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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Patricide Part I

Posted on Wed Mar 11th, 2020 @ 1:45am by Commodore Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Michael Harris & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zodra Losal & Lieutenant Junior Grade Deacon Corbett & Lieutenant Willian Targaryen & Ensign Elani
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Mission: Episode 9 - Empok's End
Location: USS Shenzen Bridge
Timeline: MD005 1100 hrs

Hadir and the USS Shenzhen had been on station, red alert, alert one status since the Admiral left to aid Empok Nor. But everything in the area of Port Royale was too silent for Hadir's taste. He did not like it, and something within his core did not feel right. "Mr Harris full sensor sweep. Will would you bring up the tactical outlay of the battle at Empok Nor."

The First Officer of the Shenzhen nodded and reached for the control panel. Typing on the viewer the tactical plot for Empok Nor and its immediate surroundings appeared on the screen. As the scans were commenced by their science officer additional data started to appear alongside.

Michael Harris sighed heavily, this was the 15th sensor sweep in the past two hours and he was not happy about it. However, as any good Starfleet Officer does he followed his order. "It is no different than the last time you asked sir. Space dust and debris at fifteen parts per million. No warp signatures being read coming in or out of Port Royal. Port Royal still remains at red alert. In fact the only ships that are being read in the area are at Empok Nor..." His voice trailed off as his head bent to look at something, something new on the scanners.

Willian looked over at the Science Officer, not needing his El-Aurian sensibilities to realize the change in the demeanor of the Lieutenant. "Something interesting going on out there, Lieutenant?"

Zodra had been down in engineering, but she was so bored in the bay, that she decided to come up to the bridge, and work the engineering station. And she wanted to socialize a bit. Down in the bay, everyone looked up to her, no one to talk too. She needed some contact.

Harris punched up the sensor sweep of the Trivas System. "Well sir there seems to be a large scale battle going on over there. A number of Cardassian, Starfleet, Breen, and unknown vessels are engaged in battle."

Hadir rose from the center chair and turned toward his science officer. "Yes that is where the Admiral is and that is why we are on definitive protect and blockade for the station." Hadir's voice was controlled and the tone covered the worry underneath. The worry that his father was involved somehow in what was going on.

Deacon had sickbay prepared in case the ship ran into trouble or they need to take on some injured. He prayed that wouldn’t be the case but one never knew.

"Do we expect retaliation Captain?" Zodra asked, a little concerned. Growing up in the expanse, most races never fought for political movements. It was more like the wild west of earth's past. Skirmishes on the regular, and lack of any nation seeking control over the other nations.

Willian sat quietly in the seat adjacent to the Commodore. He looked at the readings himself, remaining silent as not to interrupt the Captain's response. If he were the one planning this engagement though he would be expecting any range of retaliatory strike and swiftly. It only made sense to him for it to happen.

Hadir sat with head on his hand as it rested on the armrest of his chair. He had mixed feelings about what was going on. There was the need to remain and protect the station, however, he also did not like being sidelined when his people fought for what was theirs. They listened to the comm traffic of the ships involved and it seemed like the battle was an even match no one side losing too much. "We do not expect retaliation of sorts. However, if the fleet fails to retake Empok Nor. It is expected that Port Royale or Deep Space Nine will be next on the True Way's agenda." He replied to his Chief Engineer.

The silence on the bridge grew for a moment, and in that moment it gave definition to the phrase the silence is deafening. Everyone seemed focused on their jobs, or the battle as it progressed on the screen. It was Michael Harris that broke the silence. "Sir sensors are tracking a scout craft departing Empok Nor at high speed. It is Cardassian in design and seems to be going through the battle line unnoticed. All I can get from it is one life-sign aboard, Cardassian male."

"Track the target steady. I want a course heading for that craft. Where is it going?" Hadir called over his shoulder. His eyes not leaving the new target on the screen.

"Captain she is heading towards the True Way Alliance Space. We can out maneuver her, and catch her before she enters their space." Zodra called out, from Engineering.

The Lieutenant had the right of it and Hadir knew it. However, he was not sure if breaching the Admiral's orders was worth it. The other side of his brain knew that there was a distinct possibility that the person on that ship was his father. Hadir felt the rage building inside himself. It is time to end this he thought. Like most Cardassians Hadir made sure that his emotions were kept well hidden. He leaned over to his XO and whispered. "What do you think Willian?"

Zodra wondered what the Captain was thinking? She could see that he was deep in thought. She wondered if he was going to chase down the runaway ship, or order a probe to track it. Emily would prefer to track them down, and interrogate its crew to learn all they can on enemy movements.

Targaryen had been thinking carefully about the situation when his Captain addressed him. He looked up at the Cardassian, hoping that his answer was the right one. "We're all afraid of the wrath of the admiral as much as we fear the wrath of Khan. That being said, if the occupant of that scout craft has vital intelligence that can help us with further protecting the Federation I am certain that we would be in the right for intercepting." He grinned, "I've been plotting the course as we've talked to maximize a stealthy approach." He didn't broach the subject that he suspected the Captain's father to be aboard the scout, but he had a feeling they were all thinking it.

Hadir was elated that the XO had the same thought as he did. Also that Willian had already had the idea to plot a stealth approach course. Hadir stood resolutely as he came to a decision. He performed what was affectionately titled the Picard maneuver, that is to rug the tunic of your uniform down. He turned to face the crew at their respective stations. "Computer open a channel through out the ship." A small chime acknowledged the command. "Ladies and gentlemen of the crew of the USS Shenzen. This is Captain Hadir Prenar speaking. I want you all to know that I am about to issue an order that is in direct violation of orders received from Admiral Martinez. If you disagree with this course of action, please speak now and it will be noted in the logs. There will be no repercussions from me. No member of Starfleet has ever been court martialed for following orders of a superior officer." Hadir paused to see if anyone needed or wanted to speak up.

Deacon listened to him as he spoke and nodded to himself silently. He knew the captain would not break orders unless he felt it necessary.

“We’re behind you Captain,” Corbett’s voice came from the sickbay department. “We are a team.”

With a quick click of a button on the command chair the channel was closed. "Ms Losal prepare the ship for slipstream velocity. Mr Targaryen work with Ensign Elani and set an intercept course. Mr Harris keep close tabs on that ship. I want to know everything about it as it happens." Hadir issued the orders and then sat down with a straight rigid back. The game was afoot and if his suspicions were right there would be a dead Prenar before morning.

"Aye Captain, firing up the QSD." Zodra said, with a big grin on her face. She had the input readouts ready to go. She was eager to see the ship operate in QSD mode.

Willian looked at Elani, "Transferring the flight plan to you now. Let's get on the road."

Hadir leaned forward in his chair, not sure what to expect when they arrived. "Engage!"
To Be Continued...

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