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Posted on Wed Nov 10th, 2021 @ 11:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Dartaw K'gunn & Senior Chief Petty Officer Leela Capella
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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Empok Nor Various
Timeline: MD007 1100 hrs

Senior Chief Petty Officer Leela Capella stepped onto Empok Nor. She approached the customs office. The attendant asked her for her orders and she handed him a PADD.

"Senior Chief, welcome to Empok Nor." He said. "I see that you are assigned to the Pioneer. We still don't have a ETA on her, but temporary quarters have been assigned to you. Any questions?"

"Where can I find Commander K'gunn?" Leela asked.

"You'll find him in the Security Department at the end of the Promenade, Senior Chief." The customs officer told her.

"Thank you, Crewman." Leela said.

Leela spotted K'gunn and yelled. "Dartaw K'gunn, you son of a diseased Yokor (an animal similar to an Earth coyote, native to Capella IV)."

Turning to see the Capellan, the Klingon called back. "Leela, consort of Fek'lhr."

The other security personnel present were edge expecting a fight.

After a few tense moments the Klingon and Capellan embraced in a hearty hug.

Ending the embrace, Dartaw said. "You look well, my friend."

"As do you, Starfleet seems to agree with you." Leela said with a smile.

"What brings you here, Leela?" Dartaw asked.

"I've been assigned to the Pioneer, as Master-at-Arms." Leela said.

"I hear she's a fine ship, a lot people here have family aboard her." Dartaw replied.

"Good to know, I hear old 'Ironside' Hood is in command of this station." Leela said. "I'll have to stop by, and reminisce about our time on the USS Starfire."

"You better not use that nickname around him, you know how much he hates it." Dartaw said.

Leela smiled.

Before anybody could say anything further, an alarm sounded on Dartaw's console.

"That's Cargo Bay 4." Dartaw said. "Leela, want to join me in a little investigation?"

"I thought you'd never ask." She replied.

Dartaw threw her a phaser rifle and said "Follow me."

They made their way down to Cargo Bay 4 in time to see a Yridian and a Ferengi conducting business.

"Gentlemen, the trading of Star Gems is illegal, I'm going to have to take you in." Dartaw said.

The two criminal ran in opposite directions.

Before they could pursue them, a large Klingon stepped from the shadows.

"Oh, Kahless must be smiling on me." He said. He clicked his fingers and other Klingons appeared. Two lay on stacked containers with sniper rifles trained on Dartaw and Leela. "The great Dartaw K'gunn has come himself. Pity, I was looking forward to torturing one of your underlings, well maybe later."

"What do you want, SorghvuQ?" Dartaw asked his tongue full of venom.

"Only to fulfil my solemn duty?" SorghvuQ replied.

"And what is that you twisted P'tak?"

"To execute the honourless traitor Dartaw K'gunn, and anyone who dares to try and prevent me from duty." SorghvuQ replied. "Now drop your weapons and don't interfere, human."

Both Dartaw and Leela placed their rifles on the deck, but as the Capellan did so, she slipped some shuriken-like weapons into her hand.

Before the snipers knew what was happening, a shuriken struck him in the throat rupturing his carotid artery and spray red blood into the air.

A second shuriken sliced into the other's gun hand nearly severing his fingers.

With them out of action, SorghvuQ growled and charged at Dartaw, drawing his bat'leth.

As his remaining troops came to his aid, he said. "Dartaw is mine. Busy yourselves with the human female."

They did as they were ordered and advanced on Leela.

Leela smiled as the two Klingons approached her, drawing mek'leth.

The Capellan drew her own N'ret (Capellan short sword) from its scabbard beneath her uniform jacket.

"Okay, boys, who's first?" She said.

They both attacked at once and she deflected their blows several times, before the one nearest her left his chest open as he raised his weapon to bring it down in a potentially killing blow.

Leela used this opportunity to her advantage and plunged her sword into the Klingon's chest. Her strength and the composition of the weapon made the injury fatal.

With hardly a moment to breathe, she levered the weapon to help turn dead man's body, so when his companion brought down his own weapon it embedded itself in the dead man's back.

With a grunt the other drew his disruptor, but before he could fire it at her, Leela retrieved the dead man's mek'leth and severing his companion's hand. The disruptor hit the deck and fired, atomising the second sniper, who was coming to aid his companions.

Now missing a hand the Klingon yelled. "Cho'echu (energize)." And was enveloped in a red transporter beam.

Leela had mere seconds to retrieve her N'ret, before the body containing it disappeared.

As she rose she could hear SorghvuQ scream "Nooooo!" as he to was transported from the Cargo Bay.

Walking over to Dartaw, she asked. "Were they friends of yours?"

"SorghvuQ is more of a rival, believe it or not, we used to be as close as brothers, but he always harboured a great jealousy against me, which as these things do, became anger and hatred."

The Klingon took a deep breath, before continuing. "It seems he's now a self styled hunter of those he see's as traitors to the Empire, and it appears that I top the list."

"Well he's gone for now, and I'm hungry, and horny, though the latter will have to wait." Leela said. "Anyway fancy a bite to eat? I'm buying."

Dartaw laughed. Leela reminded him of a Klingon woman, but he'd never tell her so, as she would take it as an insult.

"I could eat." Dartaw said and they went off to find a restaurant.

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