The Jutrai

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Planet of Origin: Jutus Affiliation: The Jutrai Republic Cassification: Humanoid Sexes: Male & Female Telepathic Abilities: None Displayed Racial Features: Pointed Ears, Cranial Ridges, White Hair
The Jutrai are a humanoid civilization who show signs of Vulcanoid evolution, they are native to the planet Jutus. As of the year 2370, the Jutai were on friendly terms with the Romulans, to the point of sharing technology which included surplus Romulan starships as well as cloaking devices although some would complain that they felt like a subject to the Romulan Star Empire, forced to do their bidding, without having the power to refuse. This comment might imply that the Jutai Republic is actually a satellite state of the Romulan Star Empire. The Jutai have earned a reputation as honorable warriors and do not usually resort to trickery.
The visual appearance of the Jutrai make them appear similar to Romulans. Whether this means they are a Vulcanoid species similar to the Mintakans or a Vulcan splinter species like the Romulans themselves or even a Romulan offshoot is currently not known.
Jutrai Warbird

The Jutrai generally make use of D'deridex-class warbirds supplied by the Romulan Star Empire as part of their military forces. These craft are often distinguished by their light gray paint scheme with flat red highlights on their hulls reminiscent of early Romulan spacecraft. They have not ships of their own to speak of. However, in the aftermath of the Hobus supernova they have begun to build a fleet. The Jutrai have begun to expand their republic as well.

Jutrai society is split into two classes; Patricians (the upper class) and Plebians (the lower class). The structure of the society is based on the four scrolls written by the Lawgiver one thousand years prior to the 2360's.
The first scroll defines the Jutrai code of honor. The second defines the relationship between the military and the government. The third scroll outlines the Jutrai religion. Finally, the fourth scroll defines the privileges and responsibilities of the Patrician class.

The Fifth Scroll
Jutrai legend states that the Lawgiver also wrote a fifth scroll that outlined the privileges and responsibilities of the Plebian class. However, the Patricians forced the Lawgiver and his followers to flee Jutus, before he could reveal his fifth scroll.

In the 2360's, the Plebian-born social revolutionary, Lucana, believed that if she could recover the fifth scroll it could cause the oppressed lower class to rebel against their Patrician masters.

After Hobus

When Hobus exploded what was left of the Romulan Star Empire sought assistance from their neighbors the Jutrai. The Jutrai were more than happy to assist lending aid when and where they could. However, when the Empire split and became both the Romulan Republic and the Romulan Star Empire, the Jutrai backed off. Their own code of honor would prevent them from siding in a Romulan civil war. With the factions still at odds the Jutrai have begun an age of expansion and exploration. They have annexed a number of systems that were formerly under Romulan control.

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