Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Mr Tumnus and the Ensign

Posted on Tue Feb 2nd, 2021 @ 5:00pm by Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen & Mr Tumnus & Command Chief Petty Officer Phuong Lan Nguyen
Edited on on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 1:48am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Deck 9 - Corridors - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1300 hrs
916 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Nhi was tiptoeing with the tip of her tongue coming out between her lips. She looked to the black and white cat that walked over to the food that was put there for him between the entrances to the brig and security office.

Unaware of the two legged, gold skin behind him, Tumnus had smelled the delicious salmon treat that was left for him. He knew it was for him, as he hadn't seen any other cats like him. And the dog wasn't suppose to leave his spot. Last time he got the dog out, the dog was apparently grounded. Whatever that meant. So this was all for him. Maybe after this treat he would go over to keep Sophia company. At least he had someone to talk to.

As he started to slobber the food in, he suddenly felt a soft naked skinned paw of a two legged go over his back. His back went up and down as he followed the touch of the human hand go from his neck to his tail. He softly purred to the strokes.

Nhi sat down next to Mr Tumnus and softly stroke his back. As she heard him purr she smiled and said, "You like that, don't you?" She pulled her hand back and let him finish his treats.

Mr Tumnus then turned around, still licking his face as he crawled satisfied in to the female two legged. She was a bit different from the two legged she met so far. Her ears appear to be more pointy like his. But otherwise she pretty much looked the same.

Nhi started to scratch him behind the ears when he crawled in her lap. This made him purr even louder. "Oh.. you like that too...." Her voice was a bit more high pitched at that.

Of course her liked that. This female shouldn't ask stupid questions, he thought to himself. And he liked salmon treats. She had everything right. Suddenly he could feel the vibrations of another two legged coming over to them. His ears perked up and his opened wide as he looked up.

"Ensign..." Lan came to a halt next to the Ensign and the feline in her lap. "Have you finished your work in the armory?" Was all she asked. She tilted her head looking at the cat in her sisters lap.

Nhi looked up now too. She took a deep breath and said, "Yes, sister, I sorted all the weapons in the armory. I also cleaned the armory floor. And now I caught the ship's cat. Here look...he has a special penning from the captain as well." She pointed to the color around his neck.

"Interesting...." Lan said and added to indulge her sister. "Does this furry feline have a name?"

Nhi nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, it says on the color, Mr Tumnus. And according to the ships computer this cat has special dispensation from the captain to go everywhere on the ship."

Lan nodded. "Ah yes, I think I read about that in a report before I came on board." She put her hands in front of her and folded them. "But this hardly explains why you are neglecting your duties, Ensign. I believe you are due in the SCIF, did you not tell me something of the sorts."

Nhi got up holding the cat and dropped him in Lan's arms. "You are so right. Captain Tremble hates it when I am late." She ran in to the office and grabbed the stuff she needed and then ran down the corridor leaving Lan alone with Tumnus wiggling in her arms.

Tumnus really didn't liked being grabbed so fast like that and then thrown in the arms of the other female. He immediately started to wriggle for freedom. He is a free cat, he should roam the world free. He didn't mind to be patted, but to be held like this.

Lan was at first startled when she got the cat in her arms. The cat didn't seem to like to be hold by this. Lan put the cat on the floor and looked to the cat who started to clean himself. She tilted her head. "Mister Tumnus," She nodded to the cat. She picked up the empty dish from the floor. She intended to have recycled again. But he suddenly realized she was holding the empty dish.

Licking his lips, he started brush against the other female that put him back on the ground. He purred loudly and looked at her. "Yes, I like some more treats." He said to her.

Lan tilted her head. "Do you want more of this?" She held up the empty dish. This provoked the animal to meow at her. She sighed and then walked to the armory. "Ok Mister Tumnus, follow me." The cat seemed to listen and followed her in the armory where she proceeded to the replicator and replicated more cat food and placed the dish with salmon.

She looked to the cat eating and nodded. She then walked to her desk to start working on her report.

A Joint Post By

Command Chief Petty Officer Phuong Lan Nguyen
Chief Of The Boat/Master-At-Arms, USS Pioneer

Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen
Security Officer, USS Pioneer

Mr Tumnus
Ship's Cat, USS Pioneer


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