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Silence In The Medical Ward

Posted on Fri Dec 6th, 2019 @ 7:51pm by Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen
Edited on on Tue Dec 17th, 2019 @ 5:17am

Mission: Episode 8 - The Silence
Location: Sickbay - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 1000 hrs
1656 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Nhi was never content going to the doctor. It made her nervous. Even though there was nothing to be nervous about. But today she had no problem going to see the doctor. As a security officer she would always do a little back ground check. She couldn't find any info on them intelligence types of course, nothing other than their personnel files. Which was expected, most of that information was at least security level 5 classified. But our doctor had a bit more. What an interesting man. She was impressed. And he cooked. Nhi definitely had to swap some recipes with him.

She walked in to sickbay and found it was very quiet. It was so quiet she almost didn't dare to call out. She walked in slowly and silently. She waited a few seconds and then called out, "Hello? Doctor Ballston?"

From his office, Richard heard the familiar voice that jarred him out of his unpleasant brooding. He took in a deep breath and stood up walking towards the doorway. It was obvious he had been losing sleep. There were dark circles under his usually happy eyes and a bit of worry etched on his face.

"Ensign," Richard replied trying to offer a smile, "what can I do for you?"

Nhi almost jumped backwards when she saw the doctor. "Hey doctor, I am no doctor, but you don't look so good. Have you been getting enough sleep or to eat? Wait..." She thought a moment and then said, "Isn't that usually your line?"

"It is," Richard said with a nod, "and no I haven't." He motioned for her to come into his office, "my daughter is missing and Adibah', Adibah' is dead."

Nhi looked a bit worried. "I am sorry to hear that, sir. Who is Adibah?" She hadn't met the doctor's daughter or Adibah. She didn't know how to respond to all this. She was still young and she never really lost anyone. She followed him to his office and stood a bit indecisive in the office. "I am really sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," The physician said as he sat back down, "Adibah' is, was, one of the women I was bonded to."

He shook his head and brought is focus to the half Vulcan, "perhaps I should explain, Azzian culture is a bit different than most, the men are supposed to have seven women they are bonded to."

"So," Nhi tried to get her head wrapped around it. "So Adibah is...was... one of the women you were bonded with. I am sorry to hear that. You must have cared for her a lot. So what happened to her? If you don't mind me asking."

"I was talking to her over a communications line," the man offered to answer her question, "when someone broke in. I was the console flicker and get knocked over." He drew in a deep breath, "Security there is investigating but she was killed yesterday."

Nhi listened intently and blinked. "That is horrible. Would you like me to inquire with the station's security to see if there is any progress? How old is your daughter, sir?" The Security officer in her felt the need to assist.

"Yes," Richard replied, "if you can, the Security Chief is working on it." He looked over at her and tilted his head, "Abigail is only seven."

"Of course, sir I will," Nhi said. "I got nothing anyway, and it's the life of a little seven year old girl we're talking about. We need to find her quickly. I can only imagine what she is going through. Not knowing where she is, where her parents are. Was she in the room when her mother was attacked? I assume Adibah is her mother."

"No," Richard admitted with a sigh, "that's another story, her mother was killed when she was an infant trying to use Abigail to force the Azzian government to get involved in a war with the Romulans." The doctor shook his head and offered a faint smile. "if you look at the information on me and my family you will find it rather interesting, you're actually talking to a man who was once thought to be a genetically altered human and is in his eighties."

"Oh I knew about your age, sir," She didn't want to call him old, cause he didn't look old, and in the end age is just a number, "I just never looked so deep in to your family. But I think I will do that, sounds interesting. But then she at least misses her father. So was she with Adibah then when it happened?"

"You mean was she there when Adibah' was murdered?" Richard shook his head trying to offer a faint smile, "no, it's my understanding she was taken when at daycare." He shook his head, "they think some kind of gas was used, it's still under investigation." Richard took ina deep breath and added, "the woman in charge remembers Abigail playing a game with the other children, the next thing she remembers is picking herself off the floor and noticing Abigail was gone."

Nhi sighed in relieve and said, "Well, at least she didn't witness that. But she is still kidnapped. I will do what ever I can to find out what is going on. I will also talk to my chief, Commander Myles, I am sure he will do everything he can to to help you. And I will as well. Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?"

"Yes," Richard replied nodding, "it is good that she was not there when it happened." He drew in a deep breath, "just be a friend Ensign, I'm going to need all those I can get."

"Of course, sir," Nhi said, "We serve on the same ship, it feels like we're all family here. At least that is how I feel." She looked a bit concerned to the doctor. She wasn't sure what to do here or what appreciated or appropriate. And then she did the only thing she felt right to do. She walked up to the doctor and just put her arms around him.

"We are," Richard admitted as he gently returned the hug and letting her go, "that is one of the reasons I love being on starships, we all become family."

He took in a deep breath and nodded, "I still have to see the captain, only the day before I had told him plans were going well for talks between the Azzians and the Cardassians, now I don't know whether they were the ones behind this."

"Well," Nhi looked around and said, "No one can really be sure now. As you know, these are trying times with all that is happening. Can anyone be sure. And with that in mind, it wouldn't surprise me."

Richard nodded, "Our speculations really won't solve anything." He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, "all I can really do is wait, and hope for the best, that Abigail will be alright and that they find the person or persons who killed Adibah'"

Nhi nodded. She looked around sickbay a bit uncertain why she was here again. It would seem rude to ask for a medical exam now. Maybe she should come back later and ask one of the other medical staff, she contemplated.

"Ensign," Richard began furrowing his brow, "I've dominated your time, what is it you came in for?"

"It's quite alright, sir," Nhi replied. "I just came in for a medical exam. I just came in not long ago, and I haven't had the time to come in yet."

The physician nodded, "then I should make sure you get it before you leave." He stood and motioned towards the door, "I'm still on duty and can still do my job.

"That's great," She walked out of the room with him. "Cause you know, I can come back if needed. It's no trouble at all." She then walked to a bio bed and swung herself up to it.

"I know," Richard admitted with a faint smile, "by that's really not convenient for you,"

he reached for his tricorder that hung from the utility belt around his waist, "besides, I could use the diversion."

"Very well, doctor," Nhi said, "I wasn't exactly looking for my convenience, but yours, sir. But if you insist." She smiled. She had hoped to get out of this one, but it seems she was out of luck.

Richard smiled a little and then nodded, "I appreciate that."

His scanner did the usual beeps and chirps he had become accustomed to. On the monitor behind the bed displayed a diagnostic image and his pale eyes glanced up at the image, "everything looks fine Ensign, I'll update your records and you can return to duty."

Nhi nodded. "Thank you, doctor. If you ever need to talk, I know where to find you." She giggled as she jumped off the biobed."But serious. "I hope you find your daughter soon."

Richard nodded and offered a little broader smile, "thank you, Ensign, I'm sure they are doing their best to find her." He drew in a deep breath, "I just have to be patient."

"Right," Nhi wanted to walk out of sickbay and then she remembered. She turned around. "Oh, so I heard a rumor you are a great chef. I was wondering if you would wanted to swap some recipes?"

"Be happy to," Richard replied, "I love to cook and try new things." He smiled a little, "it would be nice to have someone to share them with."

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD
Chief Medical Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen
Security Officer, USS Pioneer


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