Creating An NPC

Created by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke on Tue Oct 24th, 2017 @ 1:36am

Please note, any NPC ideas must be run by the Command Team first. This in particular applies to NPCs to be stationed on Empok Nor

1. The First Rule of thumb is that more is always better.

2. We would ask that like your PC, your NPC evolves over time. The more you write him/her and delve more and more into their history, write it down and use the information to flesh out the bio.

3. It is a requirement that all fields, excluding personal history are completed in detail. Most noticeably; physical description, general overview and strengths/weaknesses need to be completed in their entirety as these are essential for knowing your NPC.

4. In relation to Personal History. We would ask that at a minimum there is information on their background prior to the Academy/Officer training integration. Information about their field of interest. And information about their career progression after the Academy/Officer training. Including years would be essential in order to enable both you and the reader to easily identify at what points in your characters life different milestones were reached and enables Command to more easily follow the bio also.

5. Remember that if we receive an application for a PC character requesting the position that your NPC occupies. You will be asked to relinquish the position in favor of the player character.

6. We request that all bios be accompanied by an avatar representing that character. If one is needed contact the command staff and we can acquire you one. The same rules governing the avatars of your PC apply here.

These points are only applicable to NPC characters. For PC characters a full complete bio and well thought out personal history is still expected.

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