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A Fresh Start

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 9:04am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Conference Office - Starbase Sirius
Timeline: MD011 1200 HRS
1540 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Due to the shakeup as of late within the fleet Tyler was no longer in command of a Task Group. However, as Admiral Lancaster was still gathering his people for Starbase Sirius Malbrooke was asked to assist in getting some new commanders acclimated to their commands. He had a list of five that he had to do today. He would start with the USS Gladius.
All his life Timothy had been dogged with the label that he was Kaylee Boulger’s troublesome boy (or son, as some addressed him as) and he couldn't help but wonder whether his mother got into more trouble than he did at times simply because of association of name? Of course it was only the one particular blemish where he had truly stepped into the limelight - and not in the best of ways.

His arrival at Sirius was refreshing. Though he had jumped on a shuttle with other passengers, so there had been no shortage of conversational topics that Tim had to jump through hoops to avoid himself being held too tightly into said conversation. Stepping out of the shuttle, his first stop was to visit Captain Tyler Malbrooke - or so his quick brief on who he was supposed to find upon his arrival said. Boulger walked at a brisk pace toward the office, straightened himself out and rang the chime.

The journey from Empok Nor was long, but it was uneventful. Tyler was finally able to catch up on all of the information with the fleet and the Task Force. That involved numerous meetings with Admiral Lancaster. Once the Pioneer arrived at Starbase Sirus, the crew was given shore leave, the ship underwent a refit and Tyler settled in. He just finished lunch with his wife and began to read the PADD about the new ships being appointed to the Task Force. "USS Gladius NCC-80126..." he read aloud and then door chime went off. "Come on in..." He called to the door unsure of who would be there, he was not expecting anyone. Tyler tossed his trademark cowboy hat on the hat rack behind the desk.

With permission to enter, Tim walked in, the doors sliding open. He was not too certain on whom he was going to be greeted with, nor did he have any expectations. He was told to be somewhere, and it would have been in his best interest to have followed the detail. "Captain Malbrooke. Acting commander Boulger, sir."

Tyler smiled warmly, and as he placed the PADD on the desk and noticed that the man in front of him was to remove the acting from his title. "Commander have a seat, is there anything that I can get you? I am Captain Tyler Malbrooke the USS Pioneer." He stood up and extended his hand. "I trust your journey here was uneventful."

"I'm good, thank you sir." Timothy replied. He could only presume that he was in for a long conversation with the senior captain, extending his hand to meet that of Malbrooke's, shaking it firmly before going about taking a seat. "Aside from catching the shuttle with those wanting an extended chinwag, nothing eventful."

After a pause, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Indeed, right to the chase an admirable quality..." Tyler smirked a moment. "I am not sure if you are aware but the Task Force is expanding and we are in need of Commanding Officers. It seems that I have been tasked with filling the center chairs of some of the ships. Your name has been dropped more than once as someone who would be up for a command. So I thought it good to come and meet the man behind the statistics. I hate reading service records. A nice chat is more my speed." He sipped his coffee from his USS Pioneer mug.

Though he was more inclined to lean back, Tim stopped himself - solely because there might have been a catch to this. It did ease him slightly to know that it seemed he was being granted a fresh slate; not being judged upon his past or whom he was connected to.

Boulger ever so slightly inclined his head to one side, if only for a brief moment. He didn't think that his name was all that note-worthy to mention, though it was easy to forget at his age of what he had managed to complete during his years within Starfleet. "Anything you want to know, I'm happy to answer."

Tyler smirked, "You may regret saying that after you hear what I have to say and ask. Listen, I know what it is like to be in the shadow of a successful parent in Starfleet. My mother was always breathing down my neck as I went through the Academy and onward. I know from reading your record that you had a similar situation. So to start things off I wonder have you learned from that experience or do you wish it never happened." Tyler knew that the man in front of him was getting a ship, the orders were in and they came from above the Captain. However, Malbrooke wished to know the man who would serve under him.

Just as he thought the captain hadn't done his homework. Tim took a sharp intake of breath as mothers were brought into the equation, even if it was the captain's way of putting them on the level playing field in terms of their arrival at Starfleet. "Lessons learned, sir. I knew if I didn't get out of Paisley, I wouldn't ever leave. Can't say I didn't want what happened to me to have happened, formed me as the man I am to date." He replied, with a shrug before pressing his lips together. "Of course, the title of Kaylee Boulger's unruly son still might taint my record ever so slightly."

"No taint in my book. To me being a slightly unruly son, means that you will think for yourself. You will lead by example and not blindly follow orders of your superiors. It is what makes a good Captain as far as I am concerned." Tyler knew that one's past can come back to haunt them. He wanted Timothy to know that he was not that kind of officer, Tyler would not hold the past against anyone. However, before Tyler gave the good news he still wanted to know more about the man in front of him. "Command is not cut out for everyone this is something we learned early on. Tell me do you feel that you are fit for the center chair?"

Timothy listened carefully, not just because he was his superior but that because he could make heads and tails of what was being said to him. That there were captains and other higher ranking Starfleet officers who'd hold his past as whom he was today and then there were some - like Malbrooke - who seemingly gave people the second or third chances to prove themselves. "Aye sir. I understand it isn't going to be a free nor easy ride but I'm willing to give it my best. Sir."

Tyler smiled broadly at the reply. He remembered when he gave a very similar reply to Captain Vela when Santi gave him the Pioneer. "I have an offer for you but it will come with a small price tag. It seems that the USS Gladius NCC-80126 Sabre Class has just been transferred into the Task Force. However, there is one issue with that vessel, she has not Captain. I would like to offer you that vessel. What do ya say?"

He raised a brow in surprise at how quickly the offer had come, that it seemed the whole meeting had been pre planned and decided it was going to be his to command. "Hell yes, sir." Timothy gave a genuine and unrestricted smile.

"This is going to be no easy task for you. She is going to need a full crew, and you will be based out of this station. Which means we will be dealing heavily with the Romulans. No one is entirely sure what they have been up to." Once the official response was out of the way Tyler leaned forward and continued to speak. "Listen I am going to level with you. It is not often that people get second chances. I was offered one years ago, and now I am returning the favor. Try not to make me regret it."

Boulger nodded, understanding the situation that they were faced with - what he was going to be facing in the future. He understood that the formality was simply that, a formality. His eyes narrowed slightly, taking heed of the warning that came with the vessel, "Yes sir."

"Very well Commander. I wish you the best of luck and god's speed. If you have no questions you are dismissed." Tyler leaned back in his chair and sipped his tea. He knew that Boulger would make a great Captain in due time. Tyler decided that he would keep an eye on him and the ship they called Gladius.

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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