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What are your intentions?

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Corridors
Timeline: MD002 1030 hrs

"What are your intentions Mister Ruhrie?" Elloma asked, as she watched Talas walk in front of her, without even noticing her. She practically appeared out of no where. She purposly wanted to catch him off his toes. She noticed that he was spending a lot of time, with her sister. And she wanted to know his intentions.

Talas blinked, having just been startled by Elloma. “My intentions?” He asked her, knowing she was referring to her sister but choosing to make her spell it out. “I am in need of something to eat I am headed to get something.”

"I am a well trained Security Officer, and I have seen you around Nassie, so I will ask you again, what are you intentions Mister Ruhrie?" Elloma asked again, feeling like an overprotective sister.

“I like her,” Talas spoke honestly. “I would like to get to know her better but that depends on her.” He looked her straight in the eyes. “She seems like a strong independent woman which is something I respect.”

"Well she is my sister, and why do you think you think you merit her attention. Just because your a fellow Kriosian?" Elloma asked, as her security officer skills started to kick in.

“Being a Kriosian is probably a mark against me,” Talas replied. “But that doesn’t define who I am inside and I am hoping she will take a chance to get to know me. I am a good person but only she knows if I merit her attention it’s not for me or you to decide.”

"A mark against you, not according to my family, unless your family is a commoner family, then it might be a mark against you from them. But not from me. My concern, is what are your intentions, with my baby sister?" Elloma asked him again, this time a little more direct.

“I am not a commoner,” Talas replied. “Though I hate the distinction, personally.” He looked at her. “My intentions are honorable but I can’t really give you some long term plan when I don’t even know if she will go out with me yet.”

"You can tell me what your intentions are. Is she a casual hook up, a sleep with her then move on type of fling, someone you are thinking about getting serious with?" Elloma asked, she was totally stepping over the line, but she did not care. This was Nassie, and she would protect her sister from players.

"I am not a casual hook up person," Talas replied seriously. "I want to get to know her better to see where it takes us and if so, it would be my intention to be committed to her." He looked directly at her. "I hope that makes you feel better."

"No, she is my sister. And your unknown element to our family circle." Elloma pointed out to him. But it was not her choice to allow Nassie to date him or not. She was just the sister, that was concerned. Nassie had to make that call.

"Any man she meets would be the same," Talas replied evenly. "You asked my intentions and I told you. I can't say anything that will prove them. Only time will tell and I know that your sister is strong enough to let me know if I step over the line." She was really coming on strong.

"Yes, but I am still the older sister. Do not forget that Mister Ruhrie." Elloma told him in a stern tone. She did not like his tone.

“Trust me I will not,” Talas returned. “You will see with time that I am not out to hurt her and my intentions are only good ones.”

"Yes time will see." Elloma said, as she got ready to walk away. "Good day Mister Ruhrie." Elloma said, as she started to leave.

"Well this is a small world, Mister Ruhrie." Elloma said, noticing that Talas was walking into the security office. He was here obviously to fix the broken console. Elloma waited for Talas to respond.

Talas was thinking this wasn’t his day at all. First he gets grilled about her sister and now he gets to deal with her again. “LIeutenant Essu, there is a broken console that needs repair?”

"Yeah right over there. I thought Nassie would be coming by." Elloma said, a little surprised to see Talas again. She pointed to the console.

"She was tied up somewhere else so it's your lucky day," Talas said with a grin. "You landed me, I'll have it fixed in no time."

"Please do Mister Ruhrie." Elloma said, in a cold like tone. She was not impressed with how their last conversation had ended.

Talas sighed. “What is it about me you don’t like? Just that I am a man? I am interested in your sister? Or what?”

"You claim to be a smart man, I have no doubt, you will figure it out." Elloma said, as she went back to work at her computer terminal. She had a big grin on her face.

Talas watched her, shook his head and went to work on the console. He paused after a moment and called out. “I am going with it wouldn’t matter who I was you don’t trust men but it’s okay I’ll prove you wrong.” And then went back to work.

"Not true, I trust men. Just not men interested in my sister." Elloma pointed out to him. It was not personal, she just had a hard time trusting anyone to understand what the Essu sisters had to give up, to serve in Starfleet.

“Well that gives me hope,” Talas called out. “It gives me hope and that was something I didn’t have before.”

"You're a strange man Mister Ruhrie, but I like your commitment. Now hopefully Nassie feels the same way." Elloma said to him, as she nodded her head in a very approving way. So far he passed all of her test.

“I am glad to have you on Team Talas,” he replied as he finished up the console. “I am hoping as well because I really like your sister.”

"I am on team Essu, never forget that Mister Ruhrie." Elloma said, as she corrected him instantly. She would always look out for her sister. They are family.

“It was a joke,” Talas replied. “I am hoping that soon it will be my team as well.”

"It's nice to have dreams." Elloma said, as she decided to tease him a little bit. He deserved it, he was going after her baby sister.

“I believe in them,” Talas said with a smile. “It’s nice to see you do as well. Who are you dreaming about?”

"A lady never tells." Elloma said, shutting down that silly nonsense in a hurry. The last thing she needed, was him trying to manipulate the situation for his own advantage. And the truth was, she had no one.

“It’s okay I will let it go,” Talas replied. “But I have eyes and a brain. I know thing.”

"You will need those two things, if you want me blessing with you and Nassie." Elloma told him, with a scolding look.

Talas decided to quit while he was ahead. He happened to know that Jack liked her but he wasn’t saying anything. “Now I feel even better.”

"Good." Elloma said, as the scene starts to fade way.

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Lieutenant JG Elloma Essu
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Empok Nor

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