Security Clearance Grades

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Access to all Starfleet data is highly regulated. A standard set of access levels have been programmed into the computer cores of all ships in order to stop any undesired access to confidential data.

Security levels are also variable, and task-specific. Certain areas of the ship are restricted to unauthorized personnel, regardless of security level. Security levels can also be raised, lowered, or revoked by Command personnel.

Security levels in use aboard the Intrepid Class are:

Level 10 – Captain and Above/Colonel
Level 9 – First Officer
Level 8 - Commander/Lieutenant Colonel
Level 7 – Lt. Commander/Major
Level 6 – Lieutenant/Marine Captain
Level 5 – Lt. Junior Grade/1st Lieutenant
Level 4 - Ensign/2nd Lieutenant
Level 3 – Non-Commissioned Crew
Level 2 – Civilian Personnel
Level 1 – Open Access (Read Only)

Note: Security Levels beyond current rank can and are bestowed where, when and to whom they are necessary.
Access to the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or SCIF for short is Level 9 clearance or above only.

The main computer grants access based on a battery of checks to the individual user, including face and voice recognition in conjunction with a vocal code as an added level of security.

Main Bridge is a highly restricted area; only personnel with security clearance of Level 4 or above (officers of Ensign rank or higher) and authorized bridge personnel are allowed on the bridge. All bridge officers have access to type-I and type-II phasers

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