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Securing Security

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 7:54am by Lieutenant Commander Dartaw K'gunn & Warrant Officer Bashful O'Neil & Titania (Nee' Jarot) O'Rourke MD PhD
Edited on on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 7:54am

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Security Department
Timeline: MD002 1045 hrs

Dartaw K'gunn surveyed the mess that had once been his office. The bulkheads had scorch marks and his console was a heap of slag. His monitor had a diagonal crack right through it and the deck was strewn with debris. As he bent down to pick up his chair, he spotted an intact PADD.

"Warrant, looks like we've got some work to do." He said.

Bash was nearly standing on his head at a nearby console, left arm curling up into the mechanism. After a few beats, he straightened and withdrew his arm, holding a wire harness.

"Huh?" He said absently, before who was talking actually registered. "Oh, yessir," he added belatedly. "Looks like someone tried to do a quick hack into the secure secure system but failed, as far as I can tell. It would have taken a good slicer maybe an hour and required this cable."

The Warrant Officer wiggled the end of the octopus cable toward the Klingon. "Good thing we put in those blinds and dead ends. Now we'll have to rework the entire thing again..." Bash connected the labeling to the tricorder he'd brought with and set it to start running diagnostics. There was also an independent power supply for the hidden computer core.

Bash glanced around the room and his nose crinkled. "Huh," he said starting his commentary, "Smells like someone got frustrated and relieved themselves in here."

Dartaw let out a deep growl. "That kind of behaviour makes a wild targ seem civilized." He said. "I'll see if I can get the sanitiser up and running. Feel free to go and collect any equipment you need."

The investigator scratched at his head, wondering if the Commander wanted to be alone and shrugged, "I want to pull the filters from this area and see if we can match any DNA against the databases, as well as trace markings from throughout the room, including whomever decided to pee freely.

Checking the tricorder, he said. "All of the protocols and blind keyholes seem undisturbed, so this data core is intact. We'll just have to replace these consoles and the like. Anything you want me to do first, sir?"

"Pull the filters, see if you can find the culprit. I'll clean up and then contact Supply about the new consoles." Dartaw replied.

"Right, Commander," Bash replied, the investigator said, and began packing up his kit. "I'll gt them into evidence, get it logged and then turned over to whatever lab I can find. The station's still something of a mess..."

"If you have any problems with staff, send them my way." Dartaw replied. "I'm certain I can make them see my point of view." The second part was only partly a joke, as the Klingon had been KDF Special Forces officer before joining Starfleet.

Looking around at the mess, Bash leaned against one of the cleaner consoles and said, "Finding an operable lab might be the hard part. Maybe I can find a starship nearby that has science types twiddling their thumbs. Finding a forensics scientist might be wishful thinking, but once we have an analysis the two of us should be able to break it down."

Bash rubbed at the top of his head and said, "Too much cleaning. Besides all of this, my quarters look like a herd of Shravak apes want spent time getting drunk. How did yours make out, sir?"

"Much the same, but in my quarters the looks like the apes were riding khrun at the time." Dartaw replied.

Bashful started packing away his gear then walked over to a secured storage cabinet built into a wall and ran a systems check. They'd emptied all of the evidence and seized items out before the battle, so he was surprise when he punched in the code and it didn't open.

He punched in a reset and said, "Computer. Unlock and open Secure Storage cabinet 2671. Authorization O'Neil, 461-Hickory, Dickory Doc."

The cabinet door clicked, then swept toward him and he stepped back as a body slumped out of the secure storage cabinet onto the floor.

Bashful bent to check for a pulse and said off handed, "Well. That's unexpected."

Dartaw looked down at the Bajoran female's body. She was bruised and her clothing was bloodied. "Is she alive?" He asked Bashful.

As his fingers found the vein in the woman's neck he slapped his comm badge and said, "Medic to Security, forthwith." Computer, identify this woman."

"She's alive, Commander," Bash said then stopped what he was going to say when the computer reported. "Identity confirmed. Lieutenant Chame Yilliana, Bajoran Defense forces. Listed missing and deceased three years ago."

"Well," Bash remarked then, "She has a fairly strong heartbeat for a dead woman."

"Indeed, another mystery." Dartaw said.

Before he could ponder any further, a red headed woman in civilian clothes, carrying a med kit arrived.

"Hi, I'm Dr. O'Rourke." She said as she walked over to examine the patient.

Titania didn't need her tri-corder to tell her that the woman had been through a lot. Her heart beat was strong, she was a fighter.

"Its lucky you found her when you did." Titania said as she drained the Bajoran's collapsed lung and reinflated it. "She's been through a lot, but I've stablized her."

"That's good to hear, Doctor, but when can we speak with her?" Dartaw asked.

"Once I've got her to the Infirmary, its going to be a few hours at least." Titania said. "Could the two of you give me a hand getting her on the stretcher?"

Bash and the Commander helped O'Rourke roll the unconscious Bajoran onto her side and then onto the stretcher. The unit's anti-grav kicked in then and lifted approximately a meter off the floor. The investigator took a moment to capture prints, retinal scan and breath print with his Tricorder then looked up and saw the Commander and medic watching him.

"Just because the computer says one thing," Bash said, "Doesn't mean it all will match. This dead person has some tales to tell, I think. I'm just not sure how willing she'll be to actually share."

Glancing at the Commander then, Bash said. "She could be Maquis. There's no flag, but I'd recommend she be restricted to Medical and maybe we should put a guard outside until we know more, sir. She was literally in a highly restricted area with no authorization."

"Okay, Warrant, I agree, better safe than sorry, I'll authorise a guard." Dartaw said. "Also, we'll follow what other evidence we have, while we wait for Lieutenant Chame to regain consciousness. Go with the Doc. and retrieve the Lieutenant's clothing for testing."

"Yes sir," Bash said dutifully and then moved to help the medic. "Lead the way, Doc."

Dartaw watched the others go and began taking scans of the room.

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Lieutenant Commander Dartaw K'Gunn
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Empok Nor

Warrant Officer Bashful O'Neil
Security Investigations Officer, Empok Nor

Titania O'Rourke MD PHD
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