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Salim kar peiratis, Kravma kar polemitisic, Aerias ne kar osakara
-Akadian proverb
Translation: Reason like Scholar, Profit like a Pirate, Fight like a warrior, Passion like no other race.


Passion or zeal for life is the main driving force for the people of Akadia which joined the Federation in 2382. There is still a significant faction on the Ruling Council to pull out of the Federation, but for now, they are a member in good standing. The planet is in the heart of the Gamma Quadrant. The planet is about 10% larger than earth with 10% fewer oceans and other bodies of water making it a fairly arid planet. There are six other planets in the system which is about 20 light years away from the Pioneer station There are three inhabitable planets Akadia and Titian geosynchronous orbit to each other. Titan has the technology of 1940's Earth. While Akadia has sent explorers to the planet they have not interfered with it. The third planet is more of a moon than a planet. It is about the size of the old US state of Colorado and is a penal colony. Prisoners are left there to fend for themselves or die. There is plenty of food and other natural resources

They have had warp drive technology for 130 years. It is rich in natural beauty and resources including an abundance of dilithium crystals The dilithium crystals and other natural resources have made Akadia a very rich planet. The planet has a sophisticated protective shielding based on harmonics and they have installed this on their ships as well. Rather than developing energy-based weapons, their weapons are based on harmonics as well. The harmonics beams are designed to effect various operating systems of ships including sensors and weapons systems useless. This is similar to EMP's. At very high frequencies it can cause physical damage but it is primarily used to disrupt rather than destroy. Their personal handheld harmonic weapons are also designed to disrupt the humanoid body without killing.

Their ships are capable of top speed of Warp 6 or warp 6.5 in an emergency. They do have a brand new frigate class ship, The Winter Storm that can hit speeds of Warp 7 in an emergency.

They are more interested in exploration and trade than military conquest. As a result,theirAs a result their military is primarily geared for planetary defense. In addition. all Akadians are trained to be warriors, so there is little need for a large standing formal army

Technologically warp-drive technology has spurred a lot of changes, that not everyone agrees with. Still, they are well behind other races in many areas. Prior to being courted by the Federation as an example, they had never experienced holodecks, or an EMH, or even very sophisticated AI. Their personal projectile weapons are no more sophisticated than 21st-century firearms.

There are two areas where they do excel. Harmonics and their ability to communicate with their computer, ships systems; helm, navigation, weaponry,etc. mentally. They only have buttons and dials for an emergency situation.

Physically Akadians, like Vulcans and Romulans have copper based blood so they would be susceptible to the many of the same illnesses that those races would. They closely resemble humans although they are on average smaller. Adult males average between 4'6 and 5'6" The tallest Akadian on record was 5'10". Women are an inch or two shorter on average. The gestation period is 10 months.

They aren't as strong as humans an adult male would be about as strong as an average fit human female. On the other hand, they are much quicker and agiler. Their other distinctive feature is their feral eyes resembling an Earth cat. Green is the most common color followed by brown, then blue, then hazel.

90% of the population is empathic on some level, some of them very powerful. 50% are also telepathic, 31% are both empathic and telepathic and they can amplify or mute emotions in others (assuming there is some level of that emotion to be found). 18% are telekinetic and 11% have all four abilities.

Akadian names tend to be rather long. At birth they start out with a first name, second name, mother's maiden name and last name On their first birthday they receive another name from both sets of grandparents. At age 13 when they come of age, they choose a name for themselves which becomes their new first name. They also take on the name of any of those that they bond with.

Passion or zeal for life is really the driving force for the people of Akadia. They believe in living life to the fullest all the time. Carpe Diem or Seize the day is part of their being. They are notThey believe in living life to the fullest all the time. Carpe Diem or Seize the day is part of their being. They are not especially flighty or frivolous, their thinking tends to be logical and rational but they see logic a tool, it does not control them. In the past, however, this passion has led to numerous regional and even global conflict. The last Global War took place about 300 years ago. It started out as a feud between neighboring factions that grew to be worldwide in scope. The bio-chemical weapons used almost wiped out the population. it led to a one world government controlled by the Ruling Council.

Their calendar is made up of 13 months of 30 days each and their days are approximate 23.4 hours long.

Akadians can live to be 175 or older. The longest-lived Akadian was 207.

There is no word in the Akadian language to distinguish sexual preference as only about 11% of Akadians have a preference. Those who do have a preference (8% for those who choose the opposite sex and 3% the same sex) are looked down upon, much like gay people were in the 20th and 21st century Earth.

Casual sex even with multiple partners at the same time is not only acceptable it is the norm. There is, however, a deeper intimacy that most Akadians would like to achieve, Nerdan. Nerdan can only be achieved where at least one of the partners is empathic and where genuine love exists between the two partners. It is the sharing of not only the physical but the spiritual and emotional as well. It is where the two individuals really do become one flesh.

They are also very spiritual people as well. There are four main beliefs of the Akadians The first are the followers of Aerios, the worship of passion especially sexual passion. This is practiced by about 30% of the people. The second is the Denarians who practice ancestor worship and a form of shamanism, this is practiced by 20% of the people. The next is the Moravians. The Moravians are in essence Christians believing in and worshiping Jesus. They make up about 15% of the people. 30% of the people are Zeltans. The Zeltans are pantheists believing that every living creature has a soul and that eventually, one will reach a level of oneness with the Universe. But this can take many lifetimes. They believe in reincarnations. The remaining 5% are atheists.

In addition to Nerdan Akadians can become bondmates with up to three people. A bondmate can be a relative, an intimate friend or a lover. Once a bond is made it can only be broken by the death of one or both of the bondmates, or by mutual consent of both parties. A breakage is extremely rare and physically dangerous to both sides. Those who are bonded can share each other's thoughts and speak to the other mentally. This holds true even if the two are not telepathic. If they are telepathic then they can literally feel each others pain (physical and emotional) and have a general idea of where the other mate is located.

There is an intricate and secret(at least to outsiders) ceremony when two people want to become bondmates. At the end of that ceremony each partner receives a tattoo. It can go one of three places. Under the eye (each partner would have it under the opposite eye) on the temple, again, opposite temples or on the neck(opposite sides).

They believe in making a profit from their endeavors but it doesn't mean they cheat like Ferengi do. Any contract they offer should be careful examined to make sure there is nothing hidden, but they are more subtle and friendly and much better looking than Ferengi.

Despite their small stature, they do have the heart of a warrior. The army carries their harmonic weapons and personal projectile weapons and other similar weapons as do the police, but the average citizen uses more traditional weapons like swords.

The are are two groups known as Traditionalists. One group calls themselves the Essenes. They consider any but traditional weapons as dishonorable They also eschew most modern technology. They are similar to the Samurai in feudal Japan (think Tom Cruise Last Samurai here). The group is in an isolated part of the planet near the equator. The second group calls themselves the Shnobi. They too are skilled with bladed weapons but are also skilled in more modern weapons. They would be equivalent to Ninjas on Earth. They are even more conniving and underhanded than a normal Akadian.

Both groups excel at unarmed combat called Jantar which closely resembles Earth's ninjitsu with a lot of joint locks, throws dodges and disarms. It is a soft martial art that uses the opponents strength against them.

They are also skilled with blades of all types and it is as common to find them carrying knives and even bigger blades as it is for a Human or other Star Fleet Personnel to carry phasers.

Akadians are especially adept at political intrigue and gamesmanship. Their government is an oligarchy and their planet is controlled by The Council which is made up of 10 representatives.One from each of the seven major noble families and three from the ten minor noble families, that serve on a rotating basis.

It takes a simple majority of The Council to pass most measures but a 2/3 vote for any significant legislation such as new taxes or tariffs. This means that there is continual fighting for power among themselves making for a lot of political infighting as each family works with other families and against other families for dominance.

The ruling families and their minions have lots of perks. They control about 70% of the wealth. While there is still plenty of wealth to go around, they pass out these perks and their wealth to gain the allegiance of the 10 Minor Families that are still needed to keep control over the people.

The Minor Families are rotated onto The Council every three years. A month after the new families are rotated in, a Governor is selected (from one of the seven Major Families) to lead the Council for the next three years.

The planet has been trading with a large number of planets within the Gamma Quadrant. There is a big demand for their dilithium crystals (and to a lesser extent their other imports including weapons which they themselves consider dishonorable). Shortly after the Federation entered the Quadrant they heard about Akadia and sent ambassadors to it There have been a number of short-term deals, but the Federation wants a long term, more stable deal and they would like for Akadia to become part of the Federation. Something that The Council has so far not agreed on.

Akadia has three uninhabitable moons. Theirs is a very warm climate similar

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