The Azzians

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Species Basics:

Species Name: Azzian (singular), Azzians (plural)
Level of Advancement: The Azzian Technology level is approximately fifty years behind the Federation except in these areas where they are more advanced:

Temporal and dimensional Technology: They are centuries more advanced than the Federation due to their worship of Time and Space. (It should be noted that none of my characters have access in any way to this technology. Their starships are equipped with Temporal drives allowing them to travel within time rather than space.

Holographic technology: Their holograms are considered more “real” than their Federation Counterparts., This is because every aspect of the object is created in a solid form. Federation technology only creates a holographic image of the visible portions of an object where the Azzians create more than just the visible portions. This means that those with allergies will experience reactions to those allergens present in the hologram such as pollen or an insect bite.
Planet of Origin

The entire solar system of the Azzians is located within a temporal space anomaly. This colorful irregularity was discovered by Captain Timothy P. Walters in 2214 and has come to be known within the Federation as the Walter's Temporal Anomaly. Attempts to enter the Anomaly without the Assistance of the Azzians has proved fatal on more than one occasion and up until the Arrival of the first ambassador to successfully make it to Earth, Lei’hallah Asrar 'Inayat Ve’hassi in 2384. It is located in the Beta quadrant just outside established Klingon and Romulan space.

Azzian history dates the anomaly to 486 BNE When the testing of a temporal drive on a starship malfunctioned destroying the ship and effectively sealing of the entire solar system and locking the species away.
There are seven planets in the solar system including the twin suns Dobi’ and Do’dia. This also does not account for the various moons that orbit many of the planets. It should also be noted that the paths taken by these planets around the two suns is much rounder than that of Earth's. Azzia/Nebar: Azzia is the Azzian homeworld. The name was taken from the mythical race of time and temporal masters who allegedly made them. Most Azzians have begun to call the planet Nebar meaning The home of Time’s Children as belief in their tradition gods weigns. In many ways Azzia resembles Terra, or Earth, as Humans often refer to it, though it is not an an exact replica by any means. At 5735.54 kilometers in diameter and sitting straight rather than tilted on its axis it is approximately 10% smaller in radius than Earth. It has no oceans or high jagged mountain peaks such as are exhibited on several locations of earth. The planet has an average temperature of 26.7 C. Altitude and locations near bodies of water tend to lower the temperature and rather constant degree. The atmosphere has a noticeable increase of oxygen levels compared to Earth its gravity is slightly less than as well.

The planet is an exceptional example of a Class M planet in that it supports carbon based life much as Earth supports Humans and other non sentient life. It boast a wide array of environments from vast forests and glens to inland seas and rolling grassy mountain ranges. It supports a wide variety of living creatures from tiny insects to giant sea creatures.

Nebar is watered is from a heavy dew that rises from underground aqueducts. Nebar has never experienced precipitation in the form of rain or snow and yet is lush and fertile boast a large variety of flora and fauna.

All life is subject to the fertility cycle the Azzians refer to as Sodi’onar. Every four years the planet experience an astounding 12 month period of rapid growth and rebirth. The Azzians themsel

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