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    Acinolyathin - NSAID analgesic medication, available without prescription.
    Alizine - Mast cell stabilizer, used to counter an allergic reaction.
    Anesthezine - Inhaled sedative used by Starfleet for emergency crowd control and to subdue dangerous persons. Can also be used as a general anesthetic for surgical procedures, though not the drug of choice.
    Arithrazine - Medication used to limit chromosomal damage due to theta radiation exposure.
    Axonol - Topical anesthetic, available in aerosol and cream forms.
    Bicaridine - Alternative to metorapan for bone fracture treatment in metorapan-allergic patients.
    Benjisidrine - Vulcan anti-arrhythmic medication.
    Benzocyatizine - Medication used to treat low serum isoboramine levels in Trill patients.
    Borathium - Experimental ribotherapy treatment, used as a resuscitative. Borathium is a Schedule I drug, currently banned by Starfleet Medical; "unsafe for general use."
    Busulfatine - Ophthalmic ointment used to treat flash burns.
    Cateline - Reverses anaphylactic shock.
    Cervaline - Immunosuppressant drug, for treatment of rejection in transplant patients.
    Chlorhexidine - Surgical hand scrub and pre-operative skin preparation agent.
    Chloromydride - A second-line cardiostimulatory drug, used if inaprovaline is ineffective.
    Cordrazine - Powerful corticosteroid-based stimulant.
    Corophizine - Broad-spectrum antibiotic, "last resort" for bacterial infections.
    Cortolin - Anti-cholinergic drug, used in resuscitation.
    Delactovine - Systemic stimulant drug and vasopressor, used to treat traumatic shock.
    Dermaline gel - Topical gel used in the treatment of burns.
    Dermatiraelian plasticine - Collagenase compound, used to maintain and enhance the effects of plastic surgery.
    Desegranine - Psychiatric drug, used to aid memory recovery in amnesiac patients.
    Desflurane - Inhaled general anesthetic agent of the halothane class. Other halothanes include enflurane, isoflurane, methoxyflurane and sevoflurane.
    Dexalin - Medication used to treat oxygen deprivation.
    Dorzolamide - Ophthalmic medication used to treat ocular hypertension.
    Dylamadon - Euthanasia drug, commonly supplied to Starfleet Rangers and Marines as an "alternative" to capture. It causes total neuromuscular blockade within ten seconds of administration, and death by neural disruption seconds thereafter. Dylamadon is a Schedule I drug, currently banned by Starfleet Medical; "no approved medical usage."
    Formazine - Standard stimulant and vasopressor medication.
    Furosemide - Diuretic medication, used to treat edema.
    Genericillin - Synthetic penicillin-type antibiotic, effective against aerobic bacterial infections.
    GI cocktail - Combination of Donnatal (an anti-spasmodic medication), viscous lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and Mylanta (an antacid and stomach soother) in a 1:1:3 ratio. Used to treat gastrointestinal upset.
    Glucogen - Concentrated hexose solution, used to treat hypoglycemia.
    Glucophage - Drug used to lower blood sugar levels in acute-onset diabetes mellitus.
    Hemolog - Artificial blood substitute, for use in oxygen-breathing humanoid species.
    Hydrocortilene - Analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication.
    Hyronalin - Medication used for treatment of radiation exposure in humanoid patients.
    Impedrezine - Vasodilatory medication, for treatment of hypertension.
    Inaprovaline - Cardiostimulatory medication; drug of choice for traumatic cardiac arrest.
    Kayolane - Sedative medication.
    Kelotane - Drug used to accelerate healing of partial and full thickness burns.
    Lectrazine - Drug used to stabilize renal function in patients with renal failure.
    Leporazine - Emergency resuscitative drug.
    Lexorin - Medication used to counteract disorientation and vertigo.
    Loteprednol - Synthetic steroid for ophthalmic use.
    Masiform D - Systemic stimulant and vasopressor.
    Meclizine - Anti-nausea drug.
    Melorazine - Sedative, often administered by hypospray.
    Merfadon - A sedative given to patients before surgery.
    Metorapan - Regenerative treatment for bone fractures.
    Metrazine - Cardiac anti-arrhythmic medication.
    Morathial series - A group of resuscitative drugs, used for "one-shot" dosing in simple resuscitations.
    Morphenolog - Synthetic opioid drug, used to ease pain and stop convulsions.
    Mycovir - Anti-retroviral drug of the CD4+ inhibitor class.
    Nalmefene - Drug used to reverse drug-induced paralysis.
    Naloxone - Opioid antagonist; reverses the effects of most recreational drugs.
    Netinaline - CNS stimulant. Used to waken a patient from unconsciousness.
    Numinol tetramidaphin - Anti-pyretic (fever reducer) and anti-inflammatory medication, commonly used to treat upper respiratory infections.
    Oseltamivir - Neuraminidase inhibitor; antiviral drug used to treat viral upper-respiratory infections, i.e. colds and influenza.
    Paracaine - Ophthalmic drug used in humanoids to induce mydriasis, i.e. dilate the eye for examination.
    Pavulon - Neural paralytic used in conjunction with general anesthesia during surgery. Note that a patient given this drug must be ventilated mechanically.
    Peridaxon - CNS drug, used to retard synaptic degradation in a variety of degenerative neurological disorders.
    Phetetalin - Macrolide antibiotic, effective against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. Available in oral, injectable and ophthalmic forms.
    Polynutrient solution - Total parenteral nutrition formula given to patients suffering from malnutrition.
    Promethazine - Anti-nausea and anti-vertigo medication; second line of treatment if vertazine is ineffective.
    PCS therapy - "Pulaski's Chicken Soup"; influenza treatment regimen consisting of tryptophan-lysine distillate given via hypospray, hot chicken soup three times daily, and lots of TLC.
    Pulmozine - Drug used to stimulate breathing in a patient having respiratory difficulties.
    Quadroline - Emergency resuscitative medication used to treat cardiac arrhythmias.
    Quintethyl metasetamine - Inhaled general anesthetic agent.
    Retnax V - Ophthalmic drug used to treat myopia, though not the treatment of choice.
    Ryetalyn - Antiviral drug; cure for Rigelian fever.
    Sertraline - A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), used as an antidepressant and mood stabilizer.
    Terakine - COX-2 NSAID analgesic medication.
    Tesokine - Pediatric anabolic stimulant, developed for use in Bajoran neonates.
    Tramadol - Powerful non-narcotic analgesic medication.
    Trianaline - Medication used to treat percussive injuries, i.e. concussions and contusions.
    Tricordrazine - Extremely powerful corticosteroid stimulant.
    Triptocederine - Powerful combination analgesic medication.
    Tryptophan-lysine distillate - Drug used to treat influenza in humans; may be used in conjunction with PCS therapy.
    Vertazine - Medication used to relieve vertigo and nausea.

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