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I appreciate the help

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Mission: The Ties That Bind - Empok Nor Episode 2
Location: Promenade
Timeline: MD005 1300 hrs

Nassie felt obligated and relieved to say to Talas. "I want to say thank you for assisting me." She said to him. She was mainly using him, to keep Jack at bay. She had a feeling that Talas did not mind much.

“I am glad to,” Talas replied sincerely. “That’s what friends are for, to help when needed.” He was glad for the work and to spend time with her.

"That seems to be a hard thing to do around here, make friends that are not trying to get down your pants." Nassie suggested to him, making sure to reinforce the friendship card with him.

“You are right,” Talas nodded. “Friendships are valuable and more crew needs to concentrate on them, especially with all the work we have right now.”

"The battle managed to damage several key areas. I need to focus on repairing those, not appealing to some guys attempt to get down my pants." Nassie suggested to him, making it sound like they wre still talking about Jack, but her message was for him too.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Talas nodded. He picked up on what she was saying. “And as I said the priority should be the station.”

"Sorry if that seems mean, but its how I feel at this moment." Nassie said, trying to justify her feelings. She knew, she did not have too.

“No need to be sorry,” Talas murmured. “I understand and I see exactly where you are coming from and I am in agreement.”

She doubted his sincerity, but she appreciated his effort. That meant a lot to her. She did not want to be idolized. "Thank you, now with that said, will you give me a hand with this relay panel. I need help taking it off."

“Definitely,” Talas turned to the panel. “They can be tricky sometimes.”

"Just grab that end." Nassie said, trying not to read into his little metaphor and tieing it into the way he was attracted to her. She had a lot of work to do. And if he was going to be around, then he needed to respect her time.

Talas grabbed the end and waited for her to be ready. Then he moved his side of the panel the same as she did. “That wasn’t too bad.”

"That's not the hard part, its putting it back on that will be the tricky part." Nassie pointed out to him, as she grabbed a tricorder, and started to scan the relays.

“We will get it done,” Talas said with a smile. She was right it wasn’t going to be easy but they had team work.

"I appreciate your help with this." Nassie said, with a warm smile on her face. She was grateful for the help, with the work. And with Jack.

“In think more work gets completed as a team,” Talas responded. “There is always something two pairs of hands do better and as your friend I am happy to help you.”

"You dont have to oversale the friend term." Nassie suggested to him, as she continued to scan the relays with Talas.

“Not trying to,” Talas said with an easy smile. “Just saying I like helping out.”

"Good, I am not afraid to ask a friend for help." Nassie said, with a teasing grin. She expected him to twist what she said, back on her.

Talas smiled at her. “That is good news I will know who to call when I need help as well.”

"Depending on when, that could be possible. No early wake up calls." Nassie suggested to him.

“Of course bit,” Talas agreed. “Only if it’s a base emergency and let’s hope there isn’t another one like before.”

"A life of ease, what would that be like?" She playfully said, thinking to herself, she would like that too.

“Peace would be nice,” Talas nodded in agreement. “Not to have to worry about someone wanting to dominate us or destroy what we have.”

"We have?" Nassie asked, wondering if he was trying to send her hidden messages about them being more than friends.

“Like when we were attacked I am saying,” Talas explained. “They destroyed our base and killed those we served with.”

"The station can be repaired, so not a total loss. Plus we both made it, that has to count for something, right?" Nassie asked him as she discovered a damage relay, and started to replace it.

“It does for sure,” Talas said with sincerity. “It would just be nice not to have to look over our shoulder but the reality is we always will.”

"We live on the wild frontier, if you want an easier assignment then perhaps you should request a transfer." Nassie suggested to him. He would never find that simple life on Empok Nor.

“I don’t,” Talas said quickly. “That wasn’t a complaint, just an observation is all. I chose this assignment because I wanted to be here.”

"Oh, sorry I miss understood." Nassie said, feeling a little silly for miss understanding his intentions and comments.

“It’s good,” Talas said with a smile. “I did sound a bit pessimistic. I just didn’t want you thinking I was complaining, I like what I am doing and not a lot of people feel that way.”

"I know how you feel, I like what I am doing as well. Living on this station has been a real adventure for me." Nassie said, with a big grin.

“It seems like everyday is something new here,” Talas said with a smile. “The ship I was on was the same thing day in and day out.” He paused. “Of course I was in training.”

"I have a feeling it will be a while, before any of our training is complete." Nassie said, with a big smile on her face.

“I kind of feel like we will always be learning,” Talas murmured. “Everyone has something they haven’t experienced.”

"Very true. I know I have a lot to learn. And I believe that Starfleet will help me find the answers that I am looking for." Nassie said, as the scene starts to fade away.

Talas wondered if a lot of the crew joined looking for answers or for something they didn’t have at home, he knew he did.

A joint post by;

Ensign Nassie Essu
Operations Officer, Empok Nor

Ensign Talas Ruhrie
Communications Specialist, Empok Nor


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