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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Do You Think You Are Up For The Job?

Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2017 @ 12:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 11:49am

Mission: Episode 1 - Pioneering Spirit
Location: USS Pioneer: Executive Officer’s Office
Timeline: MD002 1344 hrs
Tags: SD 71364.1344

Sitting back into her chair, Patricia looked around at her surroundings as she tried to get used to the way of things. Not only was she back in a uniform but she was also situated in an office she never in her life would have believed possible. She’d come a long way from the cramped confines of a defiant class ship.

Taking a breath, the officer couldn’t help the smile as she glanced down at the PADD littering the table surface. Different place but same workload. The first PADD was one Lieutenant Myles and if her chronometer was right, he was due now any minute.

Lieutenant Myles set foot onto the Pioneer, anxious to get to work. One problem, he had never been on an Intrepid class before. Grabbing a quick set of directions from a wall panel he soon found himself in front of the XO's door. He rang the chime.

“Come.” Patricia powered down the PADD in her hand as she smiled a little at how prompt the officer was. It boded well for the man, showed that he took his responsibilities seriously.

Moving to her feet, the officer moved to the front of her desk with her hand held out. “Lieutenant Myles I assume?”

"Yes, Commander." Larim said, shaking the offered hand.

As she took back her hand, Patricia indicated for the officer to take the seat facing her own as she moved to sit back down. “Your very prompt Lieutenant with your timing. I trust that your transfer was uneventful?”

"A very peaceful trip indeed. Thank you for asking." he said, taking his seat.

Sitting back into her chair, Patricia cast her mind back over the bio she had read over before putting it away. “If memory serves me right, you’ve come to us from Earth? You were teaching at the academy?”

"Yes on the coming from Earth. But my role was more of a career advisor to freshman cadets. "Hello, I am a tactical officer. Our job is...." basically. Did teach armament classed though."

“So is there much hope for us with the youngsters about to enter are ranks and in a few years will be fighting us for our jobs?” Patricia tried to put the man more at ease as the smile on her lips allowed him to see her small joke.

Larim chuckled and nodded. "They'll know how to shoot at least."

“And I believe we have an offering in the works for you, promotion to Lieutenant and Chief of Security and Tatical. Evidently it was enough to take you away from a fairly steady position on earth?” Patricia leaned back in her seat.

Larim nodded. "It was an "offer I couldn't refuse." To borrow from an old earth movie." he said. "Also I believe firmly in OJT. Famly's encouragement also goes a long way."

“I have to admit that’s a new acronym on me...oh jay tea?” Patricia her head a little to the side as she attempted to get a better read on the officer.

"On the job training. Supplemented the cadets classroom training with stuff that the books don't cover. Sort of a tactical Kobayashi Maru."

“Sounds very interesting...are you thinking of introducing some of your cadet workshops to your staff also? You’ll have to let me tag along some day, see how you and your staff manage in possible real life situations. Sometimes going back to basics works as well as upskilling.” Patricia folded her hands in her lap as she watched her fellow officer.

"I was thinking about it, yes." Larim replied. The added thought of practical shipboard scenarios hadn't dawned on him until that moment. "You'd always be welcome."

“I look forward to it shoot can always do with some practice. Tell me something...I understand that your wife is an engineer back on Earth where she is with your child?” Patricia leaned forward as she took the PADD back out if the drawer and read back over the information.

"She is indeed." he said swelling up with pride. He resisted the urge to whip out baby pictures. He reasoned that this was neither the time nor the place.

“How do you feel you’ll manage with the separation? Although your records indicate you’ve been parted from your wife before, I understand that this is the first time away from your son?” Patricia wasn’t trying to be harsh, she was only trying to ensure that she had a fully efficient staff who would be able to do their jobs beyond their personal business.

"Subspace comms helped during that first time. Also we were in each others thoughts....literally." he said. "So the same should be true this time. As for my son, he's only one quarter betazoid but as the song says. "Love will keep us together"

Patricia tapped the PADD against her hand as she studied the man. What he couldn’t hide was the departmental reviews, the psych evaluations and the medical reports...although the latter mattered less here. His file read as a family man which was slightly worried...where she knew it from even Ty and Kat, Starfleet officers could manage marriage around career but children were something completely different. You could never get back those missed moments...dirt smile, first laugh, first word...all of the firsts.

Personal life was personal life and your job was your job but Patricia knew she’d have to be beyond cold hearted not to somewhat understand.

“It sounds like yours is a strong enough family to manage even the impossible.” Leaning forward, Patricia placed her firearms against the table as she smiled a little. “So Lieutenant...have you any questions for me?”

Larim thought but was coming up a blank. Rather than sound like an idiot, he said this. "How soon from now do we leave the station" he said.

“The day hasn’t been formalised as of yet. We are under the understanding that we will get full clearance before the week is out. You’ll have time to take up your quarter assignment, get used to your department and bridge station before we ship out anyway.” Patricia moved to her feet as she understood that the meeting was coming to an end. “If I may Lieutenant be the first to welcome you officially to the USS Pioneer.”

"Thank you very much, Commander." Larim replied.

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