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Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Secure For The Journey

Posted on Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 4:40am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 11:32am

Mission: Episode 1 - Pioneering Spirit
Location: USS Pioneer bridge
Timeline: MD002 1430 Hrs
Tags: SD 71364.1430

Larim was fresh from meeting with who he assumed was the XO. He rubbed the collar of his uniform, his recent promotion still beginning to feel real. He'd never been senior staff of anything more than a holodeck simm of the Kobayashi Maru. He couldn't dwell on that now however, the bridge beckoned.

A short turbolft ride and he was there. He immediately made for the tactical station.

Tyler had been standing in front of his chair speaking with an engineer from the station about getting the ship ready to depart. He noticed Larim enter and head straight to his post. "Eager to to get to work..." Tyler said as he clasped the engineer on the shoulder and smiled at Larim. "Welcome aboard the Pioneer Lieutenant. I hope that you are settling in well..." Tyler said as walked up to the Tactical console.

Larim smiled right back. "Thank you sir." he said. "Just taking it all in." he said. Which was true, Larim was like a kid in a candy store to a degree.

"She is something to see indeed. You have a brig to get organized as well. Not that I am eager to use it, but hey you never know. During your time here, I will require you to liaise with Commanding Officer of our Marine Detachment as the two of you will be working in close proximity. So tell me what do you think of our new home?" Tyler said with a broad smile.

"Beautiful ship." he replied. "Very impressive."

"You're a man of few words..." Tyler said with a chuckle. "My XO has been in touch following the meeting you had with herself. We understand that you have a wife and son you left behind on Earth when you came to accept this position. How is Mrs Myles? Where is she stationed these days?" Tyler sipped his coffee and gave his Security Chief a knowing look.

Larim kicked himself mentally. "She's fine, thanks for asking." Larim said, floodgates opening. "She's on Earth at the moment. Molding young cadets into the second comings of Geordi LaForge and Montgomery Scott." he chucked at his own "mini joke. " He cleared his throat. "She sends her regards, Captain."

Tyler smiled and leaned in "I am going to let you in on a little secret. My wife Katherine is the Assistant Chief Engineer on Empok Nor. However, prior to that we spent eleven years of married life apart because of loyalty to the fleet. While loyalty is and should be admired, I am a champion of family. In fact by accepting your position here you are now family. Larim I would like to apologize for not being able to have families aboard the Pioneer." Tyler sipped his coffee again this time he smirked.

Larim didn't know what to say. "I appreciate that very much!" he replied, already feeling a certain kinship with his new CO and family member. His smile got a little bigger.

"So tell me is the missus happy where she is on Earth or do you think she could be happy out here on the edge of space?" Tyler had his security chief hooked and now he was going to reel him in.

"You know what? I think she just might." Larim said. "She's always been a little bit of a "free spirit" since before I even knew her. As long she has broken stuff to fix she's happy as a clam."

"Well I tell you what I am going to do Larim, my wife and Glen Paret are going to file an official request for an Engineer. With Captain Vela and my backing one Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles will be transferred to Empok Nor. Do you think she would take such a position, and would that be okay with you. I do not want to impose on your family affairs. Of course we could select someone else." Tyler laughed and then smiled from ear to ear.

Larim beamed and his mind immediately started to wonder if she would go for it. That didn't take long at all. Knowing his wife since the academy sure helped. He beamed. "Knowing her, Captain. She'll love it!" He cleared his throat.

Tyler clapped the man on the back "Excellent, of course Starfleet will have to sign off. But I expect by the time we get back from our first mission there will some little feet running around this ship and the station. Like I said I know how it feels to live apart, and if I can help a member of my crew avoid that. Then it would be in the best interest of my ship to do so."

Larim nodded his agreement. "Like I said earlier. I greatly appreciate it." the half betazoid said. Lwaxanna encouraged him to take this post, it was time he did the same for her.
"Well have to get together then, our families."

"Indeed we will, after our first successful mission dinner in my dining room would be appropriate I think. Oh, and Lieutenant please make sure you coordinate with Warrant Officer Beckett and First Lieutenant Cruz about the protection of the SCIF. Keep up the good work, with you around I know the Pioneer is in safe hands." Tyler winked at the man and smiled and then went back to the center chair. His crew was coming together two more positions to fill he thought. When a yeoman handed Tyler a PADD that read of a certain Romulan that Starfleet was sending to serve as Science Officer.

A Joint Post by:

Lieutenant Commander Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Larim Myles
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer


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