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What am I doing?

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Promenade
Timeline: MD005 1330 hrs

Nassie was really appreciative that he was willing to help her with work, and with dealing with Jack Smith. She had a smile on her face, as she briefly though abot Talas Ruhrie. Thinking to herself, this is nice. Two friends working together. No flirting going on, just two members of the opposite sex, working together.

Now if that was true, why did she have a smile on her face, as she thought about him? This was a mix signal, her emotions were giving her. As they replaced a monitor, in one of the shops that was now vacant. She noticed that he was still bent over, installing the monitor to the port.

Nassie was not sure, what inspired her to do this, but she placed her hand on his shoulder. 'What am I doing?' She asked herself, as she leaned over to check out his work. Which was remarkable. "How much longer, till it's installed."

Talas felt her hand touch his shoulder and was surprised at the familiarity from Nassie. She had been so adamant about being friends and it felt like so much more. He looked up at her question and smiled. “Almost done.”

Nassie saw his smile, she felt a warm sensation, all over her body. What was going on. It scared her, but she continued to smile. "Take your time, there is still plenty of work to do, I will be over there, starting on that console." She said, as she let go his shoulder.

Talas knew he had to play it cool. If he made any move toward her he would scare her away. He could sense she wasn't totally sure of what was happening between them. "Sounds like a plan to me." He watched her as she walked to the console and then went back to finishing up.

"The New Maquis, really did a number to the promenade." Nassie said, thinking to herself, if not for them. She would not be doing, what ever it was she was doing. She was still confused by her actions, in regards to Talas.

"They really did," Talas agreed. "It's taking us quite a while to get things put back together." He was trying to concentrate on the job at hand but his mind was wandering to her as well. He had decided to be her friend and now he felt more.

Deep down she was happy to be spending time with him. But she was not ready to say it. Instead she thought of something cleaver to say. "At least we have job security." She was trying to be humerous, feeling that might have fell a little short of humerous.

“There is that,” Talas laughed at her reply. “They really need us right now, more than just about anybody.”

Nassie laughed too, but more in a nervous way, not because what he said was funny. Because he actually agreed with her. She was humbled by his attempt. Even though she just yelled at him for trying to hard. This was very strange and new to her. What was wrong? Something had to be wrong she told herself.

She was going to make an appointment to see the doctor, when she could. She was not sure what was going on with her chemical make up. Clearly her mind and her body where battling one another. She knew she that needed to seek medical assistance. "Thank you for helping, you are making this go a lot faster." Nassie pointed out to him.

“I am always glad to help out,” Talas replied as he sat back from the job. “It makes things better for all of us.”

"I suppose you are right. About helping each other out." She said, with a grin on her face. She continued to work on the console panel, as she noticed he was almost finished with his task.

Talas sat back finally. “I am finished!” He declared. Looking over at her, he smiled. “It helps that we work well together. I’ve worked with some who look over your shoulder and are super critical.”

"Those are the worse types to work with. Either they dont trust you, or they are so into you that they distract me from doing my job. Not sure about you, but I find them to be very annoying. I hate it when, people look over my shoulder." Nassie proclaimed to Talas. She knew how he felt.

“Definitely,” Talas nodded. “We have to be very good at what we do or we wouldn’t be here right now. They only choose the best.” He looked over at her, trying not to stare but she was acting...he didn’t want to think it but Nassie seemed attracted to him.

Nassie was not sure about that. She believe that might be true for a starhip operations officer. She was not convinced that was true of a station operations officer. They were a to common. Hard to stand out and shine, when there are so many capable officers. "Maybe true, I have my doubts. I was hoping to be assigned to a Prometheus Class Starship. Yet I end up here on Empok Nor."

“You’ll get there,” Talas murmured. “You have the determination and drive to succeed. They will notice it.”

"What about you, you wanted a sabre class right? Think you will get it?" Nassie said, feeling bad that she could not remember what ship he wanted to be on.

“Yes,” Talas nodded. “But honestly, I will just be happy to land on a ship. It isn’t my plan to be on Empok very long.”

"How long did you plan on staying aboard?" Nassie asked, thinking well if he left soon, maybe she would not need to the see the doctor later on. That the problem, would work itself out.

“I have to wait for an opening,” Talas informed her. “And to be transferred. Like you, it is a waiting game.”

"Why a Sabre class?" Nassie asked, a little curious to learn his thought process behind that dinky little ship.

“It’s fast and Maneuverable,” Talas said. “Also well armed. It can go into places that much bigger ships cannot and not risk detection as quickly.”

Nassie gave him a stare, processing what he had say. "But its limited, no labs, limited medical facilities. Her missions will be capped at patrol mission and fleet engagements." Nassie said, with a shocked look on her face. "Maybe that would work for you, but I want to explore the stars. I believe the Prometheus class starship line, will allow me to do that." She said, with a grin on her face.

Talas grinned at her. “I am out here for that as well. You asked what ship I liked and would wish to serve on. I have other choices as well and exploration is also an interest. I’m here do discover where exactly I will be happy, I won’t know until I try it out.” He hoped that made sense.

"To each there own, I guess." Nassie said, with a surprised look on her face. She would have not choosen a small dinky ship like the sabre class.

“Do you have only one objective?” Talas asked her. “I would rather leave myself open to several in case I find out what I thought I wanted wasn’t really my end goal.”

"Yes its called a favorite class of ship, is it not." Nassie pointed out to him. She was surprised that he said that.

“Yes it is,” Talas agreed. “But what if you end up on another class and you love it? It doesn’t mean it’s your favorite but it’s where you are em and do be.”

"I will go where Starfleet sends me." Nassie said, and she meant it she would go where Starfleet center and she wouldn't complain about it. However her dream ship would be a Prometheus class starship.

“I meant what you are saying,” Talas smiled. “My dream ship will stay the same no matter where we serve.”

"We?" Nassie asked him? There was no we, as far as she was concerned.

"Yeah," Talas said. "Meaning where ever either of us ends up. I wasn't saying necessarily on the same ship, but we more than likely will both be moving on from here." He thought to himself she really needed to do something about her second guessing what he said.

"I am not dumb, you stated as friends. Then you try to slip in words like we. Trying to manipulate me into a relationship is not cool. I have a lot going on in my mind. while I do find you appealing physically and emotionally, that is a far cry from seeking a relationship with you." Nassie pointed out to him.

“You are seeing more into this,” Talas said honestly. “I am not trying to manipulate you into anything. I agreed to a friendship. I did not mean we were going to serve together as in a relationship just that we would move on to other ships.” His eyes met hers. “For once, just believe me.”

Nassie I was getting frustrated with his responses, she could smack him after the last one he just gave. Instead she tried to stay in a calm voice. "I'll be the judge of what I see and what I don't see."

“You are right,” Talas conceded. “I apologize for telling you what to think.” He gave up, he wasn’t insinuating that he would follow her and they would date. It was an innocent conversation which she took wrong.

Nassie did not want to be a bitch, but she was not sure how she felt. And her mind, emotions and body were just confusing her. She needed time to process this. Not have guys hitting on her left and right. "I need friends, more than relationships. You said, you want to be that. Please be that, or stop waisting my time." Nassie told him. Hating sounding so cold hearted.

“A friend is what I am,” Talas replied. “I am not asking for anything more.” She was confusing him, her words said one thing but he sensed something else. Regardless, he was going to be perfectly platonic with her. “Where we headed next?”

"That's what I need, and again sorry for coming down harshly. I have some things to work through." Nassie said to him, without offering an explanation.

“I understand,” Talas said with a nod. He felt for her because she did appear troubled.

"Thanks. I mean that." Nassie said, in a soft and gentle voice. She needed to work through her emotions.

“Your welcome,” Talas replied. He wasn’t sure what to say next. “You want to get some coffee or is there another job we need to get to?”

"Can't we do both. My cup is pretty empty." Nassie said, as she a big grin on her face. This is what she needed, a friend to have coffee with. Not a man trying to get down her pants.

"Yes we can," Talas nodded, holding up his cup which was empty as well. "We can still get quite a lot done."

"Good, lets get some coffee." Nassie said, as the scene starts to fade away.

Talas smiled to himself as they headed on their way to get something to drink.

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