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Roommates on the Pioneer

Posted on Sun Dec 13th, 2020 @ 7:40am by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani & Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen
Edited on on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 1:44am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Deck 3 - USS Pioneer - Sofia's and Nhi's quarters
Timeline: MD002 1030 hrs
1050 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

After arriving on the Pioneer, Nhi made her way to her quarters. This would be her first assignment and she was told she would be bunking on the Pioneer with a Sofia Cipriani. As she stood in front of the door she looked on her padd to see a bit more on this Sofia. "Hmmm, rank Crewman and she is the captain's Yeoman. Interesting." She walked through the door and then shouted to the room, "Ok ready or not, your roommate is here."

A flash of yellow, the sparkle of a smile and someone new had appeared within her walls. Their walls now it seemed.

Her old roommate had moved on a little while ago so for a short time she'd had the place to herself. Truth be told she missed the company so to have someone else coming in made her smile. She swung her legs out from the bed so they reached the floor and stood up. "Hi! Do you need a hand with anything?" she asked looking for bags.

"Yea just one second," Nhi said as she opened the door to her quarters. She pulled a box in with her belongings. "I have more, but Starfleet said it was too much to carry around. I thought about maybe ask some of the nice guys at the transporter rooms, they did offer, but I didn't want to overwhelm my roommate with that." She opened the chest and pulled a bottle out. "Orange, mango, peach cocktail," She said, "how about we get acquainted over this. Something I acquired at the academy. Never had it, but maybe we can both try it together?"

Sofia slowly welcomed her new roommate into the room as she spoke of her belongings. Sofia didn't know why they didn't just beam the belongings to the quarters in question but then again she would probably have gotten a fright at the surprise, or fell over them due to not paying attention. However she did notice the offer of a drink and it was a nice gesture on the new woman's part. "Sounds nice, thank you. I'll go get some glasses for us." She said moving to the replicator and coming back with two glasses in hand. "I'm Sofia."

Nhi poured the orange liquid in the glasses. "I am Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen. Nhi will be fine. I am a security officer. Somehow I was lucky to be accepted on the Pioneer. That, or my sister or parents pulled some strings again." She sat down on the couch holding her glass. "It is nice to meet you, Sofia."

"I am sure you got here on your own merit." Sofia answered confidently whilst taking a sip of the drink. Her eyebrows raised at the taste, it was extremely flavoursome. "Wait, Nguyen? You sister is Command Chief Nguyen? My boss?" Truth be told nearly everyone was her superior as she was pretty sure she was the lowest rank on board.

Nhi shrugged, "That's my sister. Have you met her yet?" She just continued on. "Don't mind her cold attitude. She is more Vulcan than I am. Even though we're both half Vulcan. She was raised on Vulcan. I was raised on Earth. This is why I am so open and spontaneous." She smiled as she sipped from her drink.

"I know her a little, I mean she's my superior. I really only interact with her when she wants too." Sofia laughed a little. "You are very bubbly." She added as she took another drink. "And I always love people who bring me colourful drinks." she smiled.

"That's good to know," Nhi said smiling. "I love bringing colorful drinks." She took another sip. "So what is it that you're doing around here? What does a captain's yeoman do?"

"I take care of the administrative side of things, filing reports, sending information he wants me to relay. Things like that. I also listen to him when he has things on his mind and try to talk things out with him. He's nice. I always used to be quite apprehensive about him because he's a Captain, because he is so much larger than me with an air of authority and stuff, but he's a big softie when you get to know him." Sofia smiled as that last thought flashed through her mind.

"Well that's good to know about the captain. I don't know I will see him," Nhi said with a grin. Unless I maybe get belly duty again and he happens to be needed down there." She sighed. "So I heard something about a ships cat, but I have yet to meet the creature. They say he resides in a cargo hold, you want to go look for it some day?" Nhi really wanted to do something, guard duty and cleaning out the weapons lockers with her sister was not something she had in mind for fun. She needed to add some excitement to her life or she would become mediocre.

"Yeah, I've not had the pleasure of meeting this cat." Sofia admitted. Truth was she was not a fan of felines. They gave her the creeps, always seemed to have a smugness around them. She always suspected they were an alien species sent to spy on Humans but she was not going to air that today. "We can definitely hunt for it." Sofia smiled. She was happy to do something a little different with her new found friend.

Nhi got up and put her glass down. "We'll need some cat food and maybe some cat toys." She thought a moment. "I think the computer can give us an idea of where it is. According to the computer logs the Captain gave it a collar and a penning that says ship's cat. It's possible it acts like a homing signal as well."

"Well it looks like you've got more of an idea of this thing than me." Sofia laughed softly and placed her glass down. "Let's go catch a cat." she smiled.

Nhi grinned. "Yes, let's!"

A Joint Post By

Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen
Security Officer, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer Third Class Sofia Cipriani
Yeoman, USS Pioneer


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