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Feeling trapped and alone

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 11:37pm by Lieutenant Elloma Essu
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Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Temporary Quarters on unknown Krios Ship
Timeline: MD003 1500 Hours

Last Time On Hide In Plain Sight

"I am not sure, I feel a pull to go there. I can not explain it." Elloma said, she tried her best not to show her sister that she was lying to her.

She was hoping to find someone in Starfleet to help her get back to her own reality.

Elloma hoped her diplomatic status and her title of Metamorph had enough power and influence to get her to Earth. Elloma looked to Nassie, waiting to see what she was going to say.

And Now The Continuation

May 30 2394 1500 hours (relative time)

A few days had passed.

Elloma was surprised that Nassie was able to get her a flight to Earth. Especially without any notice. She was now on a small craft, resting in her quarters. She was standing by the window, watching the stars fly by at warp speed. The stars looked like small streaks of lights flashing by.

Reminded her of being back on the USS Pioneer. The journey to Earth was a lonesome one. No one would talk to Elloma, and her sister was on the mission. Which was a little strange, that she had not checked in the past few days. She wondered why Nassie was keeping her distance. She thought an aid would always be checking in.

Elloma was grateful for the piece an quiet. She had nothing but time, to hear the low level hum from the hull of the ship, as she travelled through warp speed. Elloma walked over to the table, that had a small communicator device on her desk, she debated about calling Nassie, but at the moment she just grabbed the device, but did not call her. Instead she took a seat on the sofa, wondering how much longer she would be stuck on the ship.

She tried to pretend the loniness was not bothering her, but it was. Not the circus show attention, but being around personal. The Metamorphis asked to go to Earth, and the crew was going to take her there. But no one was willing to talk to her, or that's how she felt. But in reality they knew to keep their distance. Her influence could be to great.

Being a metamorph was a loney. This was something that she never expected, she had her meetings back on Krios Prime, but she was only a show piece, she was an idol, and hated it. She thought escaping on a ship and heading to earth would make her feel better. But she never anticipated lack of humanoid contact, would be bothering her. But she was bothered by it.

Elloma tapped on the computer, "Attache Nassie Essu, can you come to my quarters. Please." Asked Elloma, as she looked to the door. It should not take long for Nassie to respond. She hoped she was not bothering Nassie, but she was lonely. And she needed some companionship.

"On my way." Said Nassie, as she dropped everything, and immediately left her quarters.

The door opened to her quarters, Nassie had a code to enter automatically. "I asked for me?" Said Nassie, as she made sure the door closed and walked over to Elloma. She walked over to the sofa area, and took a seat near her. She could tell that Elloma was distraut about something. But had no idea, what it was.

"I hope you were not busy." Said Elloma, feeling a little guilty. She waited to see what Nassie was going to say. She felt guilty for asking. But she was extremely bored. And would not mind talking to her sister. In her reality, they did not talk. She wondered why? She left her parents too, and joined starfleet.

"Just working on a report." Said Nassie, it was not due right away. She had no problem, leaving the report in her quarters, to see what her sister needed.

"I was just lonely, maybe you can work on your report in here? Keep me company? you don't need to talk. Just having another person in the room, would make it more bearable on our long travel to Earth." Elloma said, hoping that Nassie would accept her invite.

Nassie was a little taken by her request. This was not like Elloma. Typically she liked to be alone, on these long voyages. Avoid drawing the affections of others. She wondered what was wrong with Elloma. "You feeling okay Elle?" She asked, using her nickname instead of full name. She was a little concerned for her sister.

"I know it sounds strange, but it happens. We all get bored, and want company do we not. Would you rather I go down to the bar area of this ship?" Elloma asked, knowing Nassie would react in a negative manner towards that request.

Nassie rolled her eyes, as she walked back towards the door. "I'll get my report." She said, as she left the room. Without saying another word. Elloma had made her point, and Nassie would rather keep her company, then make the crew of this vessel feel awkward. Elloma had refused to be placed in stasis.

Which was strange enough, but now she was lonely and wanted companionship. it would be a bad idea to have the metamorph roaming freely on the ship, Nassie knew that was a bad idea.

Elloma smiled, as she walked over to the food synthesizer. And ordered tea. A few moments later, Nassie walked back into the room. "Do you want some tea?" Elloma asked, as she took a small sip from her glass. The smell was very soothing. Nassie just shook her head no, as she took a seat on the sofa, and started to work on her report.

"Thank you, for doing this." Elloma said, as she sat down right beside her. They spent the next few hours, sitting in the room. Nassie working on her report, and Elloma reading a novel. She felt more at ease, having another body in the room.

Elloma was a little strung out, being alone was taking its toll on her, she could tell why Metamorph's from her universe history stayed in stasis, until needed. It was almost unbearable to be a lone. She felt cold and alone, and ready to explode from the isolation. She was glad Nassie agreed to keep her company.

Elloma hated the spotlight, and hated the fact that her people did not know how to treat a metamorph. She was outnumbered and alone, and hated it. She was desperate to have the Federation help her. She wanted to find Captain Malbrooke, maybe he could help her find away out of this mess.

Neither of the Essu sisters were talking, about two hours had passed, before the a room's intercom went off. Elloma looked to Nassie. She wondered who was at the door. The crew of this vessel, was told not to interrupt the Metamorph. So who was violating rules, and why were they doing it wondered Elloma?

Nassie motioned for Elloma to keep her seat. She walked over to the door. A man started to talk to Nassie, they were having a small conversation. It was clear the man was here to talk to Nassie, which gave Elloma a moment of relief.

After a few minutes, the door closed and Nassie had returned to Elloma. "The Captain says the USS Pioneer will escort us to Earth. The first officer was telling us on behalf of the captain." Said Nassie.

"A simple text would have suffice." Said Elloma, trying to play her part. Trying to be isolated from the crew, to place herself on a pedastool, that she did not want to be on. Elloma wondered if Tyler was on the USS Pioneer. Even if he was, would he help her? In her reality he was married to Katherine Malbrooke, and she was the secret lover, of the loving couple. But in this reality, she never joined Starfleet, so it was doubtful that Tyler's representative in this universe, would know who she is.

"Yes it would have, but the Captain was not sure if the Metamorph wanted to be informed of her federation escort. So he sent the first officer." Suggested Nassie, feeling a little noxious that the Captain was to afraid, to come down and tell her sister in person.

"Let it go Nassie, he is under a lot of stress. Carrying someone with my stature must be nerve wrecking for him." Elloma said, as she tried not to laugh at that comment. She was a low ranking starfleet officer, not some almighty being that was going to save her people.

"Your right, but its a cowards move." Pointed out Nassie.

"Your not the Captain of this vessel. You have no idea the stress he is under. He has a lot of responsibility, not only does he have to appeal to my petty needs, he is responsible for my safety. While I travel to Earth. Plus he needs to run a ship, manage his crew, and deal with any potential threat. My guess is, that he is not a coward. Just very busy. While you sit here, keeping me company. Cut the Captain a little slack, Nassie." Elloma said, putting her sister in her place.

"I suppose your right." Nassie said, putting down her report. "I think we are all on edge, this is a little strange. You want to head to Earth, suddenly and without reason given. But your the Metamorph, and what she wants, we will obey." Said Nassie, hoping to egg a reason out of Elloma for this journey.

"I have my reasons, and I am not at liberty to talk about it." Suggested Elloma, hoping that Nassie did not push her to hard for a reason. She was banking on the fact, that they will follow her orders blindly, before they realize she is a fraud. This course of action, must have them wondering.

"Yes sister, can we place a call to the USS Pioneer?" Asked Elloma, hoping to reach out to the Captain of the USS Pioneer. Elloma knew she needed to get off this ship, as soon as possible. And she had a feeling that Tyler would help her, even if he did not know her.

"I can place a call on your behalf." Suggested Nassie.

"I am capable of doing it. I want to personally talk to the Captain of the USS Pioneer. Make it happen Nassie, I am not asking, I am telling you." She said, making her feelings on the matter more public. She had been waiting for this moment. "Tired of others doing things for me, I am a capable woman." She went on to say, trying to make it sound like, she was annoyed with everyone doing things for her. When in reality, she wanted to talk to Tyler.

"Very well, just let me know when you want to place that call." Said Nassie, thinking something was a little off. She was not sure, why her sister was acting very aggressive.

She had never displayed this type of behavior before. So what had changed? Why was she acting out.

"I will but first, you have a report to write, and I need to think about what to say." She was stalling for time, she was trying to fool her sister. She knew her sister had to suspect by now she was a phony.

But Elloma did not care, she wanted to get back to her reality. She knew the Krios would not help her. She said as the scene starts to close out
To Be Continued

Ensign Elloma Essu
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer


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