The Cure - USS Pioneer Marine Detachment

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Marine Detachment

Vos forsit habere sumus in remedium

This patch and slogan worn on the right shoulder of all uniforms associated with The Cure.

The Cure

Rank Name Position Specialty
Cornelius Tremble
Platoon Commanding Officer/Team Leader
Tactics & Combat Engineering
Edmund Merrick
Platoon Executive Officer/Team 1 Leader
Strategic Planning
Lachlan Barr
HQ Team Chief/Team 2 Leader
Shayla Kunadt
EVAC Specialist
Shuttlecraft & Evacuations
Miranda Schultz
Communications Specialist
Comms Systems & Engineering
Azure Thompson
Corpsman Team 1
Field Medicine & Sciences
Mercy Ryan
Sniper Team 1
Sniping Specialist
RECONN & Sniper
Sina Ravenna
Pathfinder Team 1
Set Up LZ
Adélaïde Moreau
SAR Specialist Team 2
Search & Rescue Ops
Operations Sergeant
Weapons & Explosives
Tyrigus Fry
Rifleman Team 1
Weapons & Tactics
Andrew Shy
Tactical Systems Operator Team 2
Computer Systems & Strategic Planning
Rairror Thoran
Weapons & Munitions Specialist Team 2
Weapons & Demolitions

The Cure. A strange nickname for a combat unit, yet when you look at the reasons for placing a marine detachment aboard a starship, it makes sense. We’re not there for ceremony or because the Pioneer’s security personnel need reinforcing, though we are happy to do both.

The Federation isn’t at war.

But. The Pioneer is the tip of a spear, probing ahead for danger and responding to situations as needed. Most of the time, the marines try to fit into the crew, serving where needed and wanted. When the time comes that a problem needs tending too, then that’s where we come in.

You have a problem: We are The Cure.

The Cure is led by Major Cornelius Tremble, former Gunnery Sgt and a 20 year veteran of the corp. Tremble along with 1st. Lieutenant Merrick, Master Sgt. Lachlan Barr and Gunnery Sgt. Flarn run detachment 75747. That’s how it reads on paper, but don’t mistake any marine unit as being ordinary.
Ordinary is for the Fleet.

The Cure consists of a HQ element in support of two Tactical Elements. Tactical elements are balanced to deploy separately, giving them resources needed to accomplish assigned missions. HQ element members are assigned to either element per mission requirements.

Home for the Cure is a combination briefing, assembly, training and lounge area affectionately known as The Snake Pit. Branching out, there is a ‘no lone zone’ area where all of the marine heavy weaponry and explosives are stored. This room is called The Vault. The Vault is at the end of a corridor lined on either side by lockers containing each Marines gear, as well as extra spaces for visiting marines. More recently, Marine Country was equipped with a bay for the maintenance, storage and staging of the MARVEL/EAS battle suits, affectionately named the Morgue. On the lighter side, the Cure now also has a PX/Gift shop set up in the Snake Pit.

There are also offices for the CO, 1st Sgt., and admin work. The Cure have a dedicated transport shuttle (Argo class) called the Hawkeye that has been modified for their use.

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