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Evals are pointless

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Corridors
Timeline: MD002 0900 hrs

"Why must Starfleet insist on a physc evaluation, after every combat crisis. We live on the wild frontier, doesn't it go without saying. That we must be a little crazy to want to live on the wild frontier?" Nassie asked, with a sarcastic grin on her face. She was trying to be funny, with her statement.

“Sometimes I think they come up with these rules to annoy us,” Talas grinned. “But I think it’s because it’s the nature of crew to dismiss injuries as unimportant.” He smiled. “Well I heard once being crazy is the only thing that keeps us from going insane. Weird statement.”

Nassie was confused by his last comment. "What?" She called out. What was he trying to say, was it a human expression, that she was not grasping, or was he talking in a way she was not familiar with? Or was it nonsense? "I got the annoyance part, but what weird statement?"

“Being crazy is what keeps us from going insane,” Talas replied. “One of the guys I went to the academy would say that all the time, it makes no sense to me.”

"I can imagine. Because it makes no sense to me too. These human's expect us to know all of their side barter style chats. They say one thing, yet mean another thing. It's so confusing." Nassie pointed out.

“They probably say the same thing about us,” Talas murmured. “But we know the truth.”

"Really, name one thing that Human's complain about when it comes to Kriosian language and euphanisms?" Nassie called him out on. Time for him to eat his words, or really impress her.

“I did say probably,” Talas returned. “But they feel like we are too literal in our speaking and to direct and to the point.”

"Literral speaking is easy to decipher, and everyone knows where they stand. Not sure, why Humans need to complicate everything." Nassie asked rhetorically. She knew, this was not a question either of them could answer.

“It’s in their DNA,” Talas replied. “As is curiosity and adventure.” He smiled. “And a deep sense of honor and morals.”

"And a majority of the starship commanders, are human. That should freighten you." Nassie said, with a twisted smile on her face.

"It really should," Talas said with a nod. "But in a strange sense it doesn't. I believe that for the most part their hearts and passion for science and the universe is in the right place."

"I suppose we can fall back on that theory of yours." Nassie said, trying to humor him a little.

“I tend to look at the glass half full,” Talas informed her. “It is the same work people I am looking for the good in them.”

"Half full, half empty is there really any difference?" Nassie asked Talas, in a rhetorical tone?

“Yes,” Talas returned with a smile. “A person who looks at a glass half empty tends to look for the land things where a glass half full they are looking at what they have instead of lost.”

"Is that how you see yourself?" Nassie asked, with a grin on her face. It was his fault for bringing it up. She liked the fact he did, she was learning a lot about him.

"I am grateful for what I have," Talas nodded. "And try to focus on that and not the loss. It's not that I don't feel it but it would be a disservice if I wallowed."

"Sometimes we need to wallow in our life. Sure I did, when I left home, and turned my back on my nobility obligations and parents expectation." Nassie pointed out to him. Sometimes it was alright to wallow, as long as it did not consume your life.

“I did when I left as well for a bit,” Talas admitted. “But I couldn’t stay there any longer and accept things the way they were.”

"I understand, I felt the same way as well. I think that can be true for any Kriosian that leaves Krios and joins Starfleet. When will the government learn, that service to its people is more rich and rewarding than any wealth could ever be?" Nassie asked.

“They feel like it will be their downfall,” Talas replied. “It’s all about them and not the people.”

"You would think, but yet they continue to strive." Nassie pointed out to him. He seemed to be one of those revolutionaries. That was not her, but it if worked for him, so be it. Good for him.

“It doesn’t matter really,” Talas spoke quietly. “I am not out to change them but to live my life in a manner that pleases me. We cannot all feel the same if they are content that way then so be it.”

"You have to know, that the further you go up in your starfleet career, the less likely you will ever be able to go home/" Nassie pointed out to him. The nobels really hated their own giving up nobility, to persue a common life. They felt it was benneth them.

“Yes,” Talas nodded. “I am not really interested in returning to that way of life anymore. I have found that I prefer being here.”

"Easy to say, when we are young. Someday you may want to return home." Nassie pointed out to him. Like him, she had no desire, to return home at the moment. She liked her new life with Starfleet.

“I can’t see it,” Talas said honestly. “But only a fool says never. But as you say soon enough there will be no choice.”

"You put to much faith in the revluntary movement back home. It will take a very long time, to change the minds of our nobel leaders, to give up the old ways." Nassie pointed out to him.

“I was actually referring to not having a choice to go home,” Talas explained. “That as you said once I climb up in Starfleet I won’t be welcome.”

"And I meant that. Our people are more than likely not going to change so soon. They are stuck in their ways." Nassie pointed out to him. It's easy when you are young and dumb, not to think about the future. But she was, deep down part of her wanted to some day go home, but that could change. She knew it could.

“If that happens then I will be good with it,” Talas returned. “I am going to live life to the fullest. We only have one shot and I want to be happy with what I am doing.”

"Sounds like a nice solitary dream." Nassie pointed out to him.

“Life to the fullest includes a woman who will love me and I will love her, be faithful and plan for forever,” Talas explained.

"Good luck with that." Nassie said, thinking to herself, who would be that girl. He hoped he was honest with her, about their cultural heritage. And bringing home an alien, would be a major diaster too.

“I have confidence I will meet a woman who feels the same way,” Talas informed her. “If I don’t then I was meant to stay single.”

"I see, best of luck to you." Nassie said, as the scene starts to fade away. She wondered, if he was the one.

Talas smiled at her response. He wondered if she even had an inkling he was referring to her. It was too early to be sure but he felt something for her, something he never had before.

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