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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Settling in

Posted on Sun Dec 10th, 2017 @ 2:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 11:46am

Mission: Episode 1 - Pioneering Spirit
Location: USS Pioneer: Executive Officer’s Office
Timeline: MD003 1100 hrs
Tags: SD 71367.1100

After finding his way to the XO's office, Vaebn shifted his bags once more on his shoulder. The meeting with the Commander went very well, and he was hoping to continue the trend with the XO. Although he was still riding the high from knowing that he would get to work with such an advanced sensor suite and astrographic arrays, he knew that the people side of things was looming ahead, and that was where he was playing cautious.

"Calm and relaxed." he said to himself and he took a deep breath. "We're a crew now, and the first impression is just a first step."

At that, he stepped forward and tapped the door chime.

Patricia let out a small sigh as her hand rubbed against her dismembered knee. The prosthetic lay beneath her desk as she sought to just give herself a break. Some days it was all natural, she’d never give a second thought to the artificial part of her body but other days...days like these she just needed the separation. To disengage from the phantom itches and twinges that tried to remind her that everything wasn’t alright.

Looking up at the door, the officer remained seated as she sat back into her seat; using her door to push the limb out of sight. “Enter.”

Vaebn stepped through the door as it hissed open and presented himself to the officer at the desk and placed his belongings on the floor at his side.

"Lt Vaebn tr'Hwersuil reporting sir. The Commander advised that I should see you for my quarters assignment and introductions." he said placing his fist to his chest and inclining his head downward with respect. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Patricia placed her hands against the table as she pushed herself to standing; the placed hands allowing her to maintain balance as she nodded her head in the officer’s direction. “At ease is nice to meet you too. Would you take a seat?”

"Yes, thank you. I hope I am not interrupting you from anything important. I know you have a lot to do before we depart Empok Nor." he said as he sat down. "However, I was hoping to meet with you before beginning our voyage."

Moving back down into her own seat, Patricia sat back into her chair as she offered a smile alongside a soft shake of her head. “Not at all. It’s good of you to reach out. I assume you haven’t had opportunity to get take a lay of your new land?”

"No I haven't." he replied, "I met with the Commander when I came aboard and he showed me around, rather briefly. The bridge is very similar to the Tesla's, but the astrometrics lab is beyond wanting. Much larger and definitively more comprehensive than anything I have previously worked with. I have a feeling that you could find me there if I were to ever go missing, or at least, not answer the comm."

He paused for a moment, as if in thought; "Are you aware or familiar with my previous assignments before Starfleet?"

Patricia folded her hands in her lap as she offered the man a little smile. “I there something in particular your wondering if I know about?” The Officer gave away nothing, instead allowing the Romulan to give her an insight into how his own mind worked and what may have weighted upon his shoulders.

"I was more or less curious as to who was aware of the other disciplines that I have worked under, beyond the sciences that my expertise lies in." He leaned forward in the chair and placed his hands in a steeple shape, "I prefer to leave those parts of my past in that past. I changed my life to be here, and to follow in more noble pursuits, rather than having to treat everything with a sparing glance over the shoulder, so to speak."

Patricia listened to the man as he talked, there was no missing the fact that he seemed uncomfortable with this conversation but it was something that needed to be addressed. “I will admit to confusion and curiosity when I read your not every day that you see someone move from intelligence to science. There isn’t a very clear cut collation between the two practices.”

"Actually sir, I studied astrometrics and stellar cartography and my first posting was to a science vessel. However, in the Empire, at least before all the shake ups, it was common for the Intelligence service in the Imperial Guard to recruit from within from various disciplines." Vaebn leaned back in the chair, "I was reassigned to fleet operations aboard a tracking station during the close of the Dominion War, using my knowledge and training to extrapolate enemy fleet movements based on active sensor readings from our fleets in the theaters of war. In the Empire, we did not waste talent in just one arena, and it was during that posting the I was brought into the Intelligence division."

He leaned forward again, "I will say this though, I am looking forward to being a scientist again. For too long was I mired in the workings of the Intelligence service, and my last posting with the Empire rekindled my passion for research and practicing the sciences again."

“Do you feel that there might ever be a war of wants within yourself? Do you feel that being a scientist will fully satisfy you going forward Lieutenant?” Patricia understood hearts lay in certain places but she also understood that sometimes people could feel torn and she needed to know that her chief of science could be just that.

He leaned back once again, the conversation was not what he expected, but it felt good to give voice to his internal reasoning. "My endeavours have always been in the sciences, and I would rather the outcomes be used for the many, rather than hidden in the shadows by the few. I will however, use my past expertise for the benefit of this crew if absolutely needed, but I would prefer to leave it in the past where it belongs."

“I need to know our chief of science is going to be just that. I need to know that your focus will be rooted in your team and your work and anything beyond that will be left to the people we have to hand.” Patricia’s hand moved to rub her leg before leaning forward, “I encourage cross departmental work and if you feel you have something to contribute always speak up but you need to do what you seem to wish to do...leave the past behind and focus on the future.”

Vaebn stood and absent-mindedly brushed the front of his uniform to smooth it. "You have my assurances of exactly that sir. This crew and the mission will always have my highest priority and attention. " He stepped forward and stretched out his hand in greeting, "It was a pleasure to meet you Commander, and I look forward to working for you."

It took Patricia a moment, surprised by the sudden end to the meeting, before she moved back to her one foot. Placing one hand against the table to maintain her balance, the other was offered for a firm handshake. “Please contact me at any time should you have any problems or issues, my door is always open.”

"Thank you sir. Oh, and one more thing; I believe you have my residential assignment?" he said as he retrieved his bags from the floor. He was relieved to see that she wasn't going to press further, as his past just that, His. And he wasn't comfortable enough yet to divulge his past career, nor the things he learned in service to the Empire. There was no split in his loyalty, but oaths taken must be kept.

Pulling over her computer terminal, Patricia easily inputted a number of commands before bringing up the quarter masters room assignments. “Looks like deck two, room seventeen. Starboard of the ship. If you give your destination to the panel in the hall, the computer can guide you easily from there.”

"Thank you sir. I believe I can find my way there. I enjoyed our discussion, albeit brief. I look forward to our next meeting. Once I have settled in to my quarters and the department labs, I will advise you of my staffing decision and any other changes that may occur under my direction." He turned towards the door and took a few steps before turning again and locking his eyes on her, " I know my past will always follow me, but I hope that in time, the present will be all I am known for, but until then, I will always do what is necessary for my crew."

Patricia studied the other man before moving to her feet, although her fingertips brushed the desk surface for balance, her leg wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. “Our past forms part of who we are today Vaebn. Sometimes it’s physical and easily seen but often times it’s mentally and easily hidden. All that I need to know if you can focus on the job I need you here for. That when push comes to shove, no matter how your past and present may intertangle, that you will first and foremost be our Chief Science Officer.”

"I am an amalgamation of my past and present. What I am to be in the future, will be decided here, and that is where my thoughts are. You have my assurances, I am here to do a job, and it will be done with my full attention and expertise. If that is all sir, I think I would like get settled in and start that job as soon as possible."

Patricia nodded her head in achknowledgment of the officer’s request for dismissal. Staying on her feet she watched as he turned and left her office...her own mind lingering on how she looked forward to seeing more of the Romulan and seeing what it was he brought to the role and the ship. Patricia figured he was in for one hell of a ride but she had a feeling he had it in him to sit tight and come out the other side.

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