Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Posted on Sat Apr 18th, 2020 @ 2:34pm by Commodore Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Michael Harris & Gul Typhon Prenar & Lieutenant Odysseus Winthrop XII & Commander Jonathan Frasier & Captain James Stewart
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Mission: Episode 9 - Empok's End
Location: Somewhere In Trivas System
Timeline: MD005 1200 hrs

Typhon could see the writing on the wall. They had lost around sixty percent of the station to the Starfleet Marines. The fleet was not doing any better. He knew what the issue was, it was that most of the troops that he had were not trained. Those that were could not hold out against all that Starfleet had to throw at them.

He left Ops to Leyton under the guise that he was going to make sure the Breen had their instructions. However, the truth was Typhon was going to subscribe to the age old axiom ‘he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. His destination was the launching bay and his own personal scout craft there. Prenar planned to launch and head for the True Way. Once there he could regroup and attack again.

Typhon charged through the flight deck smacking down all challenges that were issued, or questions that were given. He was the Goal and who were they to question his motives. He ordered Legates to board the craft with him as he needed help manipulating the controls. Within an instant he was clear of Empok Nor and of course. The craft evaded all sorts of attacks as it attempted to get clear of the battle and make the jump to warp.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Frasier had taken the helm as their helm’s chief was commanding a group of fighters at the moment. Jon was also still the first officer. As the chief Tactical was reporting on the battle. “Captain, confirmation, there is a ship breaking away from the enemy forces. It seems like the ship is trying to tuck its tail. Shall I go after it, sir?”

“Plot a pursuit course and tail it and see where it goes Colonel,” replied James as he leaned back and his chair, he continued, “ Send a coded message that we are in pursuit of an escaping craft,” as he knew that by informing the Task force they might get some help with it.

Typhon saw that Churchill made chase and smiled devilishly. “Well it seems that they want to play war with me. We will make sure that they regret it.” He sent a coded message to the Obsidian Order ships. He would have them meet him three sectors away and set a trap for Churchill. Prenar thought that he may lose the station but he would gain a Federation starship as a prize.

“Coded message send, sir,” the Colonel said. “We’ve gotten a response as well. Everyone is a bit tight up, but back up will come as soon as there is an opening.” Jonathan looked to the situation ahead. As a marine he had a very bad feeling about this. And with the fighters supporting the Tiajin and Tianglong, they would be on their own. And he couldn’t shake the feeling. “Captain, I advise caution, sir.”

“Noted Number one,” replied James as he knew that this was something that hadn't been planned on, He asked,”what's the Status of the hull at this time?” as he knew the ship had taken a beating in the battle and he knew his wife would be having engineering running like a madhouse trying to get the repairs done.

Jon looked on his console. “The hull seems mostly intact, we sustained minor damage.”

“That's good, what about the engines, I know Katana is busy down there” replied James as he looked back at Jon, he continued, “and what’s the status of our Torpedos and Phazers?” as he wanted a complete rundown as they continued the chase. He finished “and have all weapons on automatic as soon as we have target lock,”

“The engines are still at full capacity, engineering is working as hard as they can,” Jon replied. He continued to look at his console and then continued. “Weapons are armed and ready to be fired at your command.”

“Thank you number one, “ replied James as he looked back at the viewscreen, he said, “Shields up, Red Alert, and keep your wits about you,” as he knew that this could be a trap, as he leaned back into the chair, as the Ship continued on its course to capture the cardassian or even kill him.

Typhon Prenar sat in his command shuttle, and he engaged heavy evasiveness. His sensors showed him the starship that had been making chase. He smiled and even laughed aloud. “Yes follow me to your death.” He knew that when he dropped out of warp Gul Markuul would have the CDF standing by to destroy the pursuers. “The time to end this has come.” Prenar said with a smile as he dropped out of warp. “This is Prenar to the Cardassian fleet. Fire! Destroy those who would threaten Cardassia.”

As soon as the Churchill dropped out of warp, the four Galor Class starships erupted in fire. Churchill had multiple shield hits. Prenar made his way behind the Cardassian firing line. On the edge of his long range sensors something caught his attention. Another Federation Starship was inbound.

“Other Ship inbound Sir, and it is one of ours,” replied the Security officer that had relieved the Chief who was organising boarding parties in case they were needed, James sat in his chair and was relieved to say the least that he had backed up as he gave a sigh of relief.

The Cardassian ships unleashed their fury and a hail of phaser fire and photon torpedoes engulfed the Churchill. Typhon smiled as he watched the carnage ensue. He knew that in short order the Federation ship would be disabled and he can continue on his glorious mission. “Fire at will until that starship is nothing but atoms.” He ordered his fleet.

As the ship began to rock with enemy fire, James said, “ Lock onto the first target and fire all weapons,” as the Churchill as James said, “this is our Finest hour,” as the ship began to return fire as consoles started to explode around him, James knew that the old man could handle himself and with the odds stacked against them they would go down in a blaze of glory and bring honour to his house.

Odds, feet planted, ran his hands over the tactical console in practiced motions and Churchill’s phaser mounts and torpedo tubes began cascading fire at the lead Cardassian ship.

As Churchill made her first past, he called out. “Primary Galor target shields wavering, maybe at half strength and their hull integrity took a beating on that pass…” he paused as Churchill angled away and at a more oblique angle, rolling to present a smaller profile while her weapon’s systems continued to rain energy at the now struggling Galor.

“Check that,” the Tactical officer called out as his viewer showed explosions popping over the Cardassian ship. “Her shields are down and that last rapid fire barrage from the aft torpedo launchers hulled her at least twice.”

As the other Cardassian ships converged on the Insignia class ship, “Odds finished. Things are going to get hot. I’m putting point defense on automatic. Finish off the first Galor or concentrate on the other’s?”

The three other Cardassian ships opened fire on the Churchill from three sides. The hot red beams of energy lanced out and hit the ship. The Federation starship did not know what hit it, although it did manage to handle it. “Commander of USS Churchill surrendered and prepared to be boarded.” A disembodied voice could be heard on the bridge of the Churchill.

Jonathan looked at his console. “Damage reports coming in. Shields are down, weapons disabled, engines are down. We’re sitting ducks. Still no help from the fleet.”

Odds regained his feet, his head bleeding from a gash he’d gained courtesy of a console as he’d fallen. Looking at his board then around the bridge, he blinked and wiped blood from his eyes. “They want us to surrender?” He checked systems, they said, “Transporters still work. How about we beam torpedoes into proximity around those ships. We can effectively,” the tactical chief made a few calculations, “Nearly one hundred torpedo’s, scattered around those three. We’ll have to time it by buffering some of the first beam outs and it’ll take a few seconds to set the torp’s to proximity...”

James replied, “Do it Lieutenant, make them think we are getting ready to be boarded but also beam one and each of their engine rooms,” as he knew that would give them a shock of a lifetime, he looked back at Jon, “shall we play a game?” as he wanted to give his Security officer time.

Jon was not sure what James was on about. But as a marine he was taught never to go against his superior. “Well, sir, not sure what you have in mind, but I will follow your lead. Ready when you are.”

“The Idea Number one is we plant torpedo’s around each craft to hit their shields,” replied James as he looked back at his XO, He continued,”so that when they are weakened, we beam other 1 into each of their Engine rooms before they know what hit them,” as he knew they wouldn’it be expecting it.

Jon just chuckled. “Well, Captain, I will just do the flying, I leave the tactical stuff to our tactical chief. But it sure sounds like a sound approach. What do we do once we weaken them, sir? Do you intend to board them?”

Odd’s worked at his tactical console, pausing only twice to wipe the blood from his head wound. After the second drop interrupted him, he ripped the sleeve from his uniform and wound it around his head in an impromptu bandage. After a very long minute, he looked up and said, “Starting beam out. I’ll sneak those torps into their engine rooms as I can.

As the Cardassian ships closed, winks of lights began to appear around them. Odd’s crews had gotten the torpedo’s set to home on their individual targets and the transporters rained them about the space the ships were or would travel through.

Then like bees to honey, the torpedoes began to home and first one ship, then another was inundated with explosions. As their shields were hit from all sides, their shields blew out and Odd’s sent special deliveries to the ship’s engines. With satisfaction in his tone, he said “All torpedo away. They’re done…”

Typhon watched in agony as his ships were destroyed. This was the biggest military disaster that he had ever seen. It was all the fault of the Cardassian commanders, Typhon’s planning was flawless. His hands danced on his console; he would observe the oldest of axioms. That of he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. However, it was the USS Shenzhen coming out of warp that stopped Typhon. He knew that ship, he knew who was in command. Today would not be a day wasted.

The Shenzhen immediately headed for Churchill to render aid. Typhon once again began to plot his escape route and again he was interrupted this time he was hailed. "This is Commodore Hadir Prenar of the USS Shenzhen. We have records that you have fired upon Federation ships. Stand down your vessel." The voice of Commodore Hadir Prenar came through the scout ship’s comm system. It was his son, his enemy and Typhon would have his day.

“Well done everyone,” replied James looking round at his bridge crew, he continued,” Contact the Shenzhen for assistance for Katana,” he knew how his wife was going to be flat out with repairs and hated having to ask for help, as he knew the Churchill would have to be in Space dock for the next 3 months for repairs and refit.

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