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My apologies

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Empok Nor Promenade
Timeline: MD005 1130 hrs

Nassie was making her way down the promenade, she was tracing a short circuit, when she litterally ran into someone. Nassie felt a little bad, she should have been paying attention, to where she was walking.

Jack has been looking down at the padd in his hands when he literally ran into something....he looked up and reached out as he realized it was someone.

“Sorry,” Jack spike quickly. “I should have been watching where I was going.”

"No sir, its my fault. I ran into you. Sorry about that." Nassie said, feeling very dumb for doing that.

“How about we take equal blame,” Jack said with a smile. “I was looking at my padd which l shouldn’t have been doing.”

"Very nice of you sir, but its my fault." Nassie said, thinking that was nice, but she did run into him. She knew that.

Jack smiled at her. He could see she wasn’t going to let up. “No harm done to me. I am fine, let’s forget it happened.”

"Thank you sir." Nassie said, feeling a little tongue tied. She was not sure, what to say next.

Jack felt like he should be moving on. “Where were you headed?” He asked her, curious.

"Trying to track down, a leak. So sticking around here." Nassie said, as she looked at her tricorder again.

“Need some help?” Jack offered. “I was going to get some coffee but I am not in any hurry.”

"Aren't you a therapist?" Nassie asked, not sure in her mind, what a therapist could do to help her.

“I am,” Jack nodded. I was on my way to get a cup of coffee. I realize I know next to nothing about your job but I didn’t think it would hurt to offer my aid.”

"And how can you help aid me?" Nassie asked, a little confused. She was grateful that admitted to her the truth, but clearly to her, he was checking in on her. She knew, she better play along. Darn counselors and their mind games.

“Hand you tools,” Jack said with a smile. “Hold something for you, it was an offer, nothing sinister or hidden about it.”

Nassie was not so easily convinced. She assumed he had some sort of gimmick. "If you really feel the need to be my assistant, sure Counselor." Nassie said, to him with a grin.

“Hey,” Jack grinned back. “I will have you know I am good at taking orders.”

"Taking orders from an Ensign?" Nassie said, pointing out to him, that he outranked her.

“See sometimes people get caught up in the title.” Jack replied. “We should all be willing to jump in.”

"I think you are the first guy ever in the history of Starfleet, that out ranks an ensign to say that." Nassie, with a surprised look on her face.

“It is who I am,” Jack replied. “I dance to my own drummer not to what is expected of me.”

Nassie was confused by his statement. What did he mean? "Dance to your own drummer?" Nassie repeated back to him, with a confused tone.

“It means that I am who I am,” Jack explained. “I don’t try and conform to what others wish for me to be but am true to myself.” He forgot sometimes that expressions weren’t universal.

"I think that would be true of all of us." Nassie said, curious to see where this conversation was going.

“See,” Jack replied. “I disagree. Most people try to be who others want them to be, burying themselves or sometimes losing themselves along the way.”

"So we all walk around the universe lost, and having no direction. Wow, how synical of you." Nassie suggested to Jack.

“Not their direction,” Jack shook his head. “I was referring to their personality, who they are.” He looked at her. “Haven’t you ever met someone who agreed with everything you said and wanted to do but never had an opinion of their own?”

"That is not the same thing, as some one who is lost, as you put it." Nassie pointed out to him.

“I was referring to losing your personality in order to make someone else happy,” Jack explained further. “I would rather just be myself.”

"Nicely said." Nassie said, with a smile on her face.

Jack smiled in return. “Just being as honest as I can.”

"Honesty will get you farther with the ladies." Nassie suggestsed to him. Especially with her older sister.

“Which is a good thing,” Jack replied. “They don’t come more honest than I am.”

"Bold statement to make." Nassie said, thinking to much confidence was not a good thing.

“I work hard at not playing games with people,” Jack returned. “I don’t consider it bold but the truth.”

Nassie shook her head in disbelief. A little smug and arrogrant. She hoped he did not talk that way to Elle. She would shut him down in a heart beat.

“I don’t mean that like I have a big head,” Jack said. “Or think a lot of myself just that I’m pretty honest.”

"I said it before, I'll say it again. I am not the one you are trying to impress. You dont have to sell me on it." Nassie pointed out to him.

“I am not trying to,” Jack said quietly. “Why would I do that?”

"I am not the counselor, isn't that your job?" Nassie asked.

“I am,” Jack grinned. “But even counselors have questions.”

"Then ask another counselor." Nassie suggested to him. She was not a trained therapist.

Jack rolled his eyes. “You and your sister have some pretty sturdy walls built up.”

"Do we, are you trying to hit on me?" Nassie asked, wondering why he would say something like that?

“Absolutely not,” Jack shook his head. “I am interested in your sister, not you.”

"Right." Nassie said, not buying that. He made that comment. Then he compared them. Sure sounded like it to her.

“Believe what you want,” Jack returned. “I am not attracted to you at all. I just noticed every time something is said you seem defensive or challenging.”

Nassie felt like a fool for not seeing the signs earlier. He was always trying to help. Always talking to her. Always in the same area as she was in. "Since we are so defensive, I think its time you left. You keep distracting me." She pointed out to him.

Jack shook his head. “I was just trying to be friendly. I will leave you to your work.”

"Thank you." Nassie said in a defensive tone. As the scene starts to fade away.

Jack headed on his way and shook his head wondering what was wrong with these women.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Smith
Chief Counselor, Empok Nor

Ensign Nassie Essu
Operations Officer, Empok Nor


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