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With her own eyes

Posted on Wed Jun 26th, 2019 @ 6:56am by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Billy's quarters
Timeline: MD001 2030 hrs

Jennifer was walking from sickbay to Billy's quarters. She was really tired, but she missed Billy. And with her being blind, be it short, she felt very lonely. She stopped in front of Billy's doors. She didn't bother ringing the chime, she just hacked his lock and walked in, dropped on the couch, took of her shoes and just lay down.

Billy had been working almost non stop, the amount of data that has been flowing into the Belly was enormous. It all needed to be analyzed. Billy refused to get caught with his pants down again. There will never be another Cardassia, not on his watch. For now he wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a comfortable bed. He arrived at his quarters and found it unlocked. The old man made himself ready for anything before he entered. Once in he let his guard down and laughed boisterously. "Well well what do we have here. Nice of you to let yourself in."

At the sound of his voice she turned around. she moved up on her knees. "Well, you never gave me a key. And that lock was easy to overwrite." She got up from the couch. Her hair was loose on her shoulders, she hadn't been back to her quarters since she left sickbay. She went straight to his quarters. And the past three days she only brushed it and braided it for the night in a quick braid. With her eyesight gone, she couldn't do much with it. A nurse came by her quarters 3 times a day to help her eat and get dressed. So this morning she decided not to do her hair.

Her hair was wavy because of the braid she had. "So I missed you. I know intell is busy, I am the department head. But you could at least have come to visit me the past 3 days after your shift. My bandages were removed today. I was alone in sickbay. I send many messages. I even called you on the comm."

"I know and I am sorry. The new data is immense and we are getting more every minute. The Captain is on the warpath after being caught with his pants down over Caradassia. He has us working non stop to get the data analyzed. If it is any consolation, I did check on your condition with the Medical Staff. However, I am overjoyed that you are here now. What would you like for dinner?" Billy was of two minds about not contacting her. On one hand he was saddened as he did love her and worried terribly. On the other the data was interesting this thing was bigger than anyone understood.

"One thing I want for dinner is not work. Second I want go easy. French fries with Dutch snacks. I had a Dutch nurse taking care of me the past three days. There is something in the replicators called kroket. I really like it." Jennifer said smiling. If you like fish, really try the lekkerbek. I never thought deep fried food was so good, and yet so bad." She grinned.

Billy nodded and had the replicator begin to create the culinary requests. "So a Dutch nurse you say. You know I remember my time in Holland during the war. Wonderful place, great people. Although I have not been there in some time. So how long will you be blind? Did Bones say?"

"He said it would take a couple of days, here I am," Jen said. She got up from the couch and walked to him. With no trouble she got to him, she turned him around put her hands in his neck and pressed her lips on his as she stood on her toes.

She had a way of taking his breath away whenever she kissed him, and this was no different. When the kiss broke he smiled. "Impressive..." Billy was referring to both her lips and the fact that she was able to move around his quarters without assistance. "Well that means I have a couple of days of you all to myself. And to grow out a beard." He chuckled as he retrieved the food from the replicator. "Do you need help getting to the table or do you think you can do it?"

"Of course I can make it to the table." She walked to the table. "But now I am on the better hand, and I came here, alone, all by myself, You can take care of me." She winked as she sat down.

"Quite so my love..." Billy spoke as he pulled out her chair. "Have a seat and enjoy your dinner. You know I envy you in a way. When you lose one sense the others usually become heightened. This could be your best meal yet." He said with chuckle and sat down. "Do you want to talk about it? How it happened?"

Jenn is staring in front of her, holding a fry between her fingers. She sighed. "Those damn jar heads." She whispered. "They wanted to attack the target's house head on, climbing on the wall. Of course Neil, I mean Tremble, had to come back and got himself captured. I went in with Wilson to turn off the main power. We found Tremble in a back room. We wanted to safe him, but he..." She stopped. She turned to Billy. "He wasn't himself. "I tried to get through to him, but he was saying weird stuff. I tried to hold back. But he broke my nose. And he tried to poke my eyes out." She couldn't help herself and she felt tears coming from her eyes.

Billy could not fathom what it must have been like to have a friend turn on you like that. On the one hand the protective boyfriend kicked in and he wanted to confront Tremble. On the other he knew that something had been done to the Marine. He enveloped her in his arms and let her sob. "It must have been horrible..."

Jen couldn't remember the last time she cried before the accident. She was always the tough girl. But since she joined the Pioneer she has been through a lot. First being whisked away to an alternate universe, then getting horned by a bull. And now she got her eyes almost poked out by her friend Neil. It was just too much.

"Billy....I love you. I am so happy you are here," She said sobbing.

"And I you..." his voice trailed off as he enjoyed simply being the protector for the moment. "So the Captain tells me that we will be free for shore leave when we dock at the station. That is something to look forward to." He sensed that there would be more trying times ahead of them. "What fun do you want to have while we can? I have also heard through the grapevine that we are going to get some new crew members."

She smiled at the thought of shore leave just with him. "I had a memo of that. The computer read it to me. I had the computer read memos and reports. I couldn't exactly read them." She felt so safe in his arms. "I don't know what to do. Maybe get some holodeck time again?" She suggested.

"Definitely and we will have to visit the White Stag. You know Mickey will want to see us. We shall take dinner and drink and see what the Scot can do to get us into trouble." Billy laughed everything felt right about having dinner, and having her here. "You know while the ship is docked it would be the best time for you to move your things."

Jenn looked up to him, putting her hand on his chest. "Again?"She shook her head. "No, I think it's your turn now. You move your things." She lay her head on his shoulder. I just got my stuff in my quarters. Besides, I could use some stuff brighten up the place." Through her tears she grinned to him.

He smiled down at her. "Well you are on the higher deck and a department head so bigger quarters. Perhaps it will be best to to move into your quarters. I will alert the QM and have my gear stowed by the end of shore leave. However, I think for now we should simply enjoy our dinner, and then I will enjoy you. Then we can worry about moving." Billy said with a small twinkle in his eye.

"You're going to enjoy me?" She grinned. "I am not sure how I should take that." She then turned back to the food and took a fry. "How about you enjoy this?" She put it on his lips.

He ate the fry, as he picked her up and kissed her. Billy forgot about the dinner as he carried her to the bedroom, with their lips locked.

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