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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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A Much Needed Distraction

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2019 @ 1:48pm by Michael Taggart & Lieutenant Commander Dara Jax
Edited on on Thu Jul 4th, 2019 @ 2:11pm

Mission: The Drumhead (Empok Nor Premier)
Location: White Stag, Promenade
Timeline: MD001 2230 hrs

Dara sighed as she entered the bar, there was something about the White Stag that always brought her there after a hard shift. Truth be told she hadn't been off shift for 36 hours as she'd been looking into a cascade failure in one of the upper pylons that was causing her some stress.

The owner, Michael Taggart, had an odd accent and she knew it was from Earth but not so much where. It was rough around the edges but he often spoke in a manner that projected honesty and she liked that.

She propped herself up on a bar stool and waited for someone to come for her drink order.

Mickey was determined to keep the spirits in his tavern up. Rumors spread like wildfire about the New Maquis and the Obsidian Order. He wanted to make people understand that none of that mattered at the Stag. He turned from the shelves of alcohol and synthahol. "Ach as I live and breath if it ain't Jax. You have not been in here in a dogs age. Hey do ya remember the time that me and ole Nessi got the Nausicans drunk just so they would give Trill a better price on iso chips. Ach o course ye do. What can I get ye?"

"And as always we Trill appreciate the assistance." Jax replied with a wry smile. "But to be honest Mickey I don't even know what I want. Shot of adrenaline maybe?" she joked.

"Well lass the advice is free but the booze ain't. Save for dis one." Mickey poured two shots of scotch and raised his high above his head as he shouted "A TOAST!" As was tradition in the Stag everyone raised their glass and repeated. "Here's tae us. Wha's like us? Damn few, And they're a' deid. Mair's the pity!" Mickey recited the ole toast with reverence and clinked glasses with Jax. The sound of clinking glasses could be heard all over the pub. "Now my dear whats on ye mind?"

Dara toasted alongside the other patrons, throwing back the drink with no thought as to how it was going to taste. It burned as it hit the back of the throat and all the way down. You'd think the countless times she'd been here, having taken part in this silly ritual, she'd be used to it. She wasn't.

"What's on my mind? I'm just frustrated with problems I'm having on an upper pylon. None of my previous hosts were engineers and this problem is giving me pause. Every move I make throws up different issues. Hence my drink... I'll take an Amber Shot."

"Dats my girl..." Mickey said with a smile and made the drink. Within moments a dark amber liquid was poured into a glass in front of Dara. "Right I am no engineer but would it not be prudent to get one of dem to take care of it fer ye. P'haps Peret can look into it. But I will tell you what when yer ere ye forget yer troubles. The Stag is a home, a little piece of Earth in this far away place." Taggart poured himself a drink as well. "A home is what seems to be needed these days."

"Engineers..." Dara said rolling her eyes at the very thought. "It's more of a software problem than hardware but I suppose asking one of them wouldn't be a bad idea." she squinted her eyes as she listened to Mickey speak. Sometimes his accent was that thick she had to focus really on what he was saying just to she'd understand it.

"Should you really be drinking when working?" she asked.

"Dis ain't work lass. Besides ne'er trust a barkeep who doesn't drink a little. My dear you seem to need some perking up." Mickey smiled broadly as he rang a small bell that was behind the bar. As the bell rang the crowd in the bar quieted down. "Tis tradition ere to welcome someone new home in fine Scottish fashion. Dere come occassions fer toasts and dis be one o den. So get yer glasses up." Mickey raised his glass and when the bar quieted down he spoke again. "Slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh." (Great health and every good blessing to you.) Those present responded with here here and alright Mick, welcome home Jax etc... "Take a look around no one ere cares about their duty. Ere is home to relax. Now I am sure dat you have stories going back to time immemorial. At least dat is what I am told about joined Trill. So why not share?"

"Well Jax is nearly 200 years old, although he doesn't act a day over 50 sometimes." she said with a little laugh. "One of my previous hosts Ijem was a chef. She was brilliant, the dishes she made which is kind of funny given that before the joining I couldn't cook at all!" Dara smiled, "Definitely would give that sheep dish you love so much a good run for it's money." she added teasing.

"You think you can beat me Gran's haggis? I certainly would like to see you try. We all have hidden talents. I am willing ta bet that some of that cooking is you. I am the first of me kin ta leave Earth. I dunno why I left just picked up and moved on one day." Mickey replied.

"I had heard that Mickey." Dara laughed a little. He usually told people this all the time, mostly she thought it was due to the fact he kept having little drinks here and there and would forget. "Sometimes there isn't a reason, sometimes we just feel a calling to do something more. I always felt I needed to be joined with a symbiont and as luck, or fate, would have it I got my wish."

"Which reminds me, if ye don mind me askin. Are ye any different? I mean was there a different version of ye before ye joined with Jax?" Mickey knew he might be getting a little too personal. However, this was something that he had been curious about for some time. So no time like the present to find out an answer.

"I would say I was more 'motherly' before, and still kind of am but Jax has helped me mature into a well rounded person. I don't micromanage as much now and am slightly less rigid in my work. I'm a more balanced individual, more confident. You get the confidence of every life, the experience of every life and you add to it with your own so the next recipient can benefit from yours. It's quite an honour." Dara noticed she may have been babbling a little but she truly felt blessed to be a joined Trill, and she would tell anyone about it.

"Well then Dara Jax Ere's ta you." Mickey smiled and sipped his drink. Micahel Taggart prided himself as a barkeep. As such he could read people. He could see that for a Starfleet officer she seemed lost, and out of place. "Ya know a lot of you starfleet types hate counselin. As such ye should spill yer guts ta me. Ye seem a bit lost in the clouds. Tell plain ole Mick all about it." He smiled as he pointed to a member of his staff to take care of the rest of his patrons for the time being.

She knew he was being nice and she smiled back. "I'm alright." she began. "Just tired, long day. Plus back on Trill they offer extensive counselling after a Joining to ensure we are coping, that we are fit for reintegration into society. I'm as 'fit as a fiddle' I've heard someone say that's a good thing?" Dara half asked before shaking her head and placing her glass down. "Thank you for the offer Mickey, really. I think I'm going to turn in for the night, maybe a little sleep will do me some good. Tomorrow is another long day." she said with a half chuckle.

"Quite right lass, and the Stag will be ere waitin for ye." Taggart responded with a smile and another raise of his glass.

"Thanks." Dara said as she rose from her seat. "I'll see you around Mickey."

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