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Round Two

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Promenade
Timeline: MD002 1115 hrs

"I'm starting to wonder if you have a thing for me, or if you are trying to win over my approval?" Elloma pointed out Talas, as they meet up for lunch in the mess hall. Sadly they were forced to use the replicators. The Maquis damaged a lot of the shops, before evacuating the station.

Talas smiled. “I like you but my affections are for your sister. If I suddenly switched over to you, there would be no trust or you believing me. I know that is how I would feel.” He smiled. “We just keep hitting the same places at the same time.”

"Like me?" Elloma said, with a concerned look on her face. She had many people say that, in her eyes it meant he wanted sex from her. And she was not willing to please his petty needs in that fashion. "Do you believe in coincidences Mister Ruhrie?" Elloma asked, thinking to herself, he was planning this out.

“As in a friend,” Talas explained. “I am interested in your sister. I am a one woman man. I think maybe the coincidences are because you two are close and if you don’t accept me she won’t.”

Elloma was not very sure about this guy? He seemed to have the arroagrance of a man from their world. So she wondered, why he was in Starfleet. What did he hope to achieve? Where the Essu's being targeted for some nobility stunt. His whole comment a friend was falling on death ears. "Why do you think we are close?" Elloma asked in a monotone style voice.

“You are protective of her,” Talas explained. “It stands to reason for me to believe you are close.” He shook his head. “I will be honest I feel like you don’t like me and it has nothing to do with me but that no one will be good enough for your sister.”

"You presume to much, did anyone every tell you that?" Elloma asked him. She would not admit it to him, but she did feel that way.

“All I want is a chance,” Talas replied. “If she gives me one and I mess up then I deserve to be kicked to the curb. I am not looking to hurt her.”

"I am not the one you need to ask." Elloma pointed out to him. Asking her was a waste of time. She was just making her feelings felt to him, in regards to him going after her little sister.

“I am not asking you,” Talas replied. “You just seem like your reading hidden messages or something into everything I say.”

"That's my job, and I am very good at it Mister Ruhrie." Elloma said, hoping that he understood her position, a little better now.

Talas thought for a long moment. “You are right, that is your job. My bad for not keeping that in mind.”

"How is that console coming along?" Elloma asked. She was curious how long she had left with him. She was learning a lot about him. In her way, she was screening him.

“Almost finished,” Talas said as he tightened up the part he replaced. “Try it now, it is done!” He said as he moved out of the way.

Elloma nodded to show she got his message, then she went a head and tried the console. "It works, thanks." She said, thinking to herself, he is a pretty good operations officer.

“You are welcome,” Talas grinned. “I was glad to get it up and running.” Truth was if there was ever a time he didn’t want to fail it was now.

"Thanks for your help, unless we have more business to discuss. I think its safe your done here." Elloma told him. She had asked all the questions she wanted too.

“I am good,” Talas replied. He grinned then. “If you need more assistance just whistle.” He paused. “You know how to whistle don’t you?” He was an old movie buff and waited for her reply.

"Yes, good day Mister Ruhrie." Elloma said, as the scene starts to fade away.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant JG Elloma Essu
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Empok Nor

Ensign Talas Ruhrie
Communications Specialist, Empok Nor


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