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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Empok Nor Goes Tango Uniform

Posted on Fri Dec 13th, 2019 @ 12:13pm by Captain Winfield Hood & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam
Edited on on Fri Dec 13th, 2019 @ 12:29pm

Mission: The Drumhead (Empok Nor Premier)
Location: Station Command Center - Central Core Deck 1 - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD020 1730 hrs

Winfield saw the writing on the wall, the battle was not going well and whoever launched this attack clearly had the upper hand and help. The anger welled inside the man, but he could not let it out. For now he had to think about all of the souls aboard the station. People that he still had a responsibility for.

He had covertly ordered a beginning to the evacuation of the station. He had assigned anyone he could spare from his Senior Staff to the task. Now there was one thing left for him get organized, he needed a way to get the people off the station. To this end he summonsed the one pilot left on the station. He paced his office as he waited for the Trill to arrive.

With all the chaos they were enduring, the last thing Nazia expected was to be noticed by the station commander. Sure, Tam's previous lifetimes had been full of fame and notoriety, but somehow Nazia didn't feel quite up to the task of doing big things next to important people.

She walked anxiously from the turbolift, her blonde hair shifting with the moving up her head. Tensely, she bit her moist lower lip and took a deep breath through her nose before she stepped into the man's office. She knew it was right to enter calmly and to keep her feelings in check.

"Lieutenant, Junior Grade Nazia Tam reporting as ordered, sir." She said in a youthful and silken voice. She waited, her blue eyes sparkling with anticipation now that she was face to face with Captain Winfield. Had she done something wrong to be called here?

"Ah Lieutenant you are just what the Doctor ordered..." Hood began with a broad smile. "Rumor has it that you are not only a qualified pilot, but an exceptional one. Do you know what is happening here?" He wanted to use the opportunity to see what the station rumor mill was telling. Also to see if his plan of keeping the evac quiet was working.

Nazia had been locked in her dusty office for the past few days and had completely failed to discern the source of the danger. "The Cardis are being pretty aggressive, aren't they? I hear some people saying we might lose the station."

Hood nodded he should have expected the rumor would have traveled quickly. "It is more than a rumor Lieutenant I have ordered the evacuation of Empok Nor. I need you to take command of the flight plan. Computer display Empok Nor Tango Uniform authorization Hood-alpha-nine-zero-nine-six-omega." Within moments a holodisplay of the station from a distance could be seen. There was a small moon or asteriod like spacial body that was shown as well. "This asteroid is home to a Marine base. Camp McCoy as it is called is almost completed and was designed to house the base of operations for General Sobel and his men. However, we are going to have to use it as a rally point. You are going to have to organize shuttle runs to get the people off the station and to the camp. Any questions?"

Nazia stared at the man in stunned silence for several seconds, her inviting lips hanging open. Soon, however, she reigned in her expression and her brain started working. With several lifetimes of experience to cover her, she was sure she was capable of this.

"You indicated that we're low on pilots, sir. Where am I supposed to get capable people to take the cockpit?"

"Recruit anyone and everyone. You can coordinate with First Lieutenant Steves in the hangar bay. Anyone who can fly is to be recruited, as well as any vessel on the station that is capable is to be impounded and used for the evacuation. You have my authority should anyone ask. I am not going to beat around the bush here Nazia, there is going to be a lot of people counting on you with this one." Hood spoke firmly and direct. It was not in his nature to sugar coat things.

A few years ago, Nazia would have fainted at this very moment, but the joining had liberated her from her fear of doing important things. She offered the Captain a decisive nod. After she was done, however, her mind began to wonder.

"So it's really come to this then?" She asked, looking up at the older man. "Empok Nor is lost?"

"Not lost just borrowed for now..." He smirked as he glanced at his own desk. "We are out numbered, and out gunned. Whoever they are, they knew when and where to get us. So now we regroup and then we get our home back. You and I have to make sure that our people are around to help us get it back."

"Agreed, sir." She said, thinking for a moment about the implications of this attack. She wasn't only losing her posting, but her home. What would happen to her next? Where would she go, assuming she survived this calamity? Then her mind wandered to the political implications. "Sir, this is the sort of provocative action that starts wars. Are we going to war?"

Hood took a step toward the young woman, and if he were not her commanding officer he would have probably hugged her. "That is not for us to decide, wars and who fights them are decided by people long above us. We merely have to do what is needed to survive. But if you need a specific answer... I will not allow this station to remain in enemy hands. So with or without the politics we will be going to war."

"It sounds like you have plans of your own, sir." She said, giving a nod of approval, though she was still uncomfortable. She swallowed hard at the gravity of the situation. "I'll do my job and save as many souls as I can, Captain."

"I have the utmost faith that you will. You will also play a part in our return home. But we will discuss that further. For now coordinate the evacuation. Also contact Captain Jelane have her recall the air group on the double. Lieutenant I know this is a lot to heap onto you. But I have the confidence that you can get it done. We will regroup at Camp McCoy." Hood smiled at her after he spoke. He regarded the young woman as one who regarded a daughter.

"It's nothing I can't handle, sir." She said with an uncharacteristic certainty. It must have been Tarkon talking again. He was Captain of the USS Republic for 15 years. With his long military history and experience in her head, Nazia should be quite ready for a challenge like this. "I'll make sure it's done."

"Very well Lieutenant you have your orders. Dismissed." Hood spoke and watched as the young woman left. Usually in situations like this he would have a pain in his gut. One that he felt whenever he sent someone to their death. However, in this instance he felt elated. He knew the Trill would get it done.

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Captain Winfield Hood
Commanding Officer, Empok Nor

Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam
Transport Pilot, Empok Nor


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