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I'm sorry that happened to you

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD002 1200 hrs

Nassie had heard from the grapevine, that Elloma was being an ass to Talas. She felt bad, even though she had shown no interest in him, she felt that it was not right of Elloma to do that. She walked over to his table. "May I join you?" Nassie asked, trying to figure out how to bring up the topic of her evil sister.

“Yes,” Talas said with a nod. “Please, have a seat.” He watched as she sat down at the table and waited for her so speak.

"I am sorry if my sister was a bitch to you, I hate when she acts that way." Nassie said, deciding to best jump in the deep end, and try to salvage her way through this.

“She cares a lot about you,” Talas replied with a smile. “She just wants to look out for you, I get it.” He wondered what was coming next had Elloma said something to her about him?

Nassie really meant what she said, she was sorry for the way that Elloma had treated him. That was not right of Elloma. And it was not fair on poor Talas. "Well at least one of us gets it. She needs to back off." Nassie said, not really liking how Elloma was coming off. She did not want people to think, she acted that way.

“Getting it is one thing,” Talas admitted. “I am going to try and stay under her radar. She seems determined to find some bad motive in me because I am interested in you.” He thought for a moment. “Am I that obvious to everyone?”

"You could use a little subtle-ness, yes." Nassie said, feeling a little uncomfortable about the topic. But it was her fault for bringing it up in the first place.

“Thank you for that,” Talas murmured. “I will try to be better about it.” He looked at her for a moment. “Am I annoying you?”

"No more than my sister would at this stage." Nassie said, trying to be honest with him. Then she realized how rude, that might have came across. "Sorry, sometimes I say before I think." She said, trying to be considerate of his feelings too.

“I would rather you be honest,” Talas replied. “That is important to me.” He needed to find a way to give her some space but yet ask her out.

"I am not being fair to you, how about this. We go on a date. If their is spark we progress forward, if there is not. We end it there." Nassie suggested to him, as she waited for his response. She felt like an ass, for being so rude. The least she could do, was go on a date.

“That is fair enough,” Talas nodded. “And if this spark isn’t there I will trouble you no more.” He was certain what he felt was more than just a passing feeling.

"So when are you picking me up?" Nassie asked, trying to keep the conversation going. She did not want to hear about failures and promises from a guy she barely knew.

“When are you free to go,” Talas asked her. “Would tomorrow work for you?” He didn’t want to ask for tonight like it was a last minute thing.

"Anything wrong with tonight?" Nassie asked. She wanted to get this over with. She was not sure about this, so she did not want to back out. She owed him that much, for all that crap Elloma put him through.

“Not at all,” Talas murmured. “I will look forward to it.” He wondered if he even stood a chance but he had promised that if at the end of the evening she wasn’t interested in continuing to see him he would walk away.

"so what time?" Nassie asked, hoping he would actually give her a time. She was eager to get this date started, before she backed out of it.

“Six o’clock good for you,” Talas replied. He almost said never mind, she seemed like this was more of a requirement for her but he wasn’t one to just give up.”

"Pick me up at my quarters?" Nassie asked, assuming she did not need to tell him, what deck or room she was staying on. There was no doubt in her mind that either Elloma told him, or he already knew.

“I will be there,” Talas replied. He would be a little early because he was one of those people who hated being late for anything.

"Good, see you then." Nassie said, as the scene starts to fade way.

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