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Barter and Trade

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Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Shuttle bay 1
Timeline: MD003 1530 hrs
Tags: SD 71375.1530

T'Rish had never piloted a shuttle. It was never really something she had thought about but during her meditation the previous night her thoughts had wandered, which was not normal. She began to think about how well Lieutenant Storm had handled herself while directing the ship out of dock. The Vulcan wanted no part of piloting a starship, but a small shuttle or runabout could be useful. "Ensign T'Rish to Lieutenant Storm, do you have a moment?"

Jax was just finishing a cardio work out in the gym when she heard her combadge going off on her jacket hung up on the wall. She made her way over and tapped it. "I am just wrapping up a work out what can I do for ya?"

"I had a personal request to make of you, if you have the time." She Vulcan replied. There was no reason to be vague however, it was most logical to see if the Lieutenant would have the time to spare in the first place. "I can understand if you are busy..."

Jax wasn't even sure who she was talking to. "No I am wrapped up here meet me in the Shuttle Bay I have to do some rounds there"

It did not occur to T'Rish that she hadn't announced who she was. To say that her mind wasn't performing at its peak was an accurate statement. "Acknowledged" The Vulcan replied as she began the trek to the shuttle bay.

It ended up being a good cooldown walk from the Gym to the Main Shuttlebay. Jax was feeling a bit sore because she had really pushed things today. As she made her way in she checked in with the Area chief for a status report. Just as he was wrapping up Jax saw a blonde haired Vulcan making her way in. 'Don't see that every day' is what went through her mind.

T'Rish spotted the Chief Flight Officer and crossed the shuttle bay to me the Lieutenant. "Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice." The young ensign began "This might be an unorthodox request, but I was hoping you could help me with my pilot certification for shuttle class vessels. I never completed it during the academy and I believe it will be of a benefit to me."

Jax thought about the request. It seemed reasonable enough. She had her instructor certifications and in a pinch you can never had to many shuttle pilots. "I don't see that being an issue as long as your patient. We won't be able to get started till our mission is complete in the Badlands. Do you already have some registered seat-time?"

"I have a few hours from my first semester flight classes" The Vulcan started, "But I honestly didn't see the logic in perusing it further until this assignment." It wasn't the truth nor was it a lie. While yes she hadn't pursued her flight certification due to a focus on school, she never thought being a pilot was illogical.

"That sounds like a plan. Once we get clear of the Badlands I will work you into the schedule and we can get some seat time in." Jax said with a smile. "While I have you here I have a favor to ask you know."

The Vulcan hybrid raised her eyebrow in the Vulcan way as she looked over the women in front of her. "Which is?" She asked as she tried to think over the what could possibly be asked of her.

"Well being that navigation through the Badlands is going to be difficult at best with such a large ship I was wondering if you could keep an extra eye on power output to my inertial dampeners and stability controls." Jax said with a smile. "It not like a shuttle or a fighter if I lose power to those its a dead stick."

The Vulcan hybrid cocked her eyebrow at the Lieutenant's request. She wanted to ask when a doubt a formed in her mind that Operations would not already be doing this, but she had learned that Humans were not always the most logical in their requests. "Consider it done." She replied with a tip of her head.

"I appreciate that. I have a lot on my plate with trying to tackle the Badlands and any help I can get from anyone is going to help our chances." Jax said with a smile. "Anything else I can do for you?"

"No, Lieutenant" The young Ensign replied as she tucked her arms behind her back with her hand holding the opposite elbow. "I appreciate your consideration, and I apologize for the abruptness of my request." She gave the superior officer a respectful nod.

"I am glad you did gave us a chance to meet." Jax said with a smile as the two parted ways and headed towards working on their day.

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