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I need a plan

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Corridors
Timeline: MD005 1330 hrs

Elloma did not believe for a second, that Jack was sincere when she talked to him. She just hoped that some of it sunk in for him. He needed to learn that her sister, was not interested in him.

Elloma was not really interested in him either. She had a hard time believing that bs line he told her, the last time the two of them talked in his office.

”It is quite clear to me that I am one of those men who has problems expressing himself to women. It may be better if I just kept to myself.” He held up a hand. “I am serious about this; we aren’t all silver tongued with just the right words to say.” ~ Jack Smith

Elloma remembered the sigh he gave. It felt like, he was trying to say whatever he could to her, to get her to shut up about Nassie, her little sister. Which only fueled her more.

She seriously wondered how Jack could be a therapist, if stocked young ladies, and was always confrontational. It never dawned on her, that maybe she was the confrontational one, and he was only responding to her.

Elloma left his office, and was heading back to her new office, the heart of the station. Her new position as Chief Strategic Operations Officer gave her a new home, and a new purpose. Before she could fully dive into her new role.

She had one more assignment to take care of first. Her sisters stalker was not her assignment, her assignment was to track down a missing crewman or a potential renegade. She was not sure what to do with Jack and Nassie. They were not suppose to be her primary focus.

Sadly though, the two of them had become her issue. And that was bothering her at a personal level. She needed a crew to track down Calvin Quaid. Her first reaction was to get Warrant Officer Bashful O'Neill to assist her. He was proficient in his duties as an investigation officer.

Then it dawned on her, counselors were a type of profiler, maybe having Jack on the mission, would benefit her. At the least it would benefit Nassie. That was enough to make her turn around and head back to Jack's office.

She was debating on how to bring up the conversation with him. They were both not really fond of each other. And the idea of being alone with him, in a shuttle was not appealing decision. She hoped that Warrant Officer O'Neill would join them. To make it less awkward.

This whole situation, would be extremely awkward, for her. After yelling at him, and questioning him. Now she would ask him to tag along in her away mission.

She wondered in her mind, on how to approach him. She started to run through several scenarios in her mind, as she started to walk towards his office again. She knew that she did not have a lot of time to think of what to say to him.

The whole approach of, hey I don't trust you around my sister, so your coming on my mission, and I need you to profile Calvin Quaid did not seem like the best course of action. She was almost back to his office as the scene starts to fade.

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Lieutenant Elloma Essu
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