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Up and out again

Posted on Sat Mar 24th, 2018 @ 7:21am by
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:34pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Security Complex
Timeline: MD005 0815 hrs
Tags: SD 71381.0815

Striding wearly into the brig area Heidy dropped her outer jacket from her shoulder, where she'd
left it draped after two or three failed attempts to put it on, onto the end of a console desk and
walked to one of the wall panels, planting both hands on her hips as she attempted to focus her
attention on its readings “This another one of the readiness drills, got to be, who attacks at the
equivalent of mid morning” She commented to no one in particular her tone loaded with

Still acclimatising to a fresh duty schedule, over the last few days she was retiring and waking at
different hours to see what suited her best. Today of all days she'd got to bed early and was just
about dropping to sleep when the alert tone sounded. She'd attempted to ignore it at first pulling
a pillow across her head, not wanting it to be real, but had little choice but to relent and respond.
She'd managed to work out most of her annoyance while stomping to the turbolift nearest her
quarters and then just as she was about to step from the car a pair of Operations enlisted as
they hurried past the turbolift far too close for her liking. “Easy!!! Why are you on this side
anyway? Use your head!!!!” She vented to the back of the pair as hurried along.

“Actually this seems like the real deal.” Commented the duty crewman sat at the monitoring
console, offer cautiously. “There was a call for damage control to mid ventral areas.”
“That would be the two that nearly ran into a turbolift car before, my turbolift car, That said drills
usually focus on the primary systems. Okay let's get set up to back up intruder containment.”
Heidy pondered still a little sleepy, starting to wish it was just a drill, as that would mean in about
a hour or so she would be back in bed. If this was something more, she started to consider that
it would take longer to resolve and groaned internally that she could be in for a very, very long

Petty Officer Third Class Heidy Dilucca
Brig Officer, USS Pioneer


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