Deck Listing

USS Pioneer
The USS Pioneer
NCC - 74757
Intrepid Class

The Intrepid class represents a departure for Starfleet away from large, complicated starships like the Nebula and Galaxy classes toward constructing smaller and more efficient vessels. Like the Galaxy class, the Intrepid class incorporated a series of new developments intended to make the ship as effective as larger ships with a fraction of the resource and crew requirements. The class was designed to reach distant star systems and fulfill a variety of mission profiles, including exploration, survey, courier and even interdiction. Atmospheric landing capabilities allow the Intrepid class to make planet-fall for repairs or to conduct extended scientific missions.

SerenityThe USS Pioneer has 1 Delta Flyer Class Runabout
OakleyThe USS Pioneer has 1 Aerowing Class shuttle
Roosevelt and ChurchillThe USS Pioneer has 2 Type 8 Shuttles
HawkeyeThe Argo is a specialized shuttlecraft developed by Starfleet for ferrying cargo and vehicles between orbit and planetary surfaces when conditions preclude the use of transporters.

Earp, Holiday, Geronimo, Sitting BullThe USS Pioneer has 4 Type 9 shuttles
EdisonThe USS Pioneer has 1 Brunel Class Workpod
Empok NorCardassian-built star base with 6 large docking pylon ports, 3 medium docking ring ports, 9 small docking ring ports, and 6 landing pads.