Alert Conditions

Created by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke on Thu Oct 18th, 2018 @ 6:14am

Below are the conditions used on a starship and what they mean. Generally speaking on Federation starships there are four alert conditions.

Alert Conditions

Alert Condition Green is the alert that starships are always in. It signifies that all systems are nominal and there are no threats to the vessel.

Alert Condition Yellow is the potential for a threat to the vessel. Be it from an enemy combatant or natural phenomena. However, it does not indicate a state of emergency, or battle-stations. It quite simply indicates that everyone should be ready for anything.

Alert Condition Red is battle-stations. It indicates a clear and present danger to the vessel and the lives aboard the vessel. Very often when the ship is at red alert off duty crew will be called into service.

Alert Condition Blue varies depending on the class of vessel you are aboard. On an Intrepid Class Starship condition blue indicates that the ship is going to break the atmosphere and will be landing. The Intrepid Class is one of the few starships that are capable of landing on a planet.

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