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[USS Katana] What are your intentions with Nassie?

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: CO Ready Room
Timeline: MD003 2145 hrs

"What are your intentions for this mission? And what are your intentions with my sister?" Elloma asked, as Jack stood in front of her desk. It felt a bit strange for her to be in command, but hear she was. And her first order, was to figure out her sisters so called stalker, and her own stalker. What was his deal? Was he a stalker? Did Nassie miss read him? She was not sure, but she wanted to find out.

She had a feeling that he was going to say, that he did not. But all evidence to the contrary. What was his obsession with the Essu sisters, Elloma wondered. First her, now her sister. She wondered why them, and especially why hyper focus on Nassie now. She was almost unreachable. She kept everyone at an arms length, at all times.

“I have no intentions towards your sister,” Jack said honestly. “I realize I came across that way to her and I would apologize if I thought she would want to hear it.” He looked directly at Elloma. “I have no intentions for anyone.”

"I believe for this mission, the only intention any of us should have is apprehending Commander Quaid." Elloma suggested to him, as she went on to say. "Have a seat, before you strain a muscle." Elloma said, thinking to herself, that she would keep a close eye on him.

“Yes Ma’am,” Jack said as he sat down. “You are right that should be our focus.” He was going to keep his mind on work.

"Starfleet has a lot of questions, and as my counselor on this ship, I want you to be the first one to interview him. Are you up to the task?" Elloma asked, waiting to see how he would respond to her request.

“Yes I am,” Jack replied with confidence. “I will be ready when the time comes.”

"We will be working together closely on this, so I expect you to pick up on my verbal cues, how good are you at improvising on the spot?" Elloma asked, needing to know who she was working with. If they were going to partner up, then she would need to ascertain his skills.

“Very good,” Jack replied. “I have improvised in the past and will be paying attention for those verbal cues you mentioned.”

"Good, because we may only get one shot at this. Hopefully we will catch him off guard, before he lawyers up or has time to practice his response to us." Elloma pointed out to Jack. She had a feeling, they would only have one chance at this.

“We will get him,” Jack said with conviction. “He won’t know what hit him.”

"I hope so." Elloma said, trying to be objective. She did not want to get her hopes up to much. She had a concern, that he might lawyer up.

“We will do our best,” Jack said seriously. “That is all we can do. I have confidence that we can succeed. We have a good team going.”

"Agreed, I believe I have selected a good crew." Elloma said, trying to reassure herself more than him, that she choose a good team.

“We all want this to be a success,” Jack continued. “That’s what we are out here for, to help in any way we can.”

"Here is everything we have on him, feel free to pour through the data. We will catch up to Commander Quaid before to long." Elloma suggested to him, as she handed him a data pad. Keeping him distracted will also help him leave her sister alone.

“I’ll do that,” Jack nodded. “It is good to have studied him to get a line on his character.” He took the padd. “Is there anything else I can do, Captain?” He asked.

"Not yet, I think I put enough on your plate for now. Unless you're suggesting that I should add more?" Elloma asked with a serious look at her face, she was just trying to keep him away from Nassie. She would do what she needed to to keep him busy, and her sister off her ass.

“I am good sir,” Jack replied. “I’ll get right on it and be prepared.”

"Honestly I'll probably be for the best, I don't want this to be a long drag out mission, so the sooner we can complete this mission the sooner we can head back home and help the others with the station." Elloma pointed out to him they were still a lot of work that need to be done.

“That is a good, sound plan,” Jack nodded. He didn’t know what else to say other than waiting for her to dismiss him.

"Dismissed for now, read up on the file, then lets discuss it tonight at dinner. In the Captain's mess." Elloma suggested to him. It was more of an order than a suggestion. But her tone, made it sound like he had a choice.

“I will be there, Captain,” Jack said with a nod and headed to get to work on it.”

"Good, dinner is 1800 sharp. Don't be late." Elloma said, as she got ready to end the improv meeting that she planned with Jack Smith.

Jack stood and headed for the door. “Yes, ma’am.” He replied and headed out the door.

After he left the room, Elloma took a deep sigh. And said to herself. "Well that should keep him occupied for a bit, and out of Nassie's hair." She was still trying to be a big sister, and protect her little sister.

Jack was proud of himself. He has stayed professional. He was also glad that he had some work to do and could avoid the others as well.

The scene starts to fade away, with Elloma thinking to herself, that she did a solid favor for her sister, and got an early start on her mission. A win-win in her book.

Jack’s mind turned to his work. He was concentrating on the job and nothing else.

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