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Marine Corps Training
Depending on which level of entry into the SFMC, a future Marine has an extensive training regimen before them which is tailored to make them the best Marine possible.

Enlisted Marines are the backbone of the Corps and make up the rank and file of all Marine units. Without the enlisted Marines, the SFMC would cease to exist.

Upon enlistment, potential Marines are immediately transferred to one of three Marine Corps Recruit Depots (MCRD) and on as follows:

    Marine Corps Recruit Facilities: (16 weeks)
    - MCRD San Diego - Earth
    - MCRD Lympstone - Earth
    - MCRD Logan City - Terra Nova

    Advanced Training:
    - SOI (School of Infantry)
    - SFMC Parris Island
    - SFMC Falklands

    Infantry Personnel
    - Infantry Training Battalion (60days)
    - Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
    Non-Infantry Personnel
    - Marine Combat Training (30days)
    Job Specialty School (ie: Armor, Artillery, Communications)

    Total Training Time: Approx: 18-24 months (depending on specialization)

Commissioned Officer
For those with the education, experience and drive to lead, the SFMC has officer programs designed to turn potential leaders into Marines.

    - Prior to joining the SFMC, Officer recruits must have:
    1) Graduated from a four-year institution, which would make them eligible for OCS.
    2) Participated in an ROTC program at a 4-year institution before graduating.
    - Candidates who attended a four-year institution and participated in the full four year ROTC program and/or attended a Starfleet Marine Corps affiliated Service Academy (Annapolis (Annapolis, MD), Thunder Ridge (Unexplored space). These candidates are already deemed Officer worthy and thus skip the OCS indoctrination/training.

    SFMC Training
    - Officer candidates without ROTC or Academy credentials are sent to OCS at either:
    1) SFMC Quantico
    2) SFMC Dartmouth
    - Those joining the SFMC with ROTC/Academy credentials graduate their respective institutions at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. After graduation they proceed to:
    - The Basic School - Camp LeJeuene (28weeks). Here they learn the finer details of how to lead Marines, to include tactics, logistics and leadership skills.
    - Candidates who graduate from OCS proceed on to The Basic School as well after successful completion of OCS.
    - In both cases, after completion of The Basic School, all Marines proceed on to specialty schools before rotating into the Corps at large.

    Total Training Time: Approx 9-12months (depending on specialization)

      As we have seen each and every Marine is first trained as a disciplined warrior, a rifleman, capable of going into battle at a moment’s notice. , But beyond that the SFMC requires Marines to be not just masters of combat but also to have specialized trades and skills. These specialist roles keep the Corp functioning and enable it to do its job, both on the frontline during war and in peacetime operations.

      Specialist training roles include but are not limited to:

        Aerospace craft Control & Support
        Engineer – Combat
        Aerospace craft Flight Crew - Enlisted
        Engineer – Construction, Facilities & Equipment
        Aerospace craft Pilot / Navigator
        Federation Public Affairs
        Aerospace craft Maintenance
        Aerospace craft Logistics
        Intelligence / Signals Intelligence
        Aerospace craft Ordinance
        Ammunition & Explosive Ordinance Disposal
        Anti-Aerospace Warfare
        Military Police & Corrections
        Assault Vehicle – Amphibious / Ground
        Morale Welfare & Recreation
        Chemical & Biological Defense
        Music / Band
        Ordinance Maintenance – Ground / Aerospace
        Data / Communications Maintenance
        Personnel & Administration
        Distribution Management
        Supply Administration & Operations
        Electronic Warfare
        Electronics Maintenance

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