sure." She pointed out to him.

“I don’t know,” Talas said with a smile. “I am working on me but maybe I can talk to him.”

"It might help, but I dont share your optimism." Nassie said, shaking her head with a big grin.

“I make no promises,” Talas nodded with a smile of his own. “All I can do is smack him upside the head if he doesn’t listen.”

"And go to the brig, why?" Nassie asked, was this his attempt at trying to hit on her, to show how much of a man he was? Trying to show her, that he would protect his lady. What a line of crock, dhe thought to herself.

Men, even when they are trying. They can not help it. But be themselves. She was going to point out his mistake, but in a subtle way.

“It was a joke,” Talas replied. “Didn’t you see the smile on my face? I’m not going to go around hitting other crew!”

"Men do weird things, for ladies. I saw a lot of it during my academy days." Nassie pointed out to him.

“I have seen it myself,” Talas nodded. “But I’m not that guy.”

"I guess will see." Nassie said, with a smile on her face. She then decided to change the topic. "We can keep bashing men, or you can continue with how your day went." Nassie said, as she took another bite.

“Like I said it was a busy morning,” Talas said with a smile. “I spent a lot of time fixing some issues with stations but is has been resolved.”

"How is your afternoon looking?" Nassie asked, curious if he would lurk around to make it clear Jack, that his attention needed to be on her sister, and not her.

“I am open for a while,” Talas replied, glancing over where Jack sat. “I may speak with him if he’s here when we’re done.”

"No, just let it go. I rather talk about other things." Nassie said, not wanting to linger on the topic of Jack.

“Good enough,” Talas nodded. “I’m with you on that.” He says back. “So, what is your afternoon like?”

"More work on the promenade. The Maquis did a real number on this station." Nassie said, as she took another bite.

“It will be a while until things are done,” Talas nodded. “But we will get there, we aren’t afraid of hard work.”

"It does make the day go by faster." Nassie said, wondering if he was picking up on her cues, to help her this afternoon.

“You need an extra pair of hands,” Talas asked her. “As I said I don’t have anything on my schedule.”

"That would be nice." Nassie said, as the scene starts to fade away.

Talas was looking forward to working with her, just being friends and getting to know more about her.

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