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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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The Team Has Formed

Posted on Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 1:45pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 11:35am

Mission: Episode 1 - Pioneering Spirit
Location: Observation Lounge - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 2100 Hrs
Tags: SD 71362.2100

Tyler had been staring at the stars for some time now. He felt alone on the ship, even though it was crawling with crew some that were staying and others that were only there to get the ship on it's feet. He wondered if other ship's masters felt as alone as he did at that moment. The sound of the doors swishing open drew him from his revelry. He turned and there she was, the person he chose to help him guide this ship on this new journey. His old friend, and now XO. "Monty, glad to see you, and even gladder that you came." he said.

“I’m yet to figure out myself is this was such a good career move.” The smile on her lips echoed the tease in her eyes as she moved to enter the observation lounge, taking in her old friend. “Time hasn’t been as kind to you as it has Kat I see?”

He chuckled, "No... No... Time has been great and I missed you something terrible. I was just deep in thought. Thinking about what we have ahead of us. Monty there is a lot out here for us to deal with. But, discussing that can wait for the time being. Come sit tell me how everything has been. I want to say... Well there is a lot I want to say and I guess I should start with Thanks." Tyler smiled and embraced his old friend warmly.

Something Vela said earlier caused Patricia to hesitate ever so slightly before returning the hug to her friend. She knew that Vela hadn’t meant anything by it, a mind game of sorts while he tried to figure and feel her out, but still...had Tyler ever thought there was more between them? It was stupid knowing how much he loved Kat but still it was there and the woman didn’t know what to do with it knowing she never saw Tyler beyond anything more than a brother. “Thanks? Why on earth would you be thanking me?”

"I thank you for taking the job. I know how hard it was for you to come out here. After getting over the injury it must have been a hard decision to come by. I also thank you because there is no one I would rather share this with. Monty we have been given a huge task here. One that could shape the Federation and Cardassia for the future. This is what we always talked about. Making our mark on the future and on the Federation. How was your trip from Earth?" Tyler was beyond enthusiastic. He was chomping at the bit.

Patricia wondered at this moment in time, was Tyler perhaps moving at warp 9 instead of the ships in space. She found it hard to keep up as he broke the embrace; taking a step back as she finally got a proper look at her old friend. “First task as your new executive officer...calm you down Commander. I think I only understood half of what you just said. My trip from Earth was good...I’ve actually been here a few hours now but figured I’d give you and Kat sometime and have a look around the station.”

"Excellent... I am just excited is all, as I am sure you are as well. What do you think of the station and of our ship?" Tyler asked as he took a seat at the head of the conference table. He motioned to the seat at his right hand. "This one is yours..." he said with a broad smile.

Patricia shook her head with a smile as she took the indicated seat. She’d known Tyler would be like a kid in a candy store but she would have thought by now it might have worn a little...evidently she was wrong. “The’s a good place for a run. You never know what, or indeed who, you may encounter. The ship...well I was going to leave the honours to you to show me around...give you a chance to show off a little.”

"Ah, well then no point in resting on our laurels eh... I take it you have already seen the bridge? I guess Engineering would be the best place to start our little journey." He said with a chuckle.

Patting the table, Patricia indicated for them both to stay and sit first as she sat back into her chair. “Firstly let’s have a talk. What’s going on here Tyler...a heavily weapon laden intrepid class vessel on the edge of the demilitarized zone? Relations have never been better with the Cardassians...”

"That is just it Monty, I am not entirely sure. The Pioneer is classified for exploration. We are going to be working on the Cardassian borders and cataloging sectors that were previously unknown to the Federation. I have not had a full briefing on our first mission yet. Vela told me to assemble my crew first. However, there have been reports of a resurgence of the Maquis. I believe that is why we are here. The USS Fearless is busy keeping track of the those that would harm Cardassia from within, the USS Firebird is busy taking care of all the colonies and rebuilding them in this post war era. That leaves the Maquis to us. Furthermore, I believe that our presence here alone shows a real commitment on the part of Starfleet to the safety of this sector. I will brief you as soon as I know. For now, let us relish in this. We did it..." Tyler said and then he sipped his coffee.

Patricia took a breath on behalf of Tyler as she listened to him speak. She really need to work on that with him...there’s was a fluid of information there she needed to pick apart but thankfully most of it she already knew. “Maquis...we’ve heard very little from them in recent years. Why is there a belief now that things may have changed?”

"Well, they are not sure according to the latest reports. The USS Firebird saved the Sagan from an attack from unknown ships. These vessels were calling themselves the New Maquis. However, since that run in there have not been much more contact..." Tyler paused to sip his coffee. "...Monty I don't think that I have to tell that this information on the Maquis is level 9 clearance for now."

“Seriously...I know that I’m a little out of practise Commander but even I know when something’s cant go beyond these four bulkheads.” Sitting back in her chair, Patricia studied her friend for a moment. “You know that you have your wife scared shitless don’t you?”

Tyler laughed at his XO's remark. "I wasn't sure if you had forgotten proper procedure..." he smirked . "...So tell me why is she so scared."

“Outside of the obvious? She’s only managed to get you back and now she has to wave you off in a heavily armoured ship into the unknown. Wouldn’t you be worried about her if the same applies to you in reversed roles?” Patricia tilted her head a little to the side as one eyebrow rose.

"Kat knows the nature of the beast as they say. We will see a lot more of each other as the Pioneer puts into Empok Nor between missions. Besides isn't that why you are here Monty to keep an eye on me..." Tyler laughed out loud as he looked at her.

Patricia raised an eyebrow at the typical male responce...she knew that Tyler loved Kat beyond anything but sometimes she had to wonder how his thoughts were processed in his head. “And I thought I was here on merit and due to my unwavering service record.”

"It's a little from column A and a little from column B. I would not have nor do I want anyone else. Listen, I would be foolish if I tried to tell her not to worry. But as the Captain of this ship, I need to emit a certain aura of confidence and certainty. I do not have the luxury of worry. She is going to worry whether I tell her not to or don't, just like I am going to worry about her on the station whether I want to or not. And Monty you are here because of your record, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that you are here also because I need you." Tyler leaned back in his chair as he spoke.

Patricia leaned forward as she folded her arms across the table top; smiling as she listened to Tyler’s words and realised that time may have changed his age but never changed who he really was, glancing over his comments on herself, the officer focused instead on her friends. “ to her will you. Sometimes just listening to her worries and giving her a hug works better than the ole ah sure it’ll all be fine and wandering off on your next mission. You two have a chance to develope your relationship even more now your physically together more than ever before. It’ll also give you brownie points Python.”

Tyler smiled at the nickname that she had for him. It was an old reference but it worked for these two. "I will as soon as the crew has checked in. I also still need to harp on Starfleet medical to send me the doctor that I asked for. I do plan on having a date with my wife very soon. It is just that I never thought I would be here. I always thought I would get a command, but never this ship." Tyler looked out the window at the pylon of the looming station. "What do you think of our new home?"

“Well you know what...I’m here now so put your wife to the top of the to do list and remind her why she married you. Let me see what kinda strings I can pull in Starfleet Medical. I’m sure I must still have some pull over there...maybe nudge a few old friends.” Patricia watched Tyler with a smile. “So far all I've seem is a few corridors and the observation lounge. I must say I’m looking forward to getting to see more.”

"Thanks, Monty I know you to be one of the best Docs that Starfleet Medical can offer. However, I would prefer not to leave the station with you pulling double duty. Well then no time like the present, let's take stroll around and to know her. Whadaya say?" Tyler said as he stood up and smiled, "She's mostly empty at the moment so now would be a perfect time."

Patricia couldn’t believe that he’d ducked her again. Shaking her head with a smile, she moved to her feet before indicated towards the door. “After you Captain...but after this your taking out your wife. No more excuses Ty or you know you’ll face my temper.”

"Yes Ma'am..." He smiled. Tyler knew that his friend meant business, and he would see Kat as soon as he acclimated his XO to the ship. The two laughed and chatted about the old days as they walked through the vacant corridors of the ship.

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