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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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To Live Long

Posted on Wed Oct 25th, 2017 @ 4:34pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 11:49am

Mission: Episode 1 - Pioneering Spirit
Location: Bridge - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1000 hrs
Tags: SD 71364.1000

T'Rish had already settled into her quarters, checked out her office, and established where her new commanding officer was. The next thing on her agenda was the officially report for duty. It was only logical for her to get an assessment of the man who she would be serving under.

The Vulcan hybrid exited the turbo lift on deck 1 and soon found herself on the bridge. She paused as she looked over the bridge. The USS Pioneer would be a satisfactory posting if the ship was any guage. She was not surprised to find her new commander on the empty bridge. She straightened her uniform as she crossed the bridge and came to a stop behind Commander Malbrooke. "Ensign T'Rish, reporting for duty as ordered sir."

Tyler stood from the Captain's chair with a smile on his face. Before him was the Ensign that he hand picked for his Ops Chief. People thought Tyler to be nuts for putting an Ensign in that post. However for him it was an homage to someone that he looked up to. Besides she was the top of her class and half Vulcan to boot.

"Good morning Ensign welcome to the Pioneer. I hope you are finding everything okay." He extended his hand to shake the young woman's.

T'Rish took the offered hand. A reaction she had mastered in her short time at the Academy. She still didn't understand the logic behind the gesture. "Yes, Sir." She replied hooking her hands behind her back. Her black eyes locked on the man before her. "Everything has been satisfactory since my arrival. I look forward to the opportunity to serve under you, Commander."

Tyler motioned for her to follow him, and led her to the Ops console at the back of the bridge. "This is your station Ensign, I want you make it your own in whatever way you need to. Our mission will at times take us away from the station for weeks at a time, so this will be your home away from home." He smiled and chuckled. "I also wanted to make sure that you are familiar with bio-neural gel packs. This ship runs on them. I appreciate the vote of confidence, I hope I can live up to the challenge. I wanted to say thanks for choosing this posting. I know with your record at the Academy you could have had your choice of any posting in the fleet."

T'Rish kept her hands behind her back as she looked over the station. The intrepid class star ship was not a new design, but it has one of the most interesting bridge configurations. "I am quite familiar with bio-neural gel packs, I assure you." She looked back up at the Commander. "Your thanks is unnecessary, Commander. This was the most logical posting based on criteria for both experience and advancement."

"Indeed Ensign, well I am proud to have you aboard. I expect big things from a mind like yours. You will serve on alpha shift, and the bridge will run a three shift rotation. I would like you to submit your crew assignments to the XO within the next couple of days. Do you have any questions for me?" Tyler thought that his Ops Chief was an enigma. She was half Betazoid and was empathic, but chose to follow the path of Surak and suppress emotion. This was in favor of her Vulcan half. Surely her mind was a constant whirlwind.

T'Rish could sense the intrigue that she posed to the Commander. It was a normal reaction from most officers she had met since arriving at Starfleet. The fact that she chose to suppress her emotions seemed to confuse them. "Not duty related, no." She started. "I am curious regarding your enthusiasm regarding this command." She looked at him for a moment as if she were scanning him. "More accurately this...ship. I find that curious as the model of this is ship is fairly...antiquated."

Tyler was speechless in fact his jaw dropped. She's young she doesn't know any better, he told himself. "The Intrepid class was commissioned in 2371, only 23 years ago. These ships have since become the workhorse of Starfleet. Her technology has spread to all ships in Starfleet. However to answer your question. There is something mysterious about this class of ship. The way she feels, the way she maneuvers. This ship just feels like home." He paused and smiled at her "If this ship is too old or too much for you i am sure I can get you reassigned and find a new Ops Chief before I have to shove off. That is if you would like Ensign." Tyler smiled broadly at her he knew that while she would acknowledge the joke. She knew it was there.

"I assure you sir that you would be hard pressed to find a replacement more qualified than I." T'Rish replied evenly. "The Bolian freighter I grew up on was two hundred years older than this design." She explained. "The intrepid has its...advantages. However, your over enthusiasm appears...illogical. Human, but illogical."

"Hmmmm logic indeed... Stop me if I am wrong but Surak is the founder of all Vulcan logic. Correct?" Tyler did not wait for her to answer. "But he wrote the book thousands of years ago. So is logic not antiquated or is it just that having enthusiasm for something with mystery not also logical. Food for thought..."

In a very un-Vulcan like manner she smirked at his comment. "I apologize, Commander." T'Rish started realizing how he was taking the conversation. "Antiquated does not inherently imply obsolete."

Ahhh there was the Betazoid half he thought. "Remember Ensign treat her right and she will be with you the rest of your life. Just keep flying..." Tyler stroked the console lovingly as he spoke.

T'Rish knew well enough to keep her typical response to herself in this instance. "Yes sir. I will keep that in mind." She replied. The emotions rolling off her commander were intriguing. It was going to be interesting to serve under him.

"You do that Ms T'Rish and you will go far believe me. For now get yourself settled and check in with medical." He smiled at her and went to take the center chair. Fascinating woman, she had to be if he chose her he thought as the reports began trickling in.

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