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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: MD003 1930 hrs

"Thanks again, seriously." Nassie said, as they walked onto the USS Katana. The ship was docked with the station. And they both had just boarded the vessel. It was strange to think, her sister was in command, and her stalker were both on the same ship. How did this happen she wondered. Cause of it, she wanted to keep Talas close to her side. He understood, what it meant to be a friend, unlike Jack. They were walking to her temporary quarters on the USS Katana.

“I am glad I was able to assist you,” Talas said with a smile. “I doubt Jack will speak to you, let alone even look in your direction. I met him for coffee and we had a long talk, he has seen the error of his ways.”

"I am not as convinced as you are. He seems driven." Nassie suggested, as they approached her door way. She was concerned that Jack would try again. So she asked Talas to help her, keep him at bay.

“I think he just longs to have someone in his life and he is going about it the wrong way,” Talas replied. “But if I am wrong and he does then he should transfer. He has been told to leave you alone and he should respect that.”

"Smith has a really hard time, with letting things go. I want to be optimistic and believe that he will learn. But his history in regards to me or my sister, is not that promising." Nassie suggested to Talas.

“I see where you are coming from,” Talas said with a nod. “And I agree. I am just hoping my words sunk in and he learns from them.”’

"We can hope." Nassie said, trying to remain positive. It was hard around Jack. She had no idea, that Elloma was going to keep Jack away from her, by making them work closely. She only knew at this stage, that Jack was a problem, and she had to rely on Talas to help her out. She hated feeling defenseless.

“If he even looks at you wrong,” Talas said with conviction. “He won’t do it twice. I told him I was giving him free advice, that you are my friend and I won’t tolerate him acting inappropriately.”

"Are you trying to be shinning knight and armor." Nassie said, not really liking his last response, she did not need someone rescueing her. She needed a friend, someone who would standbye her, as she delt with the problem.

“No,” Talas replied. “I am just trying to be a good friend, one who helps when needed. I won’t step in unless you need my assistance. I talked to him because I promised you I would.”

"First off, you never promised. More like you insisted that you would, and I said to myself, why not. Dont mistaken that for anything more than a friend helping out a friend." Nassie suggested to Talas. She was still struggling with her feelings, and needed to work through them.

“Understood,” Talas nodded. “I will respect your right to handle it and come to me if need be.”

"I am not trying to use you." Nassie said, knowing that was false. She was using him. But she hated that idea. Made her feel guilty. She knew she was, but she did not want to admit that.

“I wouldn’t call it that,” Talas murmured. “I would call it being a friend. We can never have too many.”

"While in theory I agree with you, reality has shown me. It's hard for the opposite sex to be just friends." Nassie said, knowing even her own biological urges were pushing her. She was not ready yet. She still clung onto hope, that maybe someday she would reconsile with her family. If she did, then they would arrange a marriage for her. Deep down, she did not want an arranged marriage. She wanted to choose.

“I agree with you,” Talas nodded. “The universe tries to mold everyone into being couples. Personally, if I ever decide to get married I think it would be best to be friends as well as in love.”

"Why are you sharing that with me?" Nassie asked with the confused look on her face. "In our culture you know darn well that most relationships are determined by pre-arranged marriages from your family." Nassie pointed out to him. He thought the comment was a little inappropriate for the conversation they were having.

“I know that it is,” Talas replied with a nod. “Maybe it worked out well for your parents but not necessarily for mine. I apologize if I was too forward in my speaking. I share with those I call my friends.”

"I wouldn't, that is way too personal. And most friends aren't going to care who the hell you marry, and if they do maybe they're not the right type of friends for you. At least that's how I see it." Nassie suggested to him.

“That makes sense,” Talas nodded. “It is something a bit personal between me and her.”

"My understanding is, there is no her at this time." Nassie pointed out to him. She was not ready to entertain that idea. She still had a lot of things to work out, in her mind.

“There is not,” Talas agreed. “I was speaking figuratively.”

"I think you have been hanging around humans to long. Now you are picking up on their awkward habits." Nassie suggested to him. She was not one for speaking metaphorically or figuratively. She was a straight pistol. Honest and loyal to a fault.

“Perhaps I have,” Talas conceded. “Regardless, I will not let that happen again. I will remember to keep our friendship less personal.”

"Friendships over time, can become more personal. However, we have not reach that stage, well that how I feel. I do appreciate your company, but I still have my reservations, about your motives for this friendship." Nassie pointed out to him.

“I understand that,” Talas admitted. “I came on kind of strong at first but you will see I am reformed.”

"I want to see that, but the jury is still out on that one." Nassie said, with a serious look on her face. While she appreciated the effort, it was not helping her sort through her feelings. She needed more time.

“I’m a patient man,” Talas murmured. “And only time will tell, not words.They come easy.”

"Then you had to push it, didn't you." Nassie said, getting a little annoyed, but yet liking what he had to say. She needed room to breath, and work through this.

“It was not intentional,” Talas said trying to reassure her. “I was speaking personally about the future. I do not know where I will be or with who at this point.” He looked at her. “Please forgive me it was a mistake to speak in that manner.”

Nassie felt bad for snapping at him. She knew he cared, and was trying. And she felt bad for not wanting to accept his warm embrace. She knew deep down, she could be happy with him. But she needed to work through it all. As she stood there thinking about it, she finally deciced to say. "Sorry, I should not be so edge. I am just trying to work through it all."

“I get it,” Talas replied seriously. “Take your time, I am not going anywhere.” He wanted to be here for her but got that she had to work this out in her own mind.

"You need to work on your subtly." Nassie said, with a big grin on her face. The grin was hiding the admiration she felt, about his sweet words.

Talas laughed softly. “I think you are right, I really do.”

Nassie just grinned, as the scene starts to fade away. She knew she needed to process her feelings, and make a decision at some point.

Talas could tell that Nassie was wavering back and forth. He was attracted to her but he liked her as well, as a friend and didn’t want to ruin that either. He was patient and would bide his time and let her make these decisions for herself.

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