The Cardassian Sector

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Cardassian space is bordered by the Federation, which shares the largest border of Cardassian Space with the Cardassians. The Cardassian Union also borders Breen Space, The Tzenketh Coalition, and the Talarian Republic.

Cardassian System

The Cardassian system is an inhabited planetary system located in the Cardassian sector. This sector is a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant.

The system consisted of a primary and five named planets. Cardassia Prime (Cardassia II) was the inhabited homeworld of the Cardassians, a warp-capable species. This planet was also the capital of the Cardassian Union. The system also included Cardassia I, and the planets Cardassia III, Cardassia IV, and Cardassia V that were colonized by the Cardassians.

In 2375, the Dominion began their withdrawal to Cardassia Prime during the waning days of the Dominion War. The Allied Forces planned a risky and costly military operation to end the war by penetrating the system and engaging the Dominion forces stationed in orbit of Cardassia Prime.

Trivas System

The Trivas system was a star system located in Cardassian space until 2372, but abandoned by the Cardassians in that year. It was no more than three light years from the Bajoran system. The system is the location of the station Empok Nor.


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