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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Confounded enemies

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 9:58pm by Lieutenant Rachele Lamberti & Major Cadama Roi & Captain Ir'dama
Edited on on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 1:36am

Mission: The Drumhead (Empok Nor Premier)
Location: S2 Shack - Intelligence Department
Timeline: MD001 1030 hrs

The chamber was dark. Computer banks hummed and provided most of the light, save for the red surface light on Major Cadama Roi’s desk as she read through projected data and ruminated on the story she’d been putting together.

The information told differing stories. That much wasn’t new, but putting it together was giving her an uneasy feeling.

Captain Ir'dama ushered Lieutenant Lamberti into the S2 shack and Roi looked up, saluting. “Hello Captain, Lieutenant. Ready to confuse our foes and confound our enemies,” she smiled.

Ir'dama returned the salute and nodded seriously, "Indeed. The General has high hopes for just that, Major."

Rachelle entered the room. "Good day, Major, I'm always ready." She said.

I'dama glanced at the S2's desk and then at the other two officers. "Any information? I know the General was making comments about feeling blind and twitchy." A stray smile crossed her lips briefly, before she ordered herself. "From experience, that's never a good thing. I do hope we'll have something to brief on soon."

"I have some contacts in the Cardassian government and military, that I sent out feelers to, I'm still waiting to hear back though." Rachelle replied.

"The current intel of a combined Maquis-Cardassian force at first glance appears unlikely as both parties have conflicting objectives. The Maquis want their colonies back and the Cardassians want to resume their conqueror ways, and those colonies would be well placed resource fields." Roi said. "Perhaps these Cardassians have made promises to these Maquis groups onside."

"And if this is so, they Cardassians will despense, with this alliance, once they have achieved their goals." Rachelle said. "Growing up on Cardassia Prime has not left me blind to Cardassian deceit." She added.

"Indeed, these Maquis are living on borrowed time." Roi agreed.

Ir'dama considered the intelligence officer's words and then said, "All true, given what we know. We can also assume, perhaps, that they both know this as well. That would make the Maquis even more desperate and paranoid than expected. And perhaps this could be also true of the Cardassian faction."

She paused then, considering the words she had spoken. "Obvious, I suppose, given that perhaps we need to consider how much more brazen they may become. Are there any colonies or outposts we should look to especially?"

"Quatal Prime was a profitable Cardassian mining outpost until the Maquis poisoned the atmosphere to Cardassians and claimed for themselves. There are also the planets in the Hydron system that are rich in resources as is the nearby Rurg's nebula." Rachelle said.

Ir'dama nodded as she made mental notes and pursed her lips in thought, then said "Those would seem to be excellent targets if you were looking to deprive an enemy over an extended campaign. Bite bits off and move along. Are we looking to these Maquis to take that long a view or do something flashy in the short term?"

She thought her own words over, as if weighing their merit while she looked to the two senior officers.

"The Maquis in the past have been a fly in the Cardassian's ointment, but leaders like Eddington raised the stakes and with their near obliteration from the Jem'Hadar, it is fair to say they have become desperate, hence their alliance with the Cardassian rebels." Cadama said. "My theory is that they'd want to do something that is both flashy and debilitating to the Cadassian government.

Ir'dama could only agree with that logic and continued it after a minute. "Such a gathering of resources would, theoretically, be something that would have many different pieces. It is difficult to anticipate moves when all the pieces are not in play."

Looking up she said, "So, to find those hidden pieces..." Ir'dama considered her own words for merit before saying, "Which leads to pieces which have not been seen for a period. What of Former Admiral Leyton. Would he be worth considering?"

"I don't see how he would be helpful." Rachelle said. "Leyton was never allied with the Maquis or the Cardassians, he was misguided in his actions, but he was attempting to save Earth and the Federation from the Dominion." She added.

Ir'dama nodded, but went on doggedly, "I have been going through mission reports of the sector, specifically those involving marines, and when the Pioneer took that Nor Class station from the Maquis, Leyton was implicated heavily. Then he went dark. It is reasonable to believe he has not given up his goals, perhaps seeking other avenues to accomplish them?"

"Agreed." Cadama said. "I have had heard rumours of a former Starfleet officer having been seen in Orion Space, it could be Leyton."

"Assuming it is Leyton, where was he last seen?" Rachelle asked.

"A spa, known as Elektra's on the moon of Rigel 3." Cadama replied.

"All things considered," the aide spoke, though it was more of a thought than a question. "Does it not seem odd that such a man would be and relaxation?"

"Perhaps he is meeting a contact." Cadama suggested.

Ir'dama thought carefully before saying, "I believe the General would deem this worth looking into. May I inform him that you will and update him when you have something?"

Cadama looked to the Lieutenant, who gave her a nod. "Affirmative, Captain." She said.

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