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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Vulcan Counselling 101

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Mission: Episode 1 - Pioneering Spirit
Location: Deck 5: Counsellor’s Office
Timeline: MD002 1300 Hrs
Tags: SD 71364.1300

T'Rish was working through her list of requirements when an officer reports to a new ship. Despite the order of the list given to her she was completing them in the most logical order. Quarters assignment and reporting for duty had already been completed. Remaining were her medical physical and her psych evaluation by one of the ship's counselors.

In the brief time she had spent within Starfleet she could see the reasoning behind most species speaking with a counselor. The isolation of space could make many unstable. It was not something that affected the logical mind of Vulcans.

The Hybrid exited the turbolift and found herself outside the counselor's suite. She entered the spaced and waited for someone to acknowledge her.

Suzie was frowning at the PADD in her hand as she moved into the waiting area. Something wasn’t quite right with the patients evaluation report but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. He was showing signs of psychosis but yet....

Not even watching what the was doing, the young woman walked straight into the other occupant of the room as the PADD in her hand clattered to the floor. “Oh my god...I’m so so so sorry.”

T'Rish placed her hands on the shoulder of the other women steadying them both. "It is fine, Ensign." She replied with aire of trained superiority. "Perhaps next time you egress from one room into another you could at least look up from what you are reading." She recalled her hands and brushed down the front of her uniform.

"I am Ensign T'Rish." She continued. "I am reporting for my required psych assessment as is practice with all new stations."

Suzie had leaned down to scoop up her PADD, her elbow making contact with the underneath of a table on her way back out. “Ensign T’Rish...I think your my two o clock.” The words were said through clenched teeth as she tried to catch her breath. “My apologizes...I think I’m still getting used to the balance of the new last place seemed to have a permanent left tilt as it’s the direction we all seemed to fall when something went wrong!”

T'Rish inclined a brow at the women in front of her. "I don't believe ships have a permanent tilt. The ships gravitational generators keeps everyone's orientation as if they are standing on a zero degree tilt regardless of the the ships orientation." She said flatly.

“Right...Vulcan...I keep forgetting how frank and honest your race can be...” Suzie smiled to show that there was no grudge for the woman’s words as she gestured to the open door for them both to enter. “I guess it’s my way of trying to rationalise the fact that I’m just not that stable on my feet on the best of days.”

"Perhaps you should have the doctor look you over. Perhaps there is a problem with your inner ear." She didn't acknowledge the comment regarding a Vulcan's frankness. It wasn't required. She followed the women's gesture and entered one of the rooms. She took a seat crossing her hands in her lap.

Throwing the PADD in her hand lightly, Suzie winced ever so slightly as it landed with a bang on the desk before she moved over to the seat facing her patient. "So aside from imparting your wisdom on others, what do you get up to with your days..ah...Tasha?" The counselor knew that she was probably way off of the mark but it was an was also a reminder to memorise your patient's names before bringing them into a room. When they were unconscious it might not necessarily be needed but in these situations it was quite possibly vital.

"T'Rish...Ta-Rish." The Vulcan corrected straightly. Her face remained passive as she continued to answer the question. "I assume you are inquiring regarding my recreational practices." She started. "Like many Vulcan's I began learning how to play Kal-toh when I was a child. I find that playing with characters on the holodeck can be quite challenging...but satisfying." She paused. "I also partake in martial art training and reading."

“Boy...Kal-too genuinely takes an awlful lot of skill. The patience and focus required to piece together each part is quite masterful and requires a lot of patience. Is it an exercise which you still practice?” Suzie leaned back into her seat at she watched her patient.

"When I have the time for it." T'Rish replied. "I have yet to master all the techniques of the game, but I find the simulations on the holodeck to be adequate practice."

“You work in Operations I believe? Do you find that your position leaves you no times for...hobbies as such?” Suzie folded her legs at the knees as she rested her hands in her lap, hoping she was at least getting this part right.

"As this is my first posting, I have yet to make that determination." The Vulcan Hybrid replied flatly. "I assume that by our next required meeting I will be able to provide you with an adequate answer to your query."

“Alrighty...that’s that question firmly box ticked...let’s see...” Vikki thought for a second before seemingly coming up with something, “You reflected there on the fact that this is your first position. How do you feel about that? Excited, nervous, scared?”

T'Rish raised her eyebrow questioningly at the Ensign sitting across from her. She was peculiar. "I have no feels regarding this assignment. I had my choice of assignments. This was merely the most logical choice." She cleared her throat. "I beg your apology Ensign, but I have read the basis counseling handbook. It would simply be fast for me to answer the questions in order without your asking." She left the implication hanging between them.

Suzie found herself uncertain how to respond to that. If she was correct, it seemed that the Vulcan was insinuating that perhaps her position was redundant. “Maybe...but then we’d be in breech of Starfleet regulation two point four point..ah...something? Anyway, it’s a requirement that when a crew member is deployed a new position that a psychiatric evaluation be carried out in order to ensure the individuals fitness for duty. If you just answer the questions according to what you feel suits the question without me being able to discuss points further, than how can I carry out my duties?” The counselor found herself needing to take a breath after that.

The Hybrid felt her more emotional side wanting to express her doubt in the women's ability, but she suppressed it. This was was not seen on the Vulcan's face. "With expedience I would imagine." She replied calmly. "Please continue."

“With...” Suzie found herself a little gobsmacked...she’d just been told to hurry up. They hadn’t been at this long...had they? The counsellor could be seen to glance at the clock on the desk as she calculated it in her mind. “ do you feel leaving your classmates behind? Friends you’ve spent fours years back to back with?”

"There are people that I grew...accustomed to having around." T'Rish started keeping her attention on the counselor. "It will be a period of adjustment but I am sure that I will grow accustomed to the crew of this ship in much the same manner." She had people that the Betazoid part of her missed. They made her feel safe and she loved them, but they were on the Bolian Freighter and she hadn't seen them in years. The Vulcan side did its best to ignore this facet of herself.

“Do you feel that perhaps being in the role of department head may cause issues with that plan? One being that when people report to you they might be less likely to also socialise with you. Secondly there might be some resentment... some people can go years never becoming a department head but here you are, straight out of the Academy and being offered the position?” Suzie sat back into her chair as she crossed her legs at the knees abs watched the Vulcan carefully.

"Jealously is an illogical reaction to most situations." T'Rish started. "While, I can understand that some people may feel as though they are passed over it will not change the way that I perform my duties." She took a breath and released it slowly. "I do not believe that interpersonal relationship are required to perform my duties. However, I realize that I will need to cultivate some level in order to be effective in my new position."

“Life can be lonely on a ship if you have no friends. Surely you need to cultivate beyond just your own department and Work focus? Your a long way from home now.” Suzie pushes just a small but more to see if she could get any further with this.

"I have been a long way from home since I was a young teen." T'Rish responded evenly. "Friendship is not illogical. It is a necessary function of life." She tipped her head slightly. "I do not need friends to perform my job, in fact not having friends with in my department would make my job that much easier. However, I can deduce what you are trying to indicate, however, being Vulcan it does not apply to me."

“When you have a bad day at work, who do you turn to if you have no friends? What outlet do you give yourself to be able to sort through the events of that day to be able to go back in the next day and carry on your duties as normal?” Suzie wasn’t quit understanding this...Vulcan’s could lock away emotion but everybody in life needed a friend.

"As a Vulcan, we are taught to meditate to collect out thoughts." T'Rish responded. "We use the time to recall and analyze our thoughts and experiences." She paused. "It can be quite relaxing."

“Do you not find advantages to being able to discuss thoughts with other people? Like a bouncy ball as such...bounce your ideas off of someone you trust or find merit for all, allow them to give you a different insight that you may not have thought of before?” Suzie was stuck on the idea now, trying to give it a little more force to show that keeping to oneselves wasn’t always the best course of action.

"You were not inquiring about my interactions with colleagues. You were inquiring about friends." T'Rish responded. "I value my colleagues input and there is merit in having the input of others when it comes to developing a plan of action." She finished.

“But friends act in the same realms except with personal thoughts and feeling compared to discussing work orientated thoughts and feelings with a colleague.” Suzie kept her frustration in check but her voice raised just ever so slightly. “Do you think this dress suits me? Isn’t that man, or woman, cute? Do you think I made the right decision in moving jobs or house? The questions are endless that you can discuss with friends that you would dare discuss with colleagues.”

"It would be unlikely that I would have those conversations with any one." T'Rish let out a steady breath. "Clothing is a logical decision based on the geometric shape of a persons body. The attractiveness of another person is gossip, not worthy of discussion, and if you take the the time to analyze the decisions prior to making a choice you have no need to regret or ponder a decision." She replied.

Suzie bit down hard on her inside cheek to prevent her saying no more. She was here to help, not to pick people apart and try to rebuild them in a way that she felt was better suited. Vulcan’s always had differences in ideology and thinking than many races for millennia now; she wasn’t going to be able to change things in one session. “Well I guess should you ever feel that you encounter such a situation and find yourself stuck for someone to talk to; my door is always open.”

Despite her best effort the Vulcan hybrid was getting annoyed. It happened when you were an empath. She could tell that the other young women was sincere and that almost made it worse. “I appreciate the offer but please take no offense if I don’t take you up on it.” Her tone was strained and not as indifferent as she had hoped and striven for on a regular basis.

“I won’t but the door is still open. Do not underestimate that you won’t be here again...being on a ship and in active mission is a lot different to being within the walls of the academy. Being an Ensign verus a Cadet is so much more. Don’t underestimate the strain you’ll be under as it’ll make things worse for you as time goes by.” Suzie smiles for the first time as finally she could draw on experience. She already had a year behind her since the academy and after meeting the ship’s Executive Officer; she knew how even the best laid plans sometimes started to unravel. Everybody was different and handled situations differently but it didn’t take away from how difficult things could be.

"Acknowledged." T'Rish replied with a tilt of her head. She let out a breath, doing her best to keep her breathing regular.

Suzie hesitated for a second, there was still something not quite right but she wasn’t certain if she should leave things be while the going was good or push a little further. “Is everything ok T’Rish?”

T'Rish looked over at the Ensign. "I assure that I am fine." She replied. She wanted nothing more than to get out of this room and return to her duties. Counseling session requirements were illogical for members of her species as dealing with ones emotions was not a strain. Usually.

“Ok...” Suzie hesitated for a moment more as she tried to rid herself of the niggling feeling. “...well if your sure that there’s nothing more?”

"Nothing I can think of." T'Rish replied. She wanted nothing more than to leave this appointment and avoid it until next year. "I appreciate your concern, Ensign."

“Ok...” Suzie repeated herself again before forcing herself to shrug off the feeling. She’d done what she could and she couldn’t do no more. The Vulcan would open up when she was ready and the counsellor realised that she couldn’t force it no more. “Well then T’Rish if there is nothing more.” The young human moved to her own feet to end the meeting.

"I appreciate your time, Ensign." The Vulcan replied evenly as she rose to her feet. She didn't not extend her hand, it was not her way. She gave the women a nod of her head before turning and heading out the door. She was annoyed but hadn't meant to be rude. Rudeness was something that most just allocated to her being Vulcan. She was going to use that in this instance.

Suzie watches as the woman exited the room, the instinct rose to once again intercept...that there was something deeper to be unraveled and revealed but there would always be another day...she strongly felt that this wouldn’t be the last they would see of eachother.

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